‘Court Record Checks’ — an essential tool while hiring

A regular ‘court record check’ as a process is imperative to build the right team.

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Nelson Mandela once said, “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”

This is true for everyone. You. Me. Your neighbor whom you like. And, the one you don’t.

Crime has always been a part of society. These have always been men trying to find their way unlawfully, so it’s very important that individuals criminal record should be checked to find a criminal record. This affects everything we know. The society we live in, the people we work with, and the things we build.

Building a team, for instance, by navigating criminals is a challenge. Most teams overlook criminal history checks while hiring. It is usually because of the effort which goes into a criminal record check.

It is hard to do and the criminal records available is tough to get.

A company may go for a court record check for senior hires as the stakes are too high and the information involved too sensitive.

During the hiring process, there is multiple information of the candidate which needs verification. Identity, educational qualifications, previous experiences, and references are some of the information we need to look into. Once we find these confirming enough, we move ahead for a hire.

But for a junior hire, the court record checks are almost non-existent.

Indian government makes the court records public once a conviction is reached. The data is public and could be accessed through various vendors and public websites.

The problem though is that there are multiple databases which need checking for a comprehensive check on anybody. On top of that, there could be multiple versions of the name an individual could have in various criminal filings.

We check multiple databases and records to fetch details. Records from District Civil Courts & Tribunals, High Courts, Supreme Court, Magistrate Courts, District Courts, and State Courts are checked during the process.

A confirmation of civil or criminal court history of any prospective candidate calls for a discussion. The discussion should consider the severity of the case. This is essential for the longevity and effectiveness of any team.

“Good. Illegal is always faster.” — Eoin Colfer famously said.

At SpringVerify, a criminal and court records check is part of the comprehensive background verification process.

We recommend conducting a comprehensive check prior to all hires. This needs to be a process, and we are work with companies emphasizing the requirement.

These checks are an ongoing process for the employees. This makes sure any case registered even during employment comes to the surface.

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