What is New Hire Buddy?

New Hire Buddy is your antidote for boring intro meetings. Get your new hires to connect, bond, and thrive with their teammates in a meaningful way.

  • Install New Hire Buddy and integrate with a channel in Slack
  • Each new hire is auto-added in a group DM with two colleagues throughout the week. This means your new hires can meet more teammates within their first few days of joining
  • Conversation starters are sent to the group DM to break the ice. New and existing employees can indulge in interactive sessions and build real connections
Automate team bonding for new employees with Onboarding.

Make team bonding easier for new hires

Auto-create group DMs in Slack

Help new employees get acquainted with teammates

New Hire Buddy will create group DMs for each new hire and their colleagues throughout the week. 
Facilitate team bonding with fun convo starters

Facilitate team bonding with fun convo starters

Break silos and start conversations with ice-breaker questions on work and personal stuff.
Build happy teams, make onboarding memorable

Build happy teams, make onboarding memorable

Make getting to know each other fun, and foster meaningful connections in a refreshing way.
Help new hires to create meaningful connections.

Let new hires foster meaningful connections

Go beyond traditional introduction calls, and make new hires feel included from day one. Encourage teammates to discover shared interests, hobbies, and more in a fun way.

Create a better onboarding experience with us.

Level up your new employee onboarding. Build real connections.

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