9 Best Slack Employee Recognition Apps

9 Best Slack Employee Recognition Apps in 2023 [In-Depth Comparison]

In a work environment, we sometimes get too busy with work and progress that we forget the employees who make it possible. We humans have an intrinsic need to be recognized for what we do. So, it’s not an option but a necessity to give employees the recognition they deserve. In such a case, slack employee recognition apps are an excellent way to appreciate coworkers.

Recognition apps make it easy for employees to recognize the work they are doing together as a team. It builds a work environment where employees feel like they belong and increases employee productivity and engagement. Companies with an effective recognition program focused on employee engagement have 31% lower voluntary turnover.

To build an employee-centered culture with all these benefits, there are many slack apps out there you can choose from. And to save your time here’s a list of the 9 best slack apps for employee recognition for your remote teams.

  1. Thanks by EnagageWith
  2. HeyTaco
  3. Disco
  4. Karma
  5. Bravo
  6. Kudos
  7. PeerFives
  8. Bonusly
  9. PerkSweet

These apps make it easy to appreciate your colleagues for the hard work they are putting in. It moves an organization towards a more inclusive culture where everyone feels like they belong.

In this post, we’ll compare and contrast the following in detail:

  • Features/Capabilities
  • Pricing & Available Plans
  • Online Ratings (Capterra, Trustpilot, G2)

Disclaimer: Thanks By EnagageWith is our own app. We’ve done our best to present the information evenly because we want you to make an educated decision. That said, we are proud of our Thanks app and built it with the features and ease that we’d like (and we use it every day ourselves).

Learn more here and use Thanks by EnagageWith for free to join thousands of companies who use us like Polygon, Outplay, Setu, Onjuno, and more…


Thanks is one of the best employee recognition apps to appreciate your fellow team members. It makes employee appreciation so intuitive that you will never forget to thank your co-workers. Not only does it builds a culture of appreciation, but incentivizes everyone to help each other.

Thanks’ Features

  1. Easy To Use

Thanks App is super easy to install and use. Add the Thanks app to your slack, and start celebrating wins on any public channel you want. Ease of use also makes it more likely that your employee use it more often.

  1. Appreciate multiple individuals

Thanks app not only let you appreciate an individual but a group of people in one go. It makes it easier to appreciate groups and teams working together on projects.

  1. Make it personalized

You can personalize each appreciation by writing a message along with it. Personalizing these messages build a one-to-one connection and display their works and efforts to others.

Benefits Of Adding Thanks on Slack

  1. Better Employee Engagement

Thanks app increases employee engagement and productivity as they get due credits for all their efforts. It makes them a part of the organization and decreases the churn out as well to save you more money.

  1. A Culture of Appreciation and Help

Building a culture where employees help each other is crucial for a collaborative work environment. Thanks app build such a culture because help is appreciated among employees through this app. Employees become more willing to help and beginners get the maximum benefit of such a culture.

  1. Better Employee Retention

Thanks app increases employee retention because of the positive environment that it creates. People leave jobs because they don’t feel they are a part of the organization. In a happy culture where employees get help and support, they are more likely to stay.

Pricing And Available Plans

Thanks app is free to use. You can add it right away and appreciate your co-workers by clicking here.

Online Ratings

Thanks apps is an app by EnagageWith which has a rating of 4.9 and 4.4 on G2 and Capterra respectively.

EngageWith wants to build a people-first culture for better employee engagement and retention. With the Thanks app, we are giving employees a way to appreciate their valuable colleagues. It fosters a culture of recognition and a more inclusive work environment.

Thanks app is your solution to creating a more engaged team that feels valuable every day. It can be useful in:

  1. Recognizing your employees more often(Grab the ultimate guide to employee recognition here)
  2. Employee Retention(Read here to retain your employees better)
  3. Building a people-oriented culture(See how other companies are doing it)


HeyTaco is a slack employee recognition app for building stronger and happier teams.

HeyTaco’s Features


It helps in increasing employee engagement and some friendly competition.

Pricing And Available Plans

HeyTaco has a flat rate of $3 per person per month.

Online Ratings

HeyTaco has a rating of 4.7/5 on G2 with 20 reviews.


Disco is a slack app to build engagement and enable value-driven work through team appreciation.

Disco’s Features

Value Nominations

You can nominate your teammates for specific values for better recognition.

Pricing And Available Plans

Disco has a business plan of $3/month per employee for up to 500 employees (billed annually). You can contact their team for pricing if you have more than 500 employees.

Online Ratings

Disco has a rating of 4.7/5 on G2 but only 17 reviews.


Karma is a staff recognition app for building a robust remote team.

Karma’s Features

Monthly Report

It gives you insights on recognitions of each employee every month.


Leaderboards build healthy competition and motivate employees to work better.

Pricing And Available Plans

Karma’s pricing varies from $0 for up to 10 employees to $8160 for 2000 employees. 

Online Ratings

Karma has a rating of 4.9 on G2 with over 31 reviews.


Bravo is an employee appreciation app to reward employees’ achievements.

Bravo’s Features

Easy Recognition

As Bravo is simple to use, you can recognize someone immediately to increase employee engagement.

Pricing And Available Plans

Bravo has three available plans:

  1. Starter – $39 a month with a setup cost of $299 for up to 10 employees.
  2. Premium – $79 a month with a setup cost of $399 for up to 50 employees.
  3. Enterprise – $199 a month with a setup cost of $599 for up to 200 employees.

For more employees, you can contact their sales team on their website.

Online Ratings

Bravo has over 56 reviews on G2 and Capterra and ratings of 4.8 and 5.


It is one of the employee recognition apps that focuses on peer-to-peer recognition based on value, culture, and performance.

Kudos’ Features


It helps to get insights into performance, work culture, and employee experience.

Pricing And Available Plans

Kudos pricing depends on the number of users and the length of the contract. You can know more about this by requesting a demo from their site.

Online Ratings

It has a rating of 4.8 on both G2 and Capterra


It is a slack employee recognition app for appreciating colleagues and teams.

PeerFives’ Features

Team Challenges

This feature helps you set goals for teams and appreciate them on completion.

Pricing And Available Plans

The available plans for PeerFives are:

  1. Startup – $99/month for 1-50 team members
  2. Growth – $159/month for 51-100 team members
  3. Enterprise – Priced according to the number of team members

Online Ratings

Peer Fives is not listed on G2, Capterra and Trustpilot


Bonusly is a fun and intuitive employee recognition app for slack to enrich the company’s culture.

Bonusly’s Features

  1. Open API

Allows you to build your own tools over the app.

  1. Custom Rewards

You can customize and choose your rewards from a global catalog.

Pricing And Available Plans

Bonusly offers three pricing plans:

  1. Core – $2.70 per user per month when billed annually
  2. Pro – $4.50 per user per month when billed annually
  3. Custom – Built according to requirements

Online Ratings

Bonusly holds a rating of 4.8 on G2 and Capterra, but no reviews are available on Trustpilot.

Looking for similar employee engagement tools? Find the best alternatives to Bonusly here


Perksweet is an employee reward and engagement platform that helps build a more inclusive culture for employees.

PerkSweet’s Features

  1. Send Kudos

You can send Kudos to your colleagues as a form of appreciation.

  1. Make Cards

It allows you to build personalized group cards for birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

Pricing And Available Plans

PerkSweet has 2 available plans:

  1. Core Package – $2/month per user, billed annually
  2. Concierge Package – Billed according to requirements

Online Ratings

Perkweet doesn’t have enough reviews on any product portfolio websites.

In all the work and productivity, we must not forget to always the efforts are teammates are putting in. Through apps like Thanks, we can start building a culture, where appreciating each other is a norm. Employees will feel more seen and recognized and

Does Slack have employee recognition?

Slack doesn’t have employee recognition but you can add apps like Thanks to recognize your fellow employees for their accomplishments and help.

What is employee recognition program?

Employee recognition programs are initiatives to reward employees for achievements, birthdays, anniversaries, and accomplishments. In a remote workspace like slack, you can use apps like Thanks to start an employee recognition program.

How do you appreciate employees virtually?

With apps like Thanks, you can appreciate your co-workers virtually. You just have to add the app on slack and with few clicks, you can appreciate them on any public channel.

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