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We currently offer 9 kinds of games:

  • 🎉  Trivia Quizzes
    • 50,000+ questions across 50+ categories in an MCQ quiz format
    • Monthly updated quizzes on trending topics & events
  • 🗳️  Custom Quizzes
    • Create your own personalized quiz, from birthdays to employee onboarding!
    • Bond with your team in ways you could never have imagined
  • 🌶️  (Un)Popular Opinions
    • An entire bank of opinions to stir up some controversy
    • Bring back office banter and have a laugh
  • 📊  Custom Polls
    • Conduct simple, instant, native polls to make informed decisions
    • Get to know what your peers are thinking in seconds without meetings!
  • 👻  Gotcha!
    • A quiz format that not only pays to know the right answer but fooling others with your wrong answers can fetch you points too
    • One of the most engaging Trivia Games ever!
  • 🤐  GIF Charades
    • You know these celebrities, movies, and brands, but are you sure you remember?
    • Be the first to answer these GIF-based questions and take home the points
  • 🔥  True or False
    • Our vast range of factoids will leave you guessing till the very last second
    • The truth might just surprise you!
  • 🎨  Pictionary
    • Bring out your funny artistic side and enjoy the hilarious guesses your team makes
    • Encourage participation and boost camaraderie amongst your team.

Yes, anyone can launch a Trivia Game by submitting the associated command.

    To get started with
  • 🎉   a Trivia quiz, submit the command /trivia quiz
  • ✍🏻  a Custom Quiz you have created, submit the command /trivia custom
  • 🌶  an (Un)Popular Opinion poll, submit the command /trivia opinion
  • 🧐  a Game of Gotcha, submit the command /trivia gotcha

Alternatively, you can start a Trivia Game from the Shortcuts (⚡️) inside Slack.

If you need help to get started,

  • submit the command ‘@Trivia help’ in a channel where the Trivia App is added, or
  • submit the command ‘help’ in the Messages tab of the Trivia app in Slack.

Trivia's Basic plan offers organizations to play Trivia's suite of games for free.

This plan is entirely free and can be subscribed by organizations and teams of any size. It offers our wide range of games and puzzles but has certain restrictions as well.

With the Basic plan, you get:
  • Access to 15 participants per game
  • 5 Trivia Quizzes per month
  • 5 (Un)Popular Opinions per month
  • 5 rounds of Gotcha per month
  • Quiz Scheduler
You will no longer have access to:
  • Leaderboard
  • Different game speeds for Trivia Quizzes
  • Custom Quizzes

To subscribe to a plan with all our exclusive features, please visit the Trivia Dashboard.

To open the Trivia app on Slack:
  • Search for @Trivia by hitting the following keyboard combination - CTRL + K(Windows) or CMD + K(Mac)
  • Select the result which says Trivia APP

Or open the Apps Directory and search for Trivia there.

You can start a Trivia Game on any public channel by simply submitting the relevant command or from the Slack Shortcuts menu (⚡️). You can also open the Trivia App on Slack and quick-start from the Home Tab,

In the case that you want to start a quiz on a private channel, you must first invite Trivia to the channel. To do this, submit the command "/invite @Trivia" in that particular channel.

Absolutely. Make a channel specifically for Trivia if you like and play games more often to save your spot on the leaderboard!

To play Trivia on a private channel, all you have to do is invite the Trivia App by submitting the command /invite @Trivia on that particular channel

Once the Trivia App is added in your private channel, you can start your favorite games just like you would on any regular channel.

Alternatively, you can also add Trivia to a channel of your choice from the App's information details menu as shown below:

There is no limit to the number of people who can participate in all paid Trivia plans. However, there are limitations in the free plan - only the first 15 players can participate.
Yes, we update our question banks for all our Trivia games from time to time with trending topics.
Please chat with us here on website support. We'd love to talk to you.
We have over 28,000 Trivia questions across more than 30 categories ready to be played in a fun, engaging MCQ quiz format.
No, you are open to access all our quizzes!
Yes, there can be multiple winners in case they answer the same number of questions correctly unless there are no correct responses to the questions.
The quiz goes on and points are scored from that point onwards.
They both stand in the same position on the final leaderboard.

