Quiz Master

Control the flow and timing of quizzes.
Host quizzes how YOU want.


What can you do?

Be in charge of your quizzes

Run quizzes at your own pace.
You decide when to post the next question.

Treasure the moments in-between questions

When someone posts silly answers, don’t let them get away with it.

Take your time. Have a laugh! Enjoy the moment.

Game nights on Zoom

It’s not the same unless you see each other. Hop on a call with your friends. Double the fun!

Play more, connect better

Create themed quizzes for your team. Run them at your own pace, and connect with your team while you’re at it.

Make learning about your brand, celebrating organization milestones & onboarding events fun.




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How does it work?

add trivia
Add Trivia

Invite Trivia to your preferred channels. These are the channels where you’ll host quizzes.

host game
Host as Quiz Master

While launching a quiz, enable Quiz Master (Control the flow of the Quiz).

trigger questions
Trigger questions

After the quiz is launched, questions are posted only when you command Trivia.

end quiz
End the quiz

When you’re done playing, end the quiz.

Submit the command to start a quiz. In the modal that opens, select ‘Yes’ against “Do you want to be the Quiz Master? (You’ll control the flow of the Quiz)“. When you launch this quiz, you’ll be hosting it as a Quiz Master.here. (You’ll control the flow of the Quiz))
When you launch this quiz, you’ll be hosting it as a Quiz Master.
A Controlled Quiz is a quiz being hosted by a Quiz Master. They will be controlling the flow of the quiz, i.e., when the next question gets posted and when the quiz is over.
You can hold a quiz for 5 minutes between two questions. If you don’t move to the next question within 5 minutes, the quiz will be suspended because of inactivity.
You can be a Quiz Master for both Instant quizzes and Custom Quizzes (personalized quizzes you can make).
There can be one Quiz Master per quiz.

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