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Life At Springworks: A Day In The Life Of An SDE Intern 

Nikunj Gupta is from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. While most of us unwind by working out, listening to music, watching movies or going out, Nikunj loves to trade and reads about the stock market. This is his favourite hobby and investment secret. He is an undergrad at GLA University, completing his Bachelor’s in Technology with Computer Science. Nikunj has been a part of Springworks since March 2022 as an SDE Intern. 

What do I do at Springworks?

I am a full-stack developer and my projects include SpringRecruit and SpringVerify US. I look after client requests and integrate the features accordingly. As a full-stack developer, I focus on front and back-end development. My favorite project is SpringRecruit and the reason behind it is very simple. It was my first project and I have been associated with it for the past 10 months. I have learnt a lot of things due to this project.

Let’s talk about my journey at Springworks

Manifestation is real! I wanted to intern at Springworks but through an on-campus drive, I got selected for another startup. Things didn’t turn out the way I expected so I declined the internship offer. My friends Aryan and Piyush started their internships at Springworks. Fortunately, there was an opening for me and I was able to get an opportunity.

I am inching close to a year at Springworks and the internship experience has been great. This is the right place for freshers and those who have the passion to learn and grow. One will never run out of opportunities and learning. When you are into tech and software, theory just serves as the base but there are a lot of skills required to build a strong foundation. Springworks has given me the hands-on experience I was looking for.

Looking back, I had my first conversation with Suchika. She brushed upon screening questions and my technical skills. Within a few hours, I was told that I have been selected for the next round. I had two interviews in which my interview with Karthik Raj was amazing. He asked me all the possible questions and things I needed to know as a software developer. Everything was seamless and I was looking forward to my final offer letter.

I received my offer letter in the next 24 hours and I was very excited to join Springworks and work with my friends. The idea of asynchronous communication is the need of the hour. There we constant updates on the WhatsApp group be it sending the welcome kit or even scheduling meetings, it was to the point. I have not seen any company where the CEO engages actively with his/her employees. It took me by surprise and I felt respected and belonged. Kartik always checked on me and followed up on me in terms of work and what else I needed.

I had a great first-day induction which was followed by a team meeting and then my training began…

Why do I love working at Springworks?

I am not lying when I say that there are many people who want to be a part of Springworks. What’s not to like here? You think of something and give a suggestion, and immediately there is a response. I love the concept of ownership with respect to work and how we use our leaves. The work culture is something I love about Springworks, you are entitled to your work and schedule and the flexibility allows one to balance personal and professional commitments. 

I have been blessed with a great team and patient mentors. They are there at every step and every challenge. My learnings are exponential as I get hands-on experience via live projects. There has been a cross-functional transfer of knowledge here which is rare to find. 

Because of the flexibility, I can schedule my work and resort to personal commitments. Here’s my weekly schedule. I start my day at 7 am in the morning and spend close to an hour talking to my dad. I start work at 9 am and work till 4 pm. Then I take a break for an hour and resume work. We do have SV US clients who would need my assistance hence I make use of this break and work till 11 – 12 am. I also have stand-up calls every alternative day where we discuss work and priorities. Since I have the privilege of flexible working hours I plan my work accordingly.

My work-from-home setup

Irrespective of being remote there is a lot of cohesiveness among everyone. I don’t feel like I am at home but rather in the office. Kudos to the HR team for engaging us and organizing team lunches. 
I know a lot of companies that went remote but failed to continue. Hats off to Kartik for pulling this off. The products and ideas he’s got get us going. I love the tweaks we have made to Albus. EngageWith and Trivia are a few other products that I like. They are game changers.

Sneak-Peek into my life outside Springworks 

As I stay in Aligarh, I prefer travelling to Delhi over the weekends. I have my close friends and family staying there. And after a week of work, I prefer staying outdoors. I am a travel freak xD. If I am not traveling I am found investing or reading about the stock market. 

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