With the scheduler, you can plan out games and play them regularly with your teammates at a fixed time.

To schedule a game, DM schedule to the Trivia App.

Quick points to be noted:
  • You can only schedule quizzes and not other game formats.
  • A team member may have scheduled a game on your channel to start at a particular time automatically. To view, edit and delete scheduled games, DM "schedule" in the Messages tab of @Trivia in Slack.

Custom quizzes are an exclusive feature in our PRO and ENTERPRISE Plans which you can checkout during your 30-day trial with 10 quizzes to play for free.

With this feature, you can create quizzes with personalized questions, create your very own question bank, and even hold special events for your teams. Some Trivia fans love to create personalized quizzes for their teammates on their birthdays and it's such a delight!

Here's how you can get started:

To create a custom quiz:
  • Open the Trivia App
  • Click on the button 'Create Custom Quiz' under the Shortcuts section in the Home tab or DM "custom" to the Trivia App in the Messages tab
  • Follow the instructions in the popup window and add your set of questions (5 or 10 questions)
  • Once you have added all your questions, submit your very own custom quiz.
To start a custom quiz:
  • Submit the command "/trivia custom"
  • In the popup window, select the quiz you created in the dropdown menu
  • Start your custom quiz on a channel of your choice

In case you cannot find a quiz that was created by a teammate that is because you can only view and start quizzes that you created. In such a case, please ask your teammate or a workspace admin to start the quiz for you.

You can only start a custom quiz that you created. If your teammate created a custom quiz for you, please ask them or your workspace admin to start the quiz for you!
The poll is live for 24 hours from the time it is posted.
The game goes on and points are scored from that point onwards.
Yes, in fact, we accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, NEFT, and UPI. Just email us at [email protected].
Any Slack workspace administrator can change the payment methods.
Connect with us at [email protected] for returns.
The downgrade is effective immediately and the charged amount is prorated. It will be in effect from the upcoming billing cycle.
The downgrade is in effect from the end of the billing cycle.
To get started with the Virtual Water Cooler, you need to schedule an event. This can be done by clicking on Water Cooler in Trivia’s App Home Tab or by submitting the command /trivia water cooler. In the pop-up window, proceed by creating a new schedule. In the scheduler menu, select a channel where you would like Trivia to initiate water cooler conversations along with your preferred time. Once you set up the schedule, Trivia will automatically post questions based on your schedule.
While building Water Cooler, we carefully crafted fun, thoughtful and work-friendly questions to spark casual conversations around a wide range of topics including Travel, Food, Hobbies, Technology and Philosophy.
By default, anyone can set up a Water Cooler schedule. Trivia admins have the option to limit this access.
You can select your preferred channels while setting up a Water Cooler schedule. Questions will only be posted in those selected channels.
That's absolutely up to you. The more members there are, the more the fun! Go ahead and set it up where all your casual conversations are happening. #random channel is always a great place to start.
Anyone who is part of the channel where the Water Cooler question is posted can initiate and participate in conversations.
5. 100. 10,000. There’s no limit! Your entire team can participate in a Water Cooler.
Your messages in a Water Cooler conversation will be visible to all channel members.
Yes, you can view/delete your responses.
Invite your colleagues to channels that Water Cooler has been set up or ask them to set up Water Cooler in a channel they are already present.
To stop an upcoming Water Cooler, you need to delete the event from the scheduler. You can do that by clicking on Water Cooler on Trivia’s App Home Tab or by submitting the command /trivia water cooler. When the scheduler menu pops up, you can proceed to delete the associated schedule.
We understand a lot of sensitive data lives in your Slack and we’re right here with you. Please review our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and a breakdown of what data is shared.

Note: We complete security reviews or questionnaires for annual subscriptions.

  • You can remove Trivia from a channel by submitting the command /kick @Trivia or /remove @Trivia
  • If you receive a message indicating that Trivia is meant to be a part of that channel upon submitting the command, follow these steps:
    • Open the Channel Details menu by clicking on ℹ on the top-right corner of your Slack or by hitting the following keyboard combination - CTRL + SHIFT + K(Windows) or CMD + SHIFT + K(Mac)
    • Then click on More options for the channel
    • Click on View apps on the channel and remove Trivia

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