How BetterQA is building a work-happy culture with Trivia

“Building a culture inside Slack has never been this effective” – How an Indonesian marketing agency is succeeding with its people-first approach.


Whello Indonesia is a marketing service agency based in Bali which originated from  Amsterdam. From startups to corporates – they help companies 10x their growth. Considered one of Indonesia’s fastest-growing brands, they’ve their office pan-globe. 

 Using something called “The Whalemodel™” – Whello Indonesia understands what’s needed to grow a brand from one phase to the next strategically. 


Number of employees:


Bali, Indonesia


Marketing and Advertising



  1. Build a solid culture of recognition without leaving Slack

  2. Bring a sense of empathy and connection among colleagues

  3. A flexible rewards and recognition program that echoes across departments and distances – from entry-level employees to top-level management. 

how EngageWith helped Whello:
  1. Foster a culture of instant recognition within the organisation

  2. Add a sense of collaboration and connections among employees

Impact summary:
EW-case-study-creatives 2

Detailed study:

We had an in-depth discussion with Argo Utomo – Managing Partner, on how Whello Indonesia uses EngageWith. Here’s the brief of our conversation: 


“EngageWith helps my employees to foster a sense of collaboration and empathy – inside Slack.” 

At Whello Indonesia, people managers constantly strive to show employees how their work makes a difference in the bigger picture, ultimately making them feel more connected and satisfied with their work.

Argo rightly revealed, “We strongly believe employee recognition is a part of daily culture. It helps employees zoom out to remind themselves how their contributions impact them. And saying ‘thank you’ is just the beginning.”

Especially when leaders understand the true purpose of recognition, it improves employee morale on an individual level. 

Argo added, “Employees don’t want to be viewed as “work units” whose value is only derived from how much they produced. Instead, appreciation helps them bring out their unique abilities, personalities, and talents. In short, it’s about making employees feel special and appreciated.”  

I have witnessed employees now feel deeply valued. In essence, they’ve an increased sense of well-being and job satisfaction. 


“Talk about building trust and respect via peer-to-peer recognition – EngageWith had us covered.”

Everyone inside Whello Indonesia wanted a solid recognition platform to recognize efforts – not just within the team but across the company. 

“We feel like a family now, you know. As my entire team comes in place to recognize wins –  the overall group morale increases, and a spirit of respect and positivity begins to permeate the workplace,” Argo proudly declared. 

Not just that – whenever a Kudos goes out, everyone in the company knows the reason behind recognition. This helps everyone understand the reason behind recognition. It is an added advantage to validating the recognition in the first place, as it is broadcasted for everyone in the company to read. 

Argo adds, “As everything happens inside Slack, it hardly takes 30 seconds to recognize peers and get back to work in no time. Effortless.” 


“One of the fastest and most efficient customer support I’ve ever seen.” 

While you invest in your employees, we invest ourselves into building great relationships with our customers. 

Argo revealed, “We have a common Slack channel. So be it a query, bug, customizations – we simply post it there. It gets answered in less than 30 minutes. So many times, I’ve received direct help from their CEO – Kartik. And as a rule of thumb, you know how much a company values its customers when the CEO is directly involved in solving their issue,” adds Argo. 

“Plus, they also help us with many culture-building ideas for the modern workforce, which is like icing on the cake. Can’t ask for more, you know.”


Want to know how EngageWith will help to create a recognition-rich culture at work?

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