Virtual Escape Room Games on Zoom for Team Building

25 Virtual Escape Room Games on Zoom for Team Building In 2023

Are you looking for virtual team-building ideas to engage your remote teams? Escape room games for Zoom are the perfect way to indulge the employees in fun and entertain them.

Have an Escape Room Zoom Party

Let’s take you through 25 fantastic breakout escape games.

1. Dr. Who Escape Room

This game is a great option to challenge and build your team’s critical thinking skills. Inspired by the Doctor Who universe, this game allows the participants to find clues and solve logical puzzles. 

The plot involves the possibility of the attack of the Cybermen. Doctor Who needs your help to save the earth and the human race from them!

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2. Mr. X

This online treasure hunt has several interactive elements. First, the participants have to use Google Maps and YouTube to solve the clues and trail their way to find the menacing Mr. X. 

This game is like a scavenger hunt where you need research and intuition to reveal Mr. X. There is no time limit, so the participants can play as long as they want to finish the game.

3. Bank Heist

In this Zoom escape room, the players get the same puzzles and tasks. They have to complete all these puzzles and activities to reach their goals, after which they can exit the room. The participants will be members of a crime syndicate with a mission to unlock a safe.

4. Paruzal Games

A deviation from the conventional escape room themes, Paruzal Games entices the players with different scenarios. 

For instance, you have to decorate a country club for the owner’s birthday party, but someone has locked away all supplies. So you have to find them before the owner arrives for the event. These games are designed to heighten the imagination level of the players.

5. International Monster Hunter

International monster hunter game challenges the participants to hunt down the world’s most mysterious creatures – Chupacabra, Ebu Gogo, and the Loch Ness Monster. 

The players have to don the hat of investigative detectives and use their wit to solve puzzles and give answers to trivia questions. The purpose is to trap the strange creatures in 90 minutes!

6. Pikachu’s Rescue

Help! Pikachu has disappeared, and you need to find him before the time runs out! 

What better way to get your team nostalgic with good ol’ Pokémon fun? Pikachu’s rescue comprises Pokémon trivia along with observation and fundamental math skills.

7. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Throw in a bit of history and murder, and you have got the perfect recipe for a play escape room on Zoom. The players have to follow the plot of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination by John Wikes Booth to find a way to save the President and change history! 

The participants step into the role of Wikes Booth and uncover the clues to find his motive behind the murder.

8. The Grimm Escape

Are you interested in some fairy-tale adventure? The Grimm Escape requires the players to break a witch’s curse on an enchanted forest. It has a collection of small puzzles that culminate into a mega puzzle. 

The artwork is elegant and unlocks your childhood imagination. This game is an excellent option to encourage collaboration among the employees

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9. Romeo and Juliet

This one is for romance-based game fans. Based on the classic love story Romeo and Juliet, this escape room challenges participants to resolve the strife between the Montague and Capulet families.

You have to convince Juliet’s parents why they should marry off their daughter to Romeo. The players need knowledge of the literature and critical thinking ability.

10. Murder in Ancient Egypt

This online escape room zoom challenges the players to solve a historical murder. They have to work through riddles and mysteries to unveil the actual order of events. 

Based on true events, it requires patience and intelligence to find out who was the culprit. Finally, at the game’s end, the facilitators tell the real story about this 1000-year old murder.

11. Escape: The Midnight Express

How about a cryptic virtual adventure on a train? 

Escape: The Midnight Express is just that and more. It has audiovisual elements that help the players solve the mystery on a train during the midnight hours. 

The participants have to sneak into the train and find out whether the mystery has some connection to Abraham Lincoln’s timeline. But, of course, the catch is that you have to come out of the train without being discovered.

12. Wildly Different Escape Rooms

If you are looking for a tailored escape room experience for your remote teams, Wildly Different Escape Rooms fit the bill perfectly. 

