How to Increase Productivity at The Office [Infographic]


Does your workspace environment distract you from focusing on important tasks?

Are you struggling to manage your time at work?

Do you love working from the office and want to change things a little bit to create a more productive environment?

If your answer is affirmative, then this post is for you. 

In this infographic, you’ll discover five easy tips that will help you to increase your productivity at the office.

increase your productivity at the office

1. Prioritize Your Important Tasks First

Take a pen and paper to write 3 most important tasks for each day. Plan your day in advance. It will help you to focus on important things.

In the book Zen to Done, Leo Babauta says:

“At the beginning of each day, review your list, and write down 1-3 MITs [most important tasks] that you’d like to accomplish for the day. That’s your whole planning system. You don’t need any more than that.”

2. Turn Off the Notifications

Studies show that it takes an average of 25 minutes to refocus after being interrupted. 

Social media and other apps’ notifications are really distracting. Turn off the notifications and minimize interruptions.

Stop checking emails frequently. Try only checking( and replying) emails thrice a day. This habit will keep you to stay on track with your work.

3. Say No to Multitasking

Do you do a million things at once and you feel like a fighter jet?

And you pride doing multitasking!

But the truth is far from it. Multitasking can lower your IQ and reduce your productivity. Instead, make a habit to focus on one thing at a time.

4. Do Some Physical Activities

Physical exercise is not just important for the body, it’s also crucial for your mental health.

Taking exercise breaks (walking and doing stretches) can reduce stress and improve your productivity.

Don’t use the lift, take the stairs. Do standup meetings more.

5. Use Tools to Make Your Work Easier

There are many tools available out there that can make your work easier and more efficient.

Here are my favorite (recommended) tools:

Google Drive – Cloud storage of all the documents.

Evernote – Organize your notes in the cloud.

Slack –  Team communication tool and organize information.

RescueTime – Helps you track your time and activities.

Trello – Helps you to manage the tasks.

This article originally published at Thrive Global

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