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How to create a modern and digital employee experience?

With more and more organizations going remote, creating a digital employee experience in a workspace has kind of become mandatory. 

“The workplace of the future” is shaping to be more human while being operated smoothly through the help of technology.

With the help of particular tools and software, one can create a safe, inclusive, productive, and a seamless workspace. The leaders and the upper management need to understand the importance of digitizing the workspace and help the employees accept it as well.

Steps to create a modern and digital employee experience

Rethinking the workspace includes a lot of other factors to be considered – which tools will be ideal based on the organization’s requirements?, Will the employees be comfortable in functioning with those tools?, etc.

One cannot just pick their preferred setup and impose it on their employees.

Here are the first few employee experience solutions you should look out for while you try to digitize your workspace:

Explain the need to your employees

Bringing a sudden massive change might lead to an aversion towards this idea. Hence, the first step that the upper management needs to take is to help employees understand this transformation. Have sessions around why is this required, and how will it benefit the employees in the long run.

With a better understanding of the advantages of the digitization landscape, employees will be able to cope up with the growing speed of the organization.

Customize which software/tools do you need based on your organization’s requirements

What can be some basic differences which can change the kind of objectives an organization has? – are you a remote/hybrid or an in-office organization? What are your company values and behaviours? What perks do you want to offer to your employees?, and more.

Figure out the goal behind this change. These are a few questions you can ask in order to create the framework of the kind of change you want to bring in- do you want to focus on employee engagement? Do you want to set a benchmark for an ideal employee experience? Do you want to smoothen the performance management system of your organization?, Or, maybe you want to improve customer communication with client portal solutions?, or, maybe you want to streamline the procurement processes of your eCommerce business with the right eprocurement solutions?. Your digital employee experience platform depends on these factors.

Reducing time and efforts

The main goal of utilizing any technology is that it adds value to your daily work patterns and REDUCES your efforts. If an AI tool’s complicated User Interface or long processes come in the way, the entire point of inducing technology within the organization goes down to 0.

Automation and efficiency should be on the top of a good enterprise software checklist.

Keep them need-based

An organization cannot use a “one size fits all” approach towards this initiative. Every team / employees will have separate requirements which will make their daily job easier and more seamless.

Hence, communicate with your employees and understand their blockers and requirements. Accordingly, you can fit the solution within their daily roles through a digital employee experience.

Ask for regular feedback

Your job does not end the moment you inculcate and offer the services to the workspace. Keep taking regular feedback as to what is working well and what isn’t. Bringing in a digitized workplace is a long process and will take plenty of time to get settled according to what’s best for the organization. 

There will be multiple changes you will have to make after the first step. And to reduce the efforts that you put, the easiest way is to understand the challenges your employees are facing.

Conduct an employee experience survey to collect this data.

A bonus tip

To make employee experience management easier for you, we prepared a list of tools we would like to suggest for different purposes:

Have a look at 49 Best HR Tools Every HR Professional Should Know About In 2022 and figure out which are the best ones for your organization.


What is Digital Employee Experience?

A digital employee experience indicates making work responsibilities and roles easier for the employees through the usage of technology. Inculcating specific efficient software and tools in the daily work schedules of the employees can make things seamless.

More and more companies are moving towards a more digital workspace for their employees.

How to measure digital employee experience?

To measure digital employee experience, you can:

  1. Conduct employee feedback surveys
  2. Measure the change in employee turnover
  3. Measure employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

How can digital employee experience be improved?

You can improve your employee experience only by understanding what your employees are preferring vs what they’re not.

Go for a more employee centric approach and keep taking feedback regarding what they want to be better. Look for tools which automate tasks, reduce dependencies, and increase the productivity of employees.

What is an employee experience survey?

An employee experience survey helps in understanding the employees’ feedback towards the overall workspace. Ask what you can do better, their expectations, and what is working well for them. This will help you understand the processes are in-line and the ones that need to be changed.

Why is Digital Employee Experience Important?

The world is going digital more so after the pandemic. A digital employee experience is necessary to ensure easing the tasks of the employees, reducing repetitive work, and increasing their productivity. It gives an edge to the organization and helps in increasing the eNPS and retention rate.

Dhristi Shah

I am an Associate Content Marketer at Springworks. I love writing new content that relates to and helps you all (aka my readers).

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