This game’s designer of this game can make questions and clues as per your brand or industry. You can then email the puzzles to your teams and then connect them virtually on Zoom to solve the puzzles.

13. Golden Girls Escape Room

A classic show by the same name inspires Golden Girl Escape Room. The players have to answer trivia instead of puzzles in this game. The participants will also encounter some of their favorite childhood cartoons during their adventures with the Golden Girls.

14. Mystery Escape Room

This one also tops the list of virtual escape room ideas on Zoom. The players have to don the hats of Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew and solve mysteries with their teams. The puzzles are varied, but you have to fit them together and make sense of them to solve the big mystery.

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15. Ultra Mega Super Death Escape Room

As heavy as the name sounds, this game is also as complex and challenging as it gives only one hint. However, it adds a bit of humor with a tongue-in-cheek tone. 

You have to find a secret stash of Nintendo Switches. If you find it, your character can skip TV episodes you have seen already and straightaway play Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You are not allowed to use Google for research or use a calculator. Go, figure it out!

16. Trapped in the Web

Trapped in the Web is a text-based adventure with image and video components. The players have the leeway to explore the internet for clues. You can explore various themes – Christmas Party Conundrum, Escape Fest, Out of Hours, The Missing, etc.

17. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar

A brainchild of the National Aquarium, this escape room revolves around the story of the fish named Oscar, one of the leading characters from the movie ‘Shark Tale’. You have to help Oscar as he has become a victim of a crime. 

The players have to dig into the aquarium’s educational video and virtual tour to unravel the clues.

18. Escape Experience

Among other sought-after Zoom escape room ideas is Escape Experience. It is a hybrid game with an on-site physical guide and remote players. The participants can enjoy different adventures like daring a prison break, a race to stop a nuclear bomb, etc. 

All adventures are very immersive and give a rush of emotions while playing.

19. Confundrum Escape Rooms

This game is known for its 3D graphics and an experience akin to a video game. 

Players can play various themes like Cypherspace, DaVinci’s Office, New Haven Orphanage, and Twisted Woods. From family-friendly to horror themes, the participants can pick anything that fancies your mood.

20. The Minotaur’s Labyrinth Escape Room

Inspired by Greek mythology, this escape room requires participants to crack codes and solve riddles in 19 steps. In the process, they also discover ancient myths. For example, the room is a replica of King Mino’s labyrinth in ancient Crete, an island in Greece.

21. Brain Chase

This one is a great option to enhance the skill sets of remote teams. Brain Chase is based on puzzle games from engineering, reading, photography, and coding. 

It takes an educational approach to solve the puzzles. There is a new room challenge every week.

22. Minecraft Escape Room

With its vibrant pictures and visually appealing aesthetics, this game is the best way to host an escape room zoom party for team building. 

Players can solve simple challenges as well as break their heads over complex challenges related to a map. The participants have to move from one room to another to escape the game. If you get stuck, you can enter the hint room.

23. YouEscape

An excellently designed game experience, YouEscape offers a variety of interesting themes. 

The players can choose from bomb-diffusing, constellations, murder mystery, and musical themes. The participants can use additional cues like videos, images, and mini-games to solve the big puzzles.

24. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Any Potterheads in the team? Then, this game will take you through the thrilling and mysterious world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. 

There are fun challenges and logic puzzles to solve to find a friend who goes missing on your way to school. You can unravel the secrets of the first year at Hogwarts, attend your favorite classes, and enjoy many more adventures.

25. 60 Out

60 Out escape rooms are designed to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the teams. There are puzzles, surreal mysteries, and interactive adventures to hook the players. 

You have to use your imagination to think you are in a different time, space, and world. Some themes you can explore are Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Turning Test, Red Alert, and Time Machine.

How to Play Escape Room on Zoom?

Your teams don’t require downloading any software or tools to enjoy the escape rooms. Instead, they can easily play these games on a shared screen via the Zoom platform. We hope you liked our curated list of escape room games for zoom for remote team building and collaboration.

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