Life At Springworks: A Day In The Life Of An Operations Intern

Meet Mahima Khandelwal, she is from Balasore, Odisha. She hails from a joint family and has completed her bachelor’s in Commerce from Fakir Mohan University. She loves to dance, cook and travel. Mahima was previously associated with the BPO sector and also worked as a digital marketing Intern. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s in Commerce and also works as an Operations Intern at Springworks. 

Let’s have a look at her journey!

What made you join Springworks? 

I always wanted to work while studying therefore I did a few internships and tried different courses and certifications online. Once the lockdown began, I didn’t want any disruptions in my career nor did I want to take a break. I started to look for work-from-home opportunities. My friend’s friend was working at Springworks and told me about the company and the culture. I loved reading the reviews and the efforts taken by the company. I felt I could grow and learn more at Springworks. Here I am and it’s been a great experience. 

What do you do as an Operations Intern at Springworks? 

As an operations intern at Springworks, I work in the address team. I verify and cross-check employees’ addresses. My role looks after whether the employee has uploaded the address from the exact location. This can be checked via the SpringVerify portal, address portal, GPS and master details sheet.

What do you like about working at Springworks?

The perks and benefits are great. Irrespective of being remote the company sends gifts for special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Holi, Diwali etc. Every employee respects another employee and helps one another. It’s great to see such a supportive and encouraging work culture. 

What would you say about our Hiring and Onboarding process? 

I did work with a remote organization but I can definitely say that Springworks has the best onboarding and hiring process. My point of contact was Suchika and she gave me a follow-up and orientation on every step. I had two assignments and interviews. They were sent and scheduled based on my convenience. The best thing about the process was that there was proper communication and I was told what to expect and when the feedback would be shared. I was selected for the Ops Intern role and received my offer letter. Later on, there was a Whatsapp group where I was officially welcomed to Springworks. 
I received my welcome kit and had my buddy and manager meetings. On my first day, I had my induction with Rohan which was followed by an Ops team meeting. I was anxious as I didn’t know what to speak or share during the meeting. Further in the day, I was informed of my tasks and training. I shadowed a few tasks and started to work later in the week. 

Walk me through a day in the life of Mahima

My typical day starts at 8 AM. I speed the next 30 mins on social media and then get ready for work. My day at work begins with the Ops stand-up. Later in the day, I take mini breaks and complete my work by 7:30 PM. Not every day but at least thrice a week, I go out with my friends after work. We go for a drive and head back home. This concludes my day and I hit the bed later in the night.

Did you face any challenges with your work? If yes, how did you overcome them?

Every day is a challenge and I do learn something from every task. I am a very curious and inquisitive person due to which I question a lot of processes and work. This makes work easier. With respect to learning, I have learned a lot of things starting from communication to work that takes place in the address team. There is still a lot more to learn. 

What was one of the best moments you had at Springworks?

There was a day when Sukrutha had assigned a task. I had to make almost 115 calls and collect the necessary information. I always yearned for appreciation from my lead and Sukrtutha. On this particular day, I finished the task before the stipulated time and was appreciated via Kudos. This day’s memory will be with me forever. It was a great day indeed. 

Among EngageWith and Trivia, which is your personal favourite?

I love EngageWith. The concept and idea behind it deserve a “Shoutout”. Getting appreciated for the work you do and giving credit to others for their help is absolutely beautiful. Springworks has fostered a great culture. Apart from this, I love the engagement activities organized by the HR team. I don’t find much time but I join when I can.

How is it to work with the Ops team?

We have become great friends now. Not only do we collaborate for work but we always do check in and discuss things. We have huddles and Stand Up calls which increase our bonding. It not only helps us to understand each other but it serves as a great ice-breaker. I love working with my team.

Sneak- Peek into your life outside Springworks 

Weekends are something I look forward to. I spend my day cooking a meal for my family and I have my me-time at the terrace where I reflect on things, soak in some vitamin D and listen to music. Sometimes over the weekends when required, I do take Abacus classes for 7-12-year-old children. I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. I am looking forward to visiting Kedarnath this year. 

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