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How NeenