Life At Springworks: A Day In The Life Of A Product Marketer

Shwetha Parshi is from Banglore. She has been in the field of marketing for 7+ years. Marketing has always been her forte and she completed her master’s in business administration in the former domain from RNSIT college, Bangalore. She started her career in a different role but transitioned into digital marketing. Shwetha worked as a digital marketer for 5+ years. Her curiosity towards the product and its development led her to switch positions. At Springworks, she works as a product marketer.

Let’s have a look at her journey!

How did you prepare yourself for the role of a Product marketer?

At my previous organization, while I was working on the product of the company I had a few questions about the message conventions, position of the product etc. That’s when I learned about the role of a product marketer and most of my questions fall under this category. My interests were inclined towards product marketing as I wanted to ask these questions and work on them. Although I decided to change my role, the transition was hard. I spent months laying the groundwork and doing certifications online. I started networking with product marketers and worked on a Saas product. Keeping all this aside, my determination and inquisitiveness to learn played a significant role.

What do you do as a Product marketer at Springworks? 

As a product marketer, I look after the prospects and how users perceive the product. My role involves a lot of content as I write a lot of emails, documents or any other communication that someone reads to understand the product. I also collaborate and work with cross-functional teams which helps me to understand the different products and how it is developed.

What do you like about working at Springworks?

I have been here for over a year now. Springworks is a great place to work, there is a lot of trust and autonomy here. I have seen a lot of transparency in work. When you write and develop content, there are usually a lot of changes, approvals and multiple inputs but here one can own their work and execute it. Your ideas and work stay intact. The work culture definitely adds value to one’s growth.

At Springworks, what has been your favourite project?

It’s very hard to name one because everything I work on adds to my growth. There are many new things and concepts I have picked up. But, I really liked working on new initiatives. I had the opportunity to pick up and initiate webinars and promote them. It involved developing the entire blueprint, starting from the process, connecting with stakeholders, promotions and post-webinar follow-ups. It was a holistic project and it’s been a great experience. This laid a foundation for all the tasks I am working on right now.

What would you say about our Hiring and Onboarding process?

I clearly remember my onboarding process. It was a golden opportunity for me. When I decided to apply for the position of product marketer, I applied to Springworks via LinkedIn. I was following Abhash and learned about Springworks. This role opened up when I was at my nascent stage of learning and I couldn’t get through the hiring process as I had to brush up on a few skills. After a few courses and certifications, I reached out to Abhash and re-applied for the same role. The HR got in touch and started the hiring process. I had two interviews with Abhash and an assignment. My goal was to join Spingworks and learn from Abhash so I was open to any role that would suit my skill set and I was offered a “Sales Enablement” role. 

I had my buddy and manager meetings. Also, I made a list of things I wanted to work on before my first day. On my first day, I had my induction and team meeting. For the next 6 months, I was the point of contact for the Sales team for their market collateral, campaigns, and assets and understanding their needs. After this, I got into product marketing. There are companies that have 8-9 rounds of interviews and a lot of assignments. But at Springworks, everything was quick and seamless. 

Walk me through a day in the life of Shwetha 

I use flexible working hours to the fullest. I don’t have a specific work schedule. Based on the priorities and tasks at hand, I work and wrap things. On Mondays & Wednesdays, I have my Kalaripayattu classes from 5 – 7 p.m. Hence, I start work early and get things done before my classes. On the other days, I start work at 10 a.m and work till 6 p.m. Post which, I cook dinner and spend a few hours playing with my pets. Later on, I sit beside my plants and reflect upon things. Furthermore, my husband and I go on a walk with my dog.

Did you face any challenges with your work? If yes, how did you overcome them?

I did face a lot of challenges when it comes to work. The role itself is very challenging and there is a lot at stake. At work, I was given a lot of time, space and support to learn and get better. I have been very disciplined when it comes to growth and development. Writing and developing content was difficult as I had not written a lot in my previous years. Consistency and a few hits and misses helped me get a grip on the process.

Leading tasks, taking ownership and asking questions about the process made me more confident. Kartik’s words in standup calls and meetings have really helped me. He always says things don’t have to be perfect, we need to move on and get things done. We will learn through the process and get better. The learning has been great. This is just the start and I have a long way to go. The work culture helps you to challenge yourself, learn new things and also take up a side hustle.

Among EngageWith and Trivia, which is your personal favourite?

My personal favorite is EngageWith. I loved the entire concept of rewarding someone when they have helped me or they have done something good. Recognising someone adds great value to one’s morale and performance. It’s not about Kudos but the concept of appreciation. I love the “Hangman” feature on Trivia. I set everything aside and play. Work is all the more fun with these two products.

Sneak- Peek into your life outside Springworks!

I travel a lot and most of my weekends are spent travelling and exploring places. Every month, I am off for a week and work from different places. I love going on Treks and I do Himalayan and local treks. I take my dog on treks as well <3. If I am not doing any of these, I hang out with my friends or I watch TV at home. Next year, I am looking forward to visiting New Zealand. 

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