7 Best Microsoft Teams apps for Team Building

7 Best Microsoft Teams Apps for Team Building in 2024 [In-Depth Comparison]


For an employee working in an office, it’s intuitive to meet their colleagues, have a small talk over coffee, and join a water-cooler chat. Such a level of interaction is not possible in a remote working environment. Even though these activities seem trivial, they are a crucial part of team building. These Microsoft Teams apps for team building will fulfill this need to form a strong and engaged team.

For a supportive work culture in an organization, these small interactions contribute to forming an engaged team. Lack of such interactions can lead to disconnect and loneliness among employees and to avoid that, remote teams need to engage in some form of team activity.

To tackle this problem, there are various online tools but it’s a challenging task to find the right ones. So, here is an in-depth comparison of 7 Microsoft teams apps for team building for your remote team.

  1. Trivia
  2. Funtivity by Hermis
  3. Polly
  4. CoffeePals
  5. LEAD.bot
  6. FikaTime
  7. Down for Coffee

These MS teams apps make the online interaction as intuitive as the offline ones for better team building while working remotely. Not only does it keep the team productive but gives a sense of belonging for better employee satisfaction at work.

In this post we’ll compare and contrast the following in detail:

  • Features/Capabilities
  • Pricing & Available Plans
  • Online Ratings (Capterra and G2)

Disclaimer: Trivia is our own app. We’ve done our best to present the information evenly because we want you to make an educated decision. That said, we are proud of our Microsoft Teams team-building app and built it with the features and ease that we’d want (and we use it every day ourselves). 

Learn more here and try it free for 30 days to join thousands of companies who use us like OLX, Quora, Shopify, NBA, and more…


Trivia is an all-in-one MS teams app for fun breaks and interaction between employees. It brings together the team through various games, quizzes, and a virtual water cooler to make team-building fun. One of the best Microsoft teams apps to build a strong and engaged team.

Trivia Games

A suite of Trivia games gives the team a break from work while keeping them engaged. It helps in improving their morale and sense of belonging to the organization. Here are some of the games you can play with this fun slack integration.

  1. Pictionary

It’s the ultimate team-building game for everyone. You have to guess the word by seeing the drawing of your team member before the other team guesses it. It helps in building strong bonds and having a little fun break from work.

  1. Virtual Water cooler

Just like you meet random colleagues on a watercooler, this game pairs you up with random individuals from the organization and break the ice through conversation starters or thoughtful questions.

  1. Custom Polls

It helps you get insights on various topics related to the organization and make better decisions. It helps in solving problems collaboratively and gives everyone a voice in the organization for better remote team building.

Trivia Quizzes

Trivia quizzes help in building a human connection between employees as they get to talk about common interests beyond work. It is also fun to play such games in between to refresh the mood while working. There are different quizzes you can easily launch for a small break from work.

  1. Instant Quizzes

There are over 28,000 trivia questions across 30+ categories for you to start an instant quiz on. These quizzes are quick, fun, and convenient for everyone.

  1. Custom Quizzes

Custom Quizzes enables you to create a set of your questions and hold special events for your team. It helps people find colleagues with a common interest and even celebrate some special occasions.

  1. Gotcha!

It is a quiz game with a twist where you are rewarded not only for right answers but for fooling others with wrong answers as well. Gotcha is highly engaging and makes team-building fun.

  1. (Un)popular opinions

This is a fun game where you run polls and get some controversial opinions based on votes.

Benefits of Adding Trivia

  1. Easy To Launch And Play

Trivia games and quizzes are easy to launch and play for anyone in the organization. Even a newbie joining your organization will quickly understand how it works.

  1. Game Scheduling

You can schedule any of the games and even schedule them to play periodically. Trivia bot will remind you just before the game so you don’t miss out.

  1. Leaderboards

This feature builds healthy competition among teams through real-time results tracking and podium standings. You can incentivize your team even more by rewarding them with physical gifts. It will also make sure they don’t miss out on games and always be a part of team building.

  1. Seamless Integration

It’s super easy to add Trivia to Microsoft Teams and start building super engaged teams.

