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The HR Landscape

We make recruitment, onboarding and employee engagement seamless and intelligent with empathy.

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Hire Right Candidate with SpringRecruit
Hire Right Candidate with SpringRecruit


Bring intelligence and efficiency to recruiting. Spend less time on paperwork and processing and more on doing what matters the most - hiring the right candidates, quicker.

A decentralized, verified professional profile platform

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An Applicant Tracking System that’s free FOREVER

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A full-stack technology hiring and staffing agency

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Manage resumes smarter, faster and at scale.

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Background Verification and Employee Onboarding


Find the right talent faster with background verifications that are seamless, flexible and incredibly reliable, all powered by the blockchain.

Background verification and KYC solutions

Background verification and KYC solutions.

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Background Verification and Employee Onboarding

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Activities with Trivia

Employee Engagement

Build a culture everyone wants to be a part of. Inspire your team to reach new heights, have a laugh at work and engage deeper.

Interactive games for remote team-building.

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Employee Rewards and Recognition platform

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Success Stories

We've changed the way hundreds of teams work today with the products we are building in the HR ecosystem.

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“My team demanded more! They have had a great time with Trivia on Slack. With a wide range of topics, it's almost impossible to cheat and it sparks conversation between groups that don't traditionally interact. Trivia buffs have found each other, and general puzzle people have popped up in surprising specialty areas.”

christina Kinney

Christina Kinney

Chief Operating Officer, Reach

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Springworks Clients
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