“EngageWith encourages us to live out our culture,” – Here’s how Beam is building an excellent hybrid company culture




Beam is the world’s first crowdfunding platform for homeless people. Funded by the Mayor of London and some of the world’s top tech entrepreneurs and partnered with leading national charities like Shelter and St Mungo’s, Beam has proven a powerful new model to help disadvantaged people get into stable work and support themselves. 


In Beam’s first year, Beam won the London Homelessness Award and ‘Best use of Technology’ in homelessness.


Last year, Beam was named one of the Top 10 Startups in London by WIRED magazine and awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for promoting opportunity through social mobility.








  1. To sustain company culture in a hybrid work model.

  2. Increase employee recognition using tools like Slack to celebrate wins

  3. To get a Pulse of employees by checking in regularly 

  4. Foster cross-team collaboration

Detailed study: 

We got on a call with Elise Bresler, Senior People & Talent Manager at Beam. And here’s the detailed transcript of the same:

“We needed a solution that seamlessly integrates with Slack and EngageWith delivered it with perfection.” 

In recent years, spot recognition has emerged as one of the most effective ways of boosting employee motivation and engagement. Spot awards help recognize exemplary performance or commendable behavior immediately, as, and when. 

Bresler revealed – “It’s well-known that rewards and recognition enhance employees’ performance and commitment levels.  Spot awards have emerged as a powerful tool for reinforcing desirable behaviors and boosting the workforce’s effectiveness. As a result, we wanted a tool we could use in Slack, which was instant and seamless.”

“As everything happens on Slack, contributions – big or small – are noted and appreciated there and then. If anyone recognizes a colleague going above and beyond, they can immediately give a Kudos. Democratizing the recognition program has helped deepen connections and fuel positive momentum in building a winning team.” 


“I still remember someone from the Operations team getting a shoutout from the entire company for going out of their way to help change one of our beneficiary’s lives, and they were eternally grateful. This level of support and appreciation that exists within the company reminds everyone that we’re all in this together. 


Think about both encouraging efforts and rewarding results whenever employees make a difference – EngageWith has you covered. 


And here’s what Beam achieved with rewards and recognition:

“EngageWith has enabled us to embrace a culture of continuous feedback through tools like Pulse Surveys, which allow us to check in with employees regularly.”


Beam has set the bar high when it comes to employee feedback. To achieve that, they capture feedback from employees regularly using Pulse Surveys weekly. 


Bresler continued, “Pulse questions, as simple as – ‘Does your job give you a sense of accomplishment? Does your job help you to learn and grow? How well is your job aligned with your career goals?’ are sent, and the answers are recorded.”  


“It helped us to decentralize the feedback collection process. It’s a shift in our feedback management culture,” revealed Bresler. 


Pulse is a strategic way to get a good sense of what your people want. The best part? Since the results and analytics are at your disposal, decision-making is much quicker.


It gave them quick and targeted opportunities to gather feedback from employees as needed. Plus, everything happens in real-time, enabling managers to improve and deliver a best-in-class employee experience in no time.


Beam found Pulse Surveys to be an authentic approach to connecting with their people on a personal level. If consistent, it’s an excellent method for People Leaders to foster a culture of continuous feedback.


And here’s what Beam accomplished using Pulse Surveys:


Our take 🥰

Building the culture of your dreams can be challenging in a hybrid set up, but with EngageWith, Beam could foster an employee-first culture in no time 😇

But the key takeaway is – EngageWith can help you build the culture of your dreams

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