SpringVerify Feature Release Updates

SpringVerify Feature Release Updates – 2022

SpringVerify Feature Release - V17 (October 2022 Update)

You’re going about your typical work day – Onboarding new candidates, sending out offers, initiating background checks, checking the verification reports, etc.


While you’re handling a ton of different things together, there’s a possibility that you make some errors or you miss the details. 😬 Happens to all of us—something like accidentally entering the wrong candidate email ID OR receiving the wrong detail from the candidate.


In normal situations, we will notify you that the candidate has not responded and request you to check with the candidate from your end. You’ll check the candidate’s details or contact the candidate to send the updated information to us and try to solve the problem. In this process, there might be some email exchanges, time delays and additional efforts for you and the SpringVerify team.


Not anymore. Psst – As much as you hate deviating from the set verification process, we do too. 


And at Springworks, when we find an issue, we know we HAVE TO fix it. So we did! 

Introducing 🥁

1. Auto-login

On setting/resetting passwords, users will be auto-logged in. However, this time there won’t be any re-logging each time you need to access the SpringVerify portal. The auto-login features allow you to go straight to the SpringVerify dashboard. Saves time and effort.

2. Candidate Email Bounce Notification

We don’t have to wait until we notice “No Reply” from the candidate. We’ll notify you as soon as a candidate email bounces. 


Does this make things better? Of course, 

We identify the error at the very beginning of the verification process, saving us tons of time from waiting until the last leg. ⏱️ No more delays!  

Some emails failed to deliver

Next, you’ll email the SpringVerify POC with the correct information and ask to update the same and re-initiate the process. Right? – WRONG!

3. Edit/Update the details right on the portal.

We’ll notify you and allow you to update the candidate email on the portal itself. 

If the background verification Invite Email to Candidate bounces, it’ll show 🔺 on the SpringVerify portal and give you the option to correct it –  then and there.

Add Users - My team

Finally, we’ve updated the candidate details and are going ahead with the verification process. 🥳 


Uh-oh! But we hit another roadblock. The documents submitted by the candidate are password protected 😭


But this time, we won’t email you or the candidate and wait for a document without a password. 


We’ve got you covered 😉

4. Unlock password-protected documents in the Background Verification form 🔓

If you or your candidate uploads a document with a password, our portal will now have an in-build unlocking feature for documents with protected passwords. 

SpringVerify Feature Release - V16 (August 2022 Update)

HR professionals are often busy with a ton of HR formalities during recruitment and find it hard to take time out to follow up with candidates missing the submission dates. We heard you and have introduced:

‘Awaiting Input’ - Digest​

Some of you must have already received these emails in which we share a list of candidates who have not responded/submitted their documents even after the due date. Not just that, it also includes clickable WhatsApp links, phone numbers, and email addresses. 


How does this help? You get to take action immediately without looking for candidate information elsewhere. It saves time for you and also helps expedite the verification process.

Background Check Submission Overdue List

We’re all in a habit of putting away automated emails and reminders for later because we assume no one is actually waiting for immediate action. Our data shows that, on average, only 70% of candidates submitted the BGV form within the due date. But the HR Team can now focus on ensuring that candidate submissions don’t go past 5-6 days. Here’s how 👇:

1. HR Note & Overdue Note

An HR note is added to every candidate email with a customisable 160-character message from the HR. This makes emails seem less like a bot and more personalised. We’ve already seen candidates taking action faster with this small change.

On the other hand, an overdue note is a nudge to a candidate who has failed to submit their documents/details within the due date. This message is also customisable and emphasizes the seriousness of making their submissions at the earliest. 

background check submission overdue email

But what if you want to change the HR Note or Overdue Note for a specific candidate? 

It’s possible! You can keep the same note for all candidates or modify the HR and Overdue Note to suit different circumstances while adding a candidate on SpringVerify.

2. Updated email templates make candidates take action faster

Candidates receive the HR Note and Overdue Note in their email, but we’ve made more changes to the email layout, especially to the ones closer to the due dates or the ones that have crossed them.

  • A banner highlighting the due date. (DUE TOMORROW, DUE TODAY, OVERDUE) 
  • Logo of the company – Sometimes, the registered name of the company and the brand name of the company might differ, and this causes confusion among candidates. The logo placement helps candidates quickly identify which company the verification request came from.
Swiggy: Background Check Request - Email

Within just a few days of implementing these changes, we noticed that the candidate responsiveness went from 70% to 98%. 🥳


Lastly, we all need to keep up with the country’s tax regimes, and the new regulations require all of us to pay taxes after each sale. To meet this new requirement,

TDS is now available on the SpringVerify Portal


What does this mean for you? Inform us about your organisation’s TDS deduction slabs, and we’ll add them to your account on the SpringVerify portal. Every time you need to make a payment on SpringVerify, select the TDS percentage that you want us to deduct and add to your invoice.

SpringVerify - TDS

SpringVerify Feature Release - V13 (June 2022 Update)

Can background verification be successfully completed with Zero Manual Intervention?

Absolutely! That’s what all the feature releases of this year are about. 

We’re constantly listening to users to see what else we could automate and improve on the product. This time we made a list of some functions that would enhance the customer experience exponentially.    

Here’s what’s getting even better on SpringVerify this time:

  1. Multiple candidates to initiate verifications for? 
    Bulk Upload now in 3 easy steps – Upload CSV file > Review > Submit

  2. One-time consent undertaking – Give us a letter in advance that you take responsibility for the candidate’s legal consent and we’ll proceed with the candidate verification. (Applicable only for companies with Blue-Collar workforce)

Here how it works!

1. Upload multiple candidate details through one CSV file.

Download a CSV from your HRMS/ATS and directly upload it to SpringVerify. No need to follow any rigid header format. Just specify which columns match our data type.

Bulk Candidate Addition

Our system auto-cleans the data and points out any errors it identifies. You can then edit to make necessary changes. AI at its best!

Bulk Candidate Addition - Select Columns

PS: We offer API integrations as well. 

2. One-time Consent Undertaking for multiple candidates. (Applicable only for companies with Blue-Collar workforce)

Getting online legal consent from the blue-collar workforce might be a challenge. But that should’nt make the HRs life harder.

Yes, legal consent is still mandatory for every candidate, but you can fulfill multiple candidates’ requirements by sharing a “Consent Undertaking Letter” with us beforehand. This letter mentions that the company takes responsibility for the legal consent of the candidates and that SpringVerify can begin the verification process without it. 

SpringVerify Feature Release - V12 (May 2022 Update)

In the May’22 updates on SpringVerify, here’s what’s getting better. 

  1. We just launched the ‘On-Hold Feature.’ Some candidates need time to submit documents or information during the background verification process, so this is for them.

    This feature allows you to enter a date until when the candidate’s particular check needs to be put on hold. Until this date, the candidate is not even disturbed with reminders. The SpringVerify team is automatically notified when this date arrives, and they send out reminders from that date onwards and proceed with the check.

  2. Want us to handle your high-profile candidates differently and more carefully?

    Introducing the “Handle with care” feature on SpringVerify.
    Lesser reminders and a different approach to handling background verification for high-profile/particular candidates. Just select “Handle with care” on the portal, and we’ll have a team of senior professionals give special attention to that candidate’s background check process.  

SpringVerify Feature Release - V11.1 (April 2022 Update)

Here are the April feature updates on SpringVerify. So what did we add?

  1. Better package options with higher flexibility to suit all kinds of needs.
  2. Fewer email exchanges between customers and the SpringVerify team. No more manual requests. Just D-I-Y
  3. Better control on access levels within teams and improved logging on every step/action taken by all account users. 

Let me take you through the details!

1. Starting with the SpringVerify wallet

Add funds to your wallet.

Buy anything with it – Packages / additional checks / pay for additional charges.


Add Credits

2. Customize and add-on checks for each candidate instantly

  • As always, customers “Add Candidate” on the portal, but the next step is to select relevant checks you want to proceed with for the candidate. That’s right; choosing which check should be applied for each candidate is now possible right on the portal.

  • Not just that, you can also select add-on checks directly on the portal without having to place a manual request with a POC from SpringVerify.
Customize UVA

3. More package options to suit specific needs

We’re now offering more diverse package options to choose from. In addition, the credits from the primary package can also be distributed with sub-packages.

Verify candidates with these packages

4. Too Many candidates to verify? Discounted packages as per unit sizes are here!

Multiple recharge tier options are added for more savings on each candidate. Just choose the right amount of package units. The more the number of units, the lesser it costs per candidate.

Review Order

5. Recharge your SpringVerify account online from anywhere, anytime!

No more bank transfers. Online recharge and payments are finally here.

SpringVerify payment screenshot

6. We’re reducing the number of emails we send to you

We’re cutting down emails and manual processes in every possible way. All the above updates have already reduced human interaction drastically.  But, we’ve also added approval on additional charges right on the dashboard. Can it get any better?

SpringVerify Additional Costs Review

Those were all the updates implemented on this version of SpringVerify. We already have the next set of updates in the works, and it’s only going to get better with each release. So don’t miss out!   

Interested in a SpringVerify walk-through? We're super stoked to take you through all our awesome updates!

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