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600,000+ employees from 40,000+ organizations across the globe rely on Trivia for team bonding

No office? No problem!

Trivia Word Puzzles

For remote teams, the sense of belonging and togetherness helps build a healthy and happy workplace. Rightly so, Trivia helps you stay connected through Quizzes, Water Cooler, and VirtualCoffee.

Trivia Word Puzzles
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Socialize across geographies
over fun games

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Bond over Trivia’s suite of Games. Spark conversations, build camaraderie, and discover new things about your peers every time you play it.

Take your Water Cooler
talks virtual

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Post topics in the channel of your choice and kick-start discussions. Recreate those in-office rituals even while working remotely with Trivia’s Water Cooler.

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Make meaningful connections with VirtualCoffee

Trivia virtualCoffee

Introduce teammates and help them socialize effortlessly. Build a sense of collaboration and community even if your people are distributed across geography.

Banish isolation.
Foster Collaboration.

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You may be missing your office. But you should not miss the fun of getting together with your co-workers. Eliminate isolation, get together as a team, and build bonds with your people effortlessly.

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Enterprise-grade security

We built Trivia for you to have fun, but we take your security seriously. Trivia is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 compliant. All data is transmitted over HTTPS, and any data stored is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. Our application endpoints are TLS/SSL/DCMA/SMAL placing us right amongst the industry pioneers.

15000+ virtual teams worldwide use Trivia app to build camaraderie, collaboration, and connection

10,000+ teams use Trivia to build camaraderie, collaboration, and connection

Resources for Remote Team Building

Building a remote team is no piece of cake, here are some tips to set up the same

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A virtual ice-breaker is the go-to option to keep your remote teams engaged. Here are some examples

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A proven guide to Team Building Activies for better productivity

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Remote Teams - FAQ

What are some strategies for managing remote teams to increase engagement?
Strategies for managing remote teams to increase engagement include setting clear expectations and goals, conducting regular team-bonding events, providing resources and support, promoting open and regular communication, and recognizing and rewarding performance.
How can remote workers stay connected with the company culture while working remotely?
Remote workers can stay connected with the company culture while working remotely by participating in virtual events and activities, staying informed about company news and updates, and seeking out opportunities for connection with coworkers.
What are the must-have tools for remote teams?
1. Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet.
2. Virtual team-building games and activities such as Trivia.
3. Virtual happy hours and social events using platforms such as Houseparty or Slack.
4. Collaborative tools such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 for team projects and documents
.5. Virtual reality experiences for team-building such as Oculus Rooms.
6. Online fitness and wellness classes for team bonding and stress relief.
Are remote employees more engaged?
It is often reported that remote employees can be more engaged in their work due to factors such as increased flexibility, the ability to create a comfortable and personalized work environment, and the opportunity to better balance work and personal life. Additionally, remote workers may feel a stronger sense of autonomy and ownership over their work, which can lead to higher levels of engagement and motivation. However, it's important to note that every individual and organization is unique, and there may be some remote workers who do not experience these benefits. To foster engagement among remote employees, it's crucial for organizations to provide the necessary support and resources to help employees succeed in a remote work environment.
What are the benefits of employee engagement for remote workers and their organizations?
Increased productivity: Engaged employees are often more motivated, productive, and efficient in their work.
Better job satisfaction and employee retention: They are more likely to be satisfied with their job and less likely to leave their organization.
Improved teamwork and collaboration: Engaged employees are more likely to collaborate effectively with their colleagues and contribute to a positive team dynamic.
Better communication and trust: They are more likely to communicate openly with their colleagues and managers, leading to improved trust and transparency.
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