Life at Springworks: A day in the life of an Operations Intern

Maglin belongs to the city of Bangalore. She completed her degree in Computer Science from Dr. Ambedkar Institute Of Technology, Bangalore. She joined Springworks as an Operations Intern in November 2021 and left the organization in May 2022. Later in June, she rejoined our organization as an Operations Intern again! 

Let’s take a peek into the life of an Operations Intern!

What do you do as an Operations Intern at Springworks?

I work as an Operations Intern for the Insufficiency team at Springworks. My tasks revolve around tracking insufficiencies in the background verification process and getting them resolved.

What is your favorite part about Springworks?

My favorite aspect of Springworks is the morning standup call when all of the Ops team members meet each other and get to know one another regularly.

How has your learning curve improved as a part of Springworks?

I was a beginner when I started here soon after college, so I had no idea about work culture or learning new things from others, but after joining and working with the team, I learned how to gain new knowledge without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. And things can be learned from anyone who knows how to teach without being impatient. 

Walk us through a day in the life of Maglin!

My daily routine consists of logging in at 9:45 a.m., attending the stand-up, and then, if there are team meetings, attending them and then checking to see if I have any pending work to do before proceeding with the day’s work. After that, take a 1-hour lunch break to ensure that the task assigned is done on time, and then log out at 7 p.m.

Which is your favorite product amongst our two apps, Trivia & EngageWith?

EngageWith and Trivia are both my favorites. EngageWith truly acknowledges and appreciates us by giving us money or coupons, which has been more advantageous. There are several games in Trivia that we play, such as quizzes, this creates a friendly competition between us. 

What made you join Springworks?

I first thought that embracing a job meant only joining and working, but discovering that it means much more after joining the place has changed my perspective. I wanted to re-join for that reason.

What is the one thing that you would recommend to people to join here?

They would appreciate the flexibility of the work and the understanding amongst the team members.

What are your ways to connect with people in the company?

I have met a few people through the Virtual Coffee meets and others just through some posts on the Random channel!

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