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“EngageWith has ensured we never miss a birthday or work anniversary again”- Signeasy


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100+Software Development
  • Manual process to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries of employees
  • Dependency on HR folks to create relevant posts and tag the respective people in the Slack channel


Signeasy is a leading eSignature company that offers an easy-to-use, cross-platform and cloud-based eSignature and document transaction management solution for businesses. Over 55,000 companies worldwide use Signeasy to digitize and streamline business workflows. Signeasy has over 10 million users, integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Box, and is an Apple Mobility Partner. Its mobile app for iOS and Android regularly ranks among the App Store’s 100 highest-grossing business apps and consistently receives top customer satisfaction scores among independent eSignature solutions reviews.


Employee birthdays and work anniversary celebrations play a critical role in making employees feel valued. However, it’s a tough task for HRs when the database has to be updated manually and checked monthly, and appropriate posts must be created for the employees. We spoke to Tejas Shukla, Talent and Business Partner at Signeasy on how they tacked this challenge using EngageWith. Read On.

Can you tell us about Signeasy and your typical work day?

Signeasy is a B2B SaaS product. It’s a cloud-based eSignature and document transaction management solution for businesses. We have a global customer base with more than 10 million active users in 108 countries at this point. 

Hiring forms a major part of my work day. We are scaling rapidly, and I am responsible to get the right talent for Signeasy. Apart from this, a lot of people interactions, learning initiatives, and celebrations fall into the HR responsibilities. 

As a team, we try to cover all corners and ensure that people ops are running as seamlessly as ever.

That’s great! With close to 100+ employees and being a remote-first organization, what was your challenge for employee birthday and work anniversary celebrations?

Yes, we are close to 100 at this point and remote first. We have employees pan India and plus Mexico and USA. We also have an operational office in Bangalore where people can come in and work if they wish. So, we have a centralized database for birthday and work anniversary records. Before using EngageWith, the HR team went through the records every month and pulled out the milestone dates. Then we used to create a post for our public channel and post all birthdays and work anniversaries there. This, of course, involved tagging the employee and was totally a manual process.

It is doable when you have fewer employees but as you scale, doing this manually is no longer feasible. You are bound to miss out on someone’s birthday and work anniversary, and that’s something that we don’t want to do. In a remote set-up, things like birthdays and work-anniversary celebrations matter a lot, the employees feel valued. 


How has EngageWith solved this challenge for you?

EngageWith has empowered us to run celebrations on auto-pilot. A post is created with a nice GIF, the concerned employee is tagged, and it gets posted on the public channel. So, everyone gets to know, they jump in to celebrate, and it’s a good feeling.

Plus, it has also saved us time and effort. Now, when someone is onboarded, we just have to add them to EngageWith and have them add the dates, and we are all set. We no longer worry about missing out on a birthday or a work anniversary. The entire focus shifted to celebrating the milestone rather than stressing about the fact that we may have missed someone’s special day. 


How was your experience with EngageWith as a product and our customer support?

The onboarding was smooth for us. We already had a centralized database, and that helped to accelerate the process. EngageWith is fairly easy to use, no challenges there. It does what it is supposed to do and has been very helpful for us in automating birthdays and work anniversaries. I would rate the product 8/10, and the experience as an admin is really good. 

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