What Happens After You Add Trivia Bot To MS Teams?

You can organize quizzes and games for anyone to play. It acts as a quick break while engaging with other colleagues and contributing to team building. Leaderboard and real-time scoring build a healthy competition and incentivize them to play more games. 

It’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other and make onboarding easier for new employees. All of this leads to building an engaged team with a sense of belonging to the organization. It builds a culture where everyone can thrive and collaborate smoothly for the betterment of the organization.

Trivia’s Pricing And Plans


Price: 0$/Month


  1. Unlimited Games
  2. 6 participants per game
  3. Automation
  4. Add Admins
  5. Unlimited VirtualCoffee


Price: $2/user/month


  1. Unlimited Games
  2. Unlimited Participants
  3. Game Scheduler
  4. Add Admins
  5. Unlimited VirtualCoffee
  6. Quiz Leaderboard


Price: $3/user/month


  1. All The Benefits Of the Standard Plan
  2. Unlimited Custom Polls
  3. Advanced Analytics


Price: On-request pricing


  1. All The Benefits Of the Pro Plan
  2. Workspace Activity Reports
  3. Custom Features
  4. Higher Uptime SLA
  5. Dedicated Account Manager
  6. Dedicated Customer Support
  7. Data Retention Policy

Trivia Online Reviews

Trivia has over 60 reviews on G2 and Capterra with ratings of 4.7/5 and 4.4/5 respectively. Most people mention its utility in remote team building.

Due to all the features mentioned above Trivia is used by over 15,000 organizations worldwide including companies like Quora, OLX, and Shopify.

Trivia is not just a team-building app, it’s an all-in-one suite to bring fun back to your workplace while engaging your employees. 

Add Trivia on MS Teams right now and use it for:

  1. Building Super-engaged teams (See how others did it)
  2. Recreate office watercooler virtually (Read here to know more)
  3. And a lot more (Read our Trivia guide for HR Professionals)


Polly is a tool to get instant feedback on Microsoft teams and other apps. It replaces survey forms and eases up the feedback process for better team building.

Polly Features

  1. Easy Data Sharing

Polly allows you to share the gathered results instantly and share only with the right people.

  1. Templates

This feature helps you create custom templates for various feedback forms like:

  1. Interview Loop Feedback
  2. Candidate Experience Feedback
  3. Employee Onboarding And Engagement
  4. Anonymous Feedback
  5. Employee Happiness Pulse
  6. Benefits Feedback
  7. Remote Employee Check-ins
  8. Stay Interviews

Polly’s Benefits

  1. Instant Engagement

Polly reduces friction as it can be integrated right into your workspace like Microsoft Teams. This results in increased and instant engagement without interrupting the workflow

  1. Asking Contextual Questions

It helps you ask questions in context for more accurate answers.

  1. Empower Diverse Opinions

Every employee must have a voice in the organization so that they can feel they belong. Polly makes it easier for you to give them a voice.

  1. Visualized Responses

It instantly provides you results in the visualized form to easily interpret the data.

Polly’s Pricing And Plans

Polly has a free plan with only 25 monthly responses.

Polly’s Standard plan costs 49$ per month for a 3 months subscription. It offers 500 monthly responses.

Polly’s Pro plan costs 19$ per month for a 6-month subscription. It offers 1000 monthly responses, API access, and integrations with other platforms.

Polly offers an Enterprise plan for unlimited responses and more benefits.

Polly Online Reviews

It has 4.6 out of 5 stars on both G2 and Capterra with over 68 reviews on both the platforms combined.

Funtivity by Hermis

Funtivity is a Microsoft teams app to integrate activities and games right into MS Teams for team building and fun.

Funtivity Features

  1. Engaging Virtual Games

A large collection of games and trivia is available on Funtivity to choose and play from.

  1. Themes

Each game on funtivity has a theme assigned to keep all the games exciting and fresh.

  1. Scoring And Leaderboards

It keeps everyone motivated to play new games and builds healthy competitive banter among employees.

