Trivia for Google Chat

Bring Social and Fun back to your workspace with 1000s of fun quizzes and word-puzzles right inside Google Chat


Add Trivia to your Google Chat Rooms for free

Add Trivia bot to a room with your teammates and play exciting games with them! Check out Trivia for Slack and MS Teams now.

Search for Trivia bot
Search for Trivia bot

To get started, find the bot by searching for Trivia.

Add Trivia bot to a Room
Add Trivia bot to a Room

Add the bot to a room with your all your teammates or form your very own Quiz Room!

Play Trivia Games
Play Trivia Games

Get started with Trivia's suite of games in seconds, have a laugh and bond with your teammates.

Bring your team together
Bring your team together

With thousands of Trivia Quizzes, bring Social & Fun back to your workspace even while working remotely.


Solve thousands of puzzles by rearranging letters to form meaningful words

Play together. Bond better. Free forever but installed in seconds.

Trivia is bringing teammates together in real-time in more than ... organizations across 55+ countries.

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