Life at Springworks: A day in the life of an Operations Specialist

Umesh joined Springworks as an Operations Intern in August 2021 last year. He was born in Nanded, a small town located in Maharashtra. 

Umesh began his career in hospitality by working as a steward in a few restaurants in Pune, and later on, took up the role of a hotel manager in his hometown. He loves being of service to people in any way possible and believes in continuing to do that!

Let’s take a peek into the life of an Operations Specialist! 

What do you do at Springworks?

At Springworks, I work for the Spring Verify India Team as an Operation specialist. Particularly in that department, I am responsible for conducting Employee address checks. 

What is your favorite thing about Springworks?

My favorite thing about Springworks is the employee-centric atmosphere and the entire culture that supports the growth & development of employees in every aspect. Other than that, being permanently remote and providing flexible working hours makes life so much easier!

This gives me the flexibility to work and focus on my personal life as well. And in the end, it’s the awesome people that I am working with every day. 

Name any challenge that you face while working as an Operations Specialist?

As we work in BGV, we get hundreds of checks to verify each day. Even a one-day gap in between leads to a big pile up! So we have to make sure that we process those checks and keep the machine running efficiently. To make that possible we have to stay organized with everything that we do. So simple words, I would call – keeping everything balanced every day it’s quite the challenge.

Walk us through your day/ daily routine

  • I wake up around 7 AM
  • I go for a walk & exercise in the morning
  • Get ready & be there for the everyday team stand up at 9:50 AM
  • After that, I assign the newly received address check to my teammates
  • We make calls and inform the candidate about the process and solve their queries
  • Lunch / Relax
  • In the second half – we do follow-ups, close checks & end the day with a team meeting.
  • After I log out, I finish my dinner and again go on a walk 
  • I have taken up a specialization from Coursera- Leadership and Strategic Management, so I finish a few lessons in it
  • I go to sleep around 11:30 PM.

Which is your favourite product amongst our two apps, Trivia & EngageWith?

I love both the products equally! But if I have to choose between the two, I would go with EngageWith. The most special part of EngageWith is, that it allows us to appreciate the work we do here. When we use EW and people get recognized for the work they do, they get inspired and the bond gets even stronger than before. I can’t imagine not having EW as a part of my work life.

What’s your dream in life?

My dream in life would be to sell dreams. Honestly, I just want to be able to tell stories and help people in any way possible. That is my life’s motto! 

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