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Life at Springworks: A Day In The Life Of A QA Engineer

Akash Khandai is from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. He has completed his engineering from the Institute of Technical Education and Research, Bhubaneswar. He was associated with another company before joining Springworks. Whenever he finds time, he goes on a long drive. Akash works as a QA Engineer at Springworks.

Let’s have a look at his journey!

My journey as a QA Engineer at Springworks 

I joined Springworks as a QA intern on 24th January 2022. Looking back, this is how my journey began. I was associated with another organisation before joining Springworks. I was on the hunt for another internship opportunity. While I was searching for a few on Angelist, I came across Springworks. I wanted to work at an organisation where I could own my tasks and there is flexibility with regard to one’s work schedule.

Springworks ticked all the things I had on my mind. Within a day, I received a call from Rahul and we spoke about Springworks and the internship opportunity. After the call, I sat and explored everything about Springworks. The products, benefits and work culture were interesting.

My hiring process began and I had to do an assignment. The assignment was a blend of identifying bugs, writing test cases and portraying my skills in testing.  My interviews were great and I got to learn a little bit more about Springworks. I know it’s an internship but I was really excited when I received my offer letter. Every step of the onboarding was seamless and hassle-free. There were updates and follow-ups on WhatsApp and all my questions were answered. I didn’t have to reach out for anything as there were clear instructions whether it was regarding my background verification process or meeting links.

It was really nice to meet my buddy and manager before officially joining Springworks. It really eased the first-day jitters. My first day was great and it was nice to meet my teammates and understand work and shadow them for a few days. 

It’s been 1.4 years with Springworks and I can proudly say that there has been a great difference in the way I approach work and challenges. To date, I have been receiving guidance and feedback that helps me overcome my shortcomings. I am owning tasks and learning many new things. Initially, there were a lot of areas where I needed to improve and work with a different approach. When I look at how I work now, there is a lot of improvement and I am able to pick up and work on more edge cases.

The journey has been wonderful so far. I have made really good friends and I am able to work on things that I really enjoy.

What do I do at Springworks?

While I was working as an intern, I used to do testing for SVIN. Recently, I joined the EngageWith team where I do testing, identify bugs, work on the tickets assigned, test new features and look after API testing too. I look into all the bugs and improvements that are needed from our clients on a priority basis. I have worked on two projects till now and both have been amazing.

Why do I like working at Springworks?

I have been loving my work since the beginning. There are many things that I like about Springworks and the list is endless.

The flexible working hours really help me in a lot of ways. As I can work on different things, go out with my friends, take frequent breaks or even a quick nap and still complete my work. I don’t have a predetermined time but I try to complete all the assigned tasks. I am available from 10 am to 7 pm but I also attend to queries when needed.

Although we are remote, I have a great bonding with my team. We get on huddles to discuss work and also have non-work-related banter. This eases the monotony of work and helps us to get to know each other a little better. I have made good friends across SVIN and EngageWith teams. They make work fun and interesting. During this journey, I have received a lot of guidance and mentoring from my team leads. I started off at 20% and now I am at 80% when it comes to acing my work. 

My favourite perk at Springworks is workation. I get to explore new places and also get to work at the same time. I love travelling and this helps me to get a break from my surroundings and refresh myself. 

At Springworks everyone tries their best to keep us engaged and entertained. The HR team pushes us to join the engagement activities and I love the energy when we all play Codenames. Kudos to them for planning games and offsites. Goa was a lot of fun and I got to meet my team and most of them from Springworks. It’s really nice to meet everyone in person. 

The products and innovation we come up with are something that pushes me to give my best all the time. Trivia, EngageWith and Albus enable us to have fun even while working. I love the entire concept of SVIN. Background verification is very essential and I am happy to see it bloom. 
I am excited about our next offsite and waiting to take up more tasks and grow here. Looking forward to seeing Springworks achieve all its goals in the near future. 

Sneak – Peek into my life outside Springworks!

I am a travel freak. So after work, I go on a drive and hang out with my friends. Later in the day, I spend time with my family. On weekends, I ensure I catch up on my sleep and spend time with friends and family. I also spend time learning new things on QA. I love thrillers so some days are Netflix and chill. This year, I plan to go on a very long drive. The plan is to travel via car from Jamshedpur to Bangalore and experience it.

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