Talent Acquisition Trends for Recruitment

8 Latest Talent Acquisition Trends for Recruitment in 2023

In recent years, there has been a significant change in the trends in recruitment and selection. The recruiting trends of 2023 would be entirely different than those of just a year ago. The latest trends in recruitment are a result of the pandemic and its devastating effects, which have made virtual recruiting and work from home a norm.

Recruitment industry trends have been affected by the disruption the world and workspaces faced in the pandemic. As a result, recent trends in the selection process are more inclined towards virtual hiring due to the pandemic. Here are eight new trends in talent acquisition that we predict may shape recruitment in 2023. 

1. Virtual recruitment

One of the emergent talent acquisition trends has to be virtual recruitment. Due to the unprecedented impact of the pandemic, companies had to shift their recruitment practices almost entirely into virtual mode.

This trend would continue, as it is cost-effective and, frankly speaking, saves a lot of time on both the recruiter’s and the candidate’s ends. In addition, this change in the selection process could allow companies to expand their candidate pool to remote candidates.

Also, now companies can not only hire candidates across their country but also from anywhere around the world with the availability of employer of record service providers. EOR service providers allow companies to hire remote workers in other countries without local legal entities.

2. Recruiters would influence the changeover to remote work

Recent trends in recruitment have witnessed potential employees looking for flexible work hours as one of their job expectations. Flexibility has become part of the new normal today when the workplace rapidly adapts to new technological advancements.

Companies are implementing work-from-home policies altogether to attract top talents and adapt to candidates’ aspirations. It is among the new trends in talent acquisition that could, again, allow companies to access candidates across the globe.

3. Use of artificial intelligence in recruitment

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the emerging trends in recruitment and selection. AI is transforming candidate evaluation and screening, which is changing the HR and recruitment process. Employee onboarding and overall employee management could improve to a great extent by integrating AI in recruitment processes, particularly in developing AI software.

AI can also completely automate candidate sourcing by assessing and screening employees, which, in turn, could optimize the recruitment process. It can become a global recruiting trend, as it would provide additional insights to the recruiters along with the candidate’s work experience, education, location, and other parameters.

4. Acquisitions

Workforce is the most vital asset in any company and holds the utmost value. Talent acquisition trends in 2023 are likely to include an ample number of acquisitions.

Recruiters do not want to spend excessive time and money simply conducting elaborate hiring processes and finding only a few precious eligible candidates. Therefore, companies would be looking for various avenues to build their talent pools as a whole, i.e., making the bold move of hiring talent from other organizations by buying out the companies themselves.

Companies could come forward to acquire other smaller organizations for their workforce while making sure that cultural integration takes place.   

5. Diversity in the workforce

The performance of a company improves to a great extent just by making the workforce diverse. Therefore, diversity should not be simply a new trend in recruitment and selection but a continuing practice.

The talent acquisition and HR departments should designate significant positions exclusively for gender, racial, and cultural minorities. In this sense, the companies should focus on becoming more gender-neutral and making the workforce diverse.

Much work still needs to be done to improve diversity and inclusion about hiring from varied educational backgrounds, cultures, races, religions, and genders.

6. Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics has turned out to be a good suit for companies that focus on leveraging it. It is one of the latest hiring trends that is helping companies in accessing and predicting a prospective candidate’s behavior.

Recruiters were already able to filter potential hires based on their work history, location, education, etc., on various tech platforms. Predictive analytics has provided further insights by supplying recruiters with lists of the most appropriate hires for the job vacancy (including those not actively looking for work).

It can even predict when an employee of another organization is preparing to quit, allowing companies to gain an edge in their employee selection process by making appropriate interventions here.

Changing recruitment trends such as predictive analytics could flourish in 2023, which could unravel the best-suited candidates for the job role.

7. Recruitment through social media

Social media can turn out to be one of the best practices and emerging trends in recruitment and selection. It seems logical for companies to utilize social media platforms such as Facebook for recruitment and LinkedIn for recruitment. Recruiters can use social media features such as posts, photos, videos, hashtags, or even direct messages on Instagram and other platforms as a part of their recruitment strategy.

Companies might even encourage their existing employees to share their achievements over social media platforms to attract more potential employees.

8. Automation

It is feared that employees would no longer be needed due to the rapid advancement in automation. To assuage these concerns, we could see companies coming up with new policies in the workplace to give their employees a sense of belonging and well-being.

However, some experts also believe that automation technology would improve business efficiency to a great extent that would not impact or replace the employees’ position. Automation would enhance the productivity of the business and overall working experience.

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