Life at Springworks: A Day In The Life of A Data Entry Intern

Barsha Agarwal is from Bihar. Currently, she stays in Kolkata with her flatmate. Barsha is pursuing her Bachelor’s in Commerce ( Accounting & Finance ) from Shri Shikshayatan College. She loves art & craft and exploring places. Although she is studying commerce, she always wanted to get into tech. She works as a Data Entry Intern at Springworks. This is her first hands-on experience.

Let’s have a look at her story!

What do you do as a Data Entry Intern at Springworks?

I work as a data entry operator for Burst. My work is to look after the requisites of the US clients’ orders. I look into batching the orders. By batching, I mean processing, packaging and labelling the orders. Furthermore, I wanted to learn about manual testing. Therefore I transitioned into QA. In the QA team, I do manual testing for Burst. I test the software to identify bugs. 

What inspired you to transition into the technical field? 

I started to explore a lot of courses and their future prospects. I decided to get into tech. Hence, I started to network and reach out to my relatives and friends. I got a lot of insight into their work. I liked operations and manual testing. It was my aunt who guided and helped me in this process. It’s been a good decision and I really like what I do. 

What made you join Springworks?

I have to balance my studies and work. Therefore, I started to apply to companies that would provide flexible work hours and work from home. I came across Springworks on LinkedIn. Then, I read about the company and the reviews. I felt this place would give me the opportunity to learn and grow.

How was your Hiring and Onboarding experience?

“During the interview process, my nervousness was at a peak. I wasn’t aware of the questions or the process. I never worked before and this was my first interview. The telephonic interview was a relief as I was able to put forth my interests and goals. The next steps were explained. I did an assignment and then I had my interview. Initially, I was overwhelmed and anxious. But, as the interview began, things got better. My Interviewer was patient and we established a rapport. I shared my interests and goals. I received an offer and the work was exactly what I had been looking for. 

With respect to onboarding, I really liked the concept of the buddy meeting. My buddy was Aquib. He gave a clear orientation on the tasks and work that I will be assigned to. We discussed my expectations and career. He has been a constant motivator at work. My first day at Springworks was exciting. I virtually met my teammates and we had the onboarding lunch. It was a warm welcome and a great start to my internship”.

Walk us through a day in the life of Barsha 

I am an early riser. My day starts at 05:30 a.m. I get ready and go to college. My college hours are from 06:30 a.m. to 08:30 a.m. Then, I reach home and take an hour’s break. I start my work at 10:00 a.m. I first look at my tasks and prioritize them. At noon, I take my lunch break and get back to work. Whenever I feel I need a break, I either read books or finish my household chores. I log off from work at 07:00 p.m. Later in the day, I finish my college work and I read a novel.

What are your learnings so far and what is your future goal?

Every day I learn something new. The credit goes to my team who supports me at every step. I started my internship with basic knowledge. As the days progressed, I do new tasks due to which my learning curve kept improving. I have made use of the learning budget and I did a course on QA manual testing. The learning budget is really helpful for interns. It helps one to understand terminologies and the tasks assigned. This hands-on experience and growth opportunities will help me be a better QA Lead in the future. Black Friday season has opened up a lot of opportunities for me. 

What is your favourite among the two products, EngageWith and Trivia?

It’s difficult to choose one. I really like them both. They are unique and serve different purposes. It feels really good to be appreciated and receive “Kudos”. It motivates me to do better. When my work gets exhaustive, I play games launched on the #fun channel. I really look forward to Quizzes and Hangman. 

What would you recommend to people who are at crossroads regarding their careers? 

I am no expert here. But what I did was explore and reach out. When you are inclined towards a particular field, explore and research. Then, reach out to people who are working in that profession and understand the work. Try some basic courses online and apply for internships. More than theoretical knowledge, hands-on experience will help one to decide and eliminate. 

Sneak -Peak into your life outside Springworks 

I do a lot of “Do It Yourself” crafts. Creating decorative items out of waste or discarded things is my forte. I read a lot of books and watch comedy series. As I  stay in Kolkata, I explore the city with my roommate over the weekends. But there are days when I just like to stay at home and relax xD. 

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