EngageWith Product Announcement

EngageWith Product Announcement – March 2021

Loads of handy features and nifty updates for you to fall in love with EngageWith. 

Ever since the development of EngageWith started five months ago, we’ve always been focused and geared to build a comprehensive employee engagement experience right inside Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

Rightly so, there have been a lot of updates, feature additions, and adoption that went live recently. Here are a few notable updates that might require your attention. 

1. Send Pulse Surveys to private channels

Pulse Survey is a great way to get to know your team. They always help you get a deeper understanding of what they expect and where you stand as a team. 

We’ve simply extended its utility by enabling you to get a pulse of your people in private channels too!

The best part? You can send and receive responses anonymously. This way, you can improve trust and encourage people to voice out their opinions freely. 

2. Redeem points with wallet option 

Rewards you earn mean nothing if they’re not redeemed. 

Upon multiple dialogs with our users, we understood not all of them are comfortable providing their credit card details. 

With our all-new “Wallet Option,” simply add the money to the EngageWith wallet to redeem the points earned. All your redemptions happen like a breeze – just as you wanted

It’s that simple!

3. Analytics report

Get customized reports specific to your organization or team.  

Our reports help you transform data into actionable insights. Make better, evidence-based decisions for your people to thrive and deliver results faster. 

Here’s a list of things you can do with our all-new Analytics Report:

  1. Get deeper insights on Kudos and Shoutouts given and received. Ensure how often appreciations are flowing between your co-workers. 
  2. Know more about frequently highlighted Company Values that are being executed. This can help you understand where you stand as a team and identify key areas of improvement. 
  3. With Pulse Surveys – get a thorough understanding of your people. And more importantly, ensure you enact on the feedback given, letting your people know their voices are heard. 

These are some of the major features that went live last month. 

If you feel like we’re missing a feature you love, do let us know in the comments below. 

Happy team building.

Prasanna Venkatesh

Product Marketer at Springworks.

About me:
A passionate marketer with 5+ years of experience obsessed with copywriting, content strategy, product positioning, and messaging. Preferences - Marketing. Chelsea. Cosmos. In that order...

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