Life at Springworks: A day in the life of an Operations Specialist

Anjana was born and raised in the Middle East. She moved to India in the year 2014 after completing her under-graduation, after which she pursued her MCA from MAEER’s Mitsom of College, Pune. 

Her journey with Springworks started in June 2021 when she joined us as an Operations Specialist. Before Springworks, she has worked with organizations like Quess IT Staffing and Neeyamo. 

Let’s take a peek into the life of an Operations Specialist at Springworks!

What does being an Operations Specialist mean?

I was hired by Springworks for handling a customer support role, where daily we deal with mainly two kinds of scenarios, one where we deal with customers and the other where we deal with candidates. The majority of our tasks are resolving the questions and queries that are put up by them. Client queries generally are regarding any updates or modifications required in the service packet provided to them, while candidate queries are generally related to document in-sufficiencies and the background verification process. 

What is the favorite part of your daily work routine?

Honestly, I enjoy every part of my daily work routine. I have enough clarity on what is expected of me in my job role, thus helping me in performing it efficiently.

As one says, every day you learn something new! And I can say that it’s true for me. I get to learn something new, something different every day and that’s what keeps me motivated. Every day I deal with a multitude of new scenarios and it helps in building up my knowledge about my job profile and various other aspects of life!

What do you think is that one essential skill that an Operations Specialist needs to possess?

I would say patience along with having a positive attitude! This is not something that I only follow for my professional life but also for my personal life as well. I think a person needs to have both of these qualities for performing any kind of work. It’s simple, if you are patient enough, you will get what you want.

Being positive will always help you look at the brighter side of things! This will always keep you happy and motivated all day long even when you are tackling a challenging situation. 

Walk us through a day in the life of Anjana!

  • My day starts with attending my stand-up huddle at 9:50 am
  • After which I attend another meeting with our managers to decide on the actions items for the day
  • Then I take up any onboarding calls
  • Respond to emails and Slack messages 
  • For the rest of my day, I work on the action items 
  • Wrap up my work by 6:30 pm

What keeps Anjana motivated? 

My source of motivation is me! I always tend to motivate myself to do better. The one thing that I keep on telling myself that this is something that I have to do, no one else is going to do it for me and it keeps me going! I always keep on smiling, whether it’s a good situation or a bad one which also helps me in dealing with any kind of challenge I face. I think everyone needs to try it!

Sneak-peek into your life outside Springworks!

During the weekdays after I log out of work, I spend time with my family and play games with my husband after which we take a walk together. On weekends, we go out shopping and visit our friends. One more thing that I love doing on the weekends is catching up on sleep!

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