Funtivity Pricing And Plans

It offers three pricing tiers:

  1. Basic – Free for limited users and features
  2. Premium – Starts at $500/month for limited users and features only related to team building.
  3. Enterprise – Starts at $2500/month for unlimited users and all features.

Funtivity Online Reviews

It is not listed on sites like Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra.


A Microsoft teams app that actively matches people to meet over coffee for better team bonding and stronger teams.

CoffeePals Features

  1. Cross-team communication

It matches people from different teams and departments to build connections and smoother collaboration.

  1. Create a mentorship program

You can match mentees with mentors more often for better learning in the organization itself.

  1. Dashboard with matching analytics

It helps in keeping track of engagement and seeing how are employees connecting.

CoffeePals’s Pricing And Plans

It offers three pricing plans:

  1. Free – For up to 24 users with limited features
  2. Pro – $49/month for up to 50 users. Billing goes up to $1500/month for 1500 users.
  3. Enterprise – Personalized pricing for more than 1000 users.

CoffeePals Online Reviews

There are no reviews about CoffeePals on Capterra, G2, and Trustpilot.


It is an MS teams app to build intentional connections among employees across teams, departments, or locations. It helps in better employee engagement and creates a sense of belonging.

LEAD.bot Features

  1. Prioritize Unlikely Matches

It prioritizes people who are highly unlikely to meet each other and match them.

  1. Outlook Calendar Integration

This helps in easy scheduling.

LEAD.bot’s Pricing And Plans

LEAD.bot offers three plans:

  1. Free – For up to 24 users per round and limited features
  2. Standard – Starts from $32.4/month(billed annually) for up to 24 users. Price varies according to the number of users.
  3. Enterprise  – Custom pricing and priority customer support.

LEAD.bot Online Reviews

There are not enough reviews on Lead on G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot


FikaTime is a Microsoft Teams App for team building and builds connected teams by pairing up employees to meet for virtual coffee.

FikaTime Features

  1. Break Down Silos

Fika matches you to have informal meets across the organization to build new relationships.

  1. Improve Mental Health

Random meets with colleagues make remote work less lonely and contribute to better mental health

  1. Building Inclusive culture

It introduces employees that may not get a chance to meet and build an inclusive culture that welcomes everyone.

  1. Collect Data

You can see the level of engagement and see how employees are connecting with one another.

FikaTime’s Pricing And Plans

It has standard pricing of $2 per month per active user with a minimum required billing of $29.

FikaTime Online Reviews

It is not rated on G2, Capterra and Trustpilot.

Down for Coffee

It is a networking tool that matches your employees with one another for informal meet. It can be easily integrated into Microsoft teams for remote team building.

Down for Coffee Features

  1. Casual coffees

Down for coffee match employees randomly across the organization for meet-ups based on availability and interests. 

  1. Measure engagement

It helps in monitoring the success of your campaigns and engagement to make the required changes.

  1. Customizable

You can customize matching and mentoring rules according to the requirement of your organization.

Down for Coffee’s Pricing And Plans

This app offers three plans:

  1. Free – $0/month but only for 12 active users
  2. Growth – $39/month from 13 active users. Pricing varies based on usage and goes up to $900 for 500 active users
  3. Enterprise – Personalized Pricing

Down for Coffee Online Reviews

It is not listed on sites like G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot.


Can you add games to Microsoft Teams?

Yes, you can add games to Microsoft Teams to have fun while working remotely and increase employee engagement. With apps like Trivia you can not only play games but quizzes as well right into MS Teams.

What virtual games can you play on Teams?

You can play all sorts of games like Pictionary, Gotcha, Unpopular opinion, and much more by adding Trivia to Teams for team building and better employee engagement. It’s a great way to catch a break while working remotely.

What is a fun virtual team building activity?

Quizzes and Games are a great way to build virtual teams. Remote work can get isolating but these games give an excuse for employees to play together and also know about each other beyond work. Trivia games can help you in team building without even leaving your MS team’s workspace.

Trivia is not just a team-building app, it’s an all-in-one suite to bring fun back to your workplace while engaging your employees. Click here and add Trivia on MS teams to explore each feature for free.

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