Life at Springworks: A day in the life of a Graphic Designer

Afza belongs to the beautiful coastal state of Goa. She completed her under-graduation in Marketing from Christ University, Bangalore. She started her journey with Springworks as a Marketing Intern in September 2021 and is currently working full-time as a Graphic Designer since April ‘22. 

Let’s take a peek into the life of a Graphic Designer!

What do you do as a Graphic Designer at Springworks?

As a graphic designer, I work on advertisements, websites, social media creatives, and any other team-required projects. I also help with product creatives, logos, and branding for new projects. I also assist the marketing team with content generation and ad campaigns when I can.

What is your favorite part about Springworks?

Aside from the excellent employee benefits and procedures, I love how employee wellbeing is valued above everything else. Personal development of employees is greatly encouraged, and there are always opportunities to upskill and contribute where you can. When a difficulty arises, everyone in the team is always willing to assist. Springworks’ people culture is something I genuinely admire.

How has your learning curve improved as a part of Springworks?

Despite having no professional design background, I am sure I am ready to make a permanent career transition. Design is no longer just a hobby for me; I’ve had fantastic mentors from whom I’ve learned so much in just a few months.

Walk us through a day in the life of Afza!

  1. I start my day by making a list of everything I have pending from the previous day which generally includes checking my messages for any new tasks and making a quick to-do list.
  2. I start with working on all priority tasks in the first half and the rest of my day is dedicated to other long-term tasks.
  3. I devote Fridays or any other day when my calendar is free to whatever marketing tasks I’m working on.
  4. I finish my day by preparing a list of everything I need to do the next day in order of priority.

Which is your favorite product amongst our two apps, Trivia & EngageWith?

EngageWith is without a doubt my favorite product! Not only do you get recognized for performing an excellent job, but you are reminded of our company values every time someone sets an example. And, of course, being able to thank someone for their effort or kindness publicly is a wonderful feeling.

What made you join Springworks?

When I first learned about Springworks, I discovered that they not only build products to improve employee experience from hire to retire, but they also lead by example by creating policies that promote employee wellbeing internally. Many of the industry-first initiatives introduced indicated that Springworks is truly committed to making a difference, which inspired me to join the company.

What is the one thing that you would recommend to people to join here?

Personal development and well-being are always prioritized at Springworks. It is a one-of-a-kind organization that is changing the norm of work culture for the better. If you want to work for a firm that genuinely cares, this is the place to be!

What are your ways to connect with people in the company?

Trivia is a fantastic way to communicate with people from various departments and is a lot of fun. Aside from that, Virtual Coffee pairings have allowed me to get to know my coworkers and meet folks who share my interests. Apart from this, our weekly fun meetings are great for engaging the team.

Sneak-peek into your life outside Springworks!

MMA is my latest obsession, I’m either training in Muay Thai or watching UFC. I enjoy unique cinematography- the classics, mostly psychological thrillers. My happy place is the beach, you’d find me there almost every day.

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