Product and Dev Update #2–21st Dec, 2017

Announcing Reservation of SpringRole URL.

As our platform begins to shape up and we focus on getting our UI and UX spot on, we plan to release our first feature to the public beta.

We are giving users the chance to reserve their SpringRole URL before the platform launches. As the SpringRole Profile is the digital extension of a person’s professional identity, it made a lot of sense to allow the first set of eager SpringRole users to reserve their vanity URL on the platform. This will let people get URL’s like: (link does not work right now)

This URL will show their profile once we launch. For now, we display the picture, name of the person and some basic information.

Wireframes of the feature.

Reserving the profile URL for the first set of users is a big deal. It is a bigger deal that we are planning to do via Smart Contracts in a decentralized manner. This aligns very closely with our philosophy of being as decentralized and transparent as possible. We are really excited to get this out and are currently on our way to launching it in early January.

We are also creating a new ERC-20 token (called SpringRole Pre-mint Token — SRPMT) that the users will have to pay with to reserve their URL. These tokens will be airdropped to select wallets from Jan 2018. These tokens can be transacted with to get your SpringRole URL.

It was really interesting to start developing our own smart contract to for this use case. While we have dabbled with smart contracts for a while now, this is the first piece of smart contract that will be user facing and deployed on the main net. This gave us a chance to really get into the intricacies of developing smart contracts and making sure that we handle all the edge cases well. We also learnt how to check against regular expressions in Solidity and make sure we sanitize all the inputs that the smart contracts gets. You can checkout our SmartContract code here. (It’s still work in progress but feedback is welcome)

It was amazing to get up and running with Solidity and we are currently on our way to review the smart contracts. Once we are good to go, we would deploy it on the Main net along with the SpringRole Pre-mint Tokens (SRPMT) and start air drop. The addresses that we pick for Air drop are the ones that are amongst the most active wallets in the Ethereum network.

If you cant wait to be airdropped and want to reserve your SpringRole URL, you can contact us through this form.

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Draft White paper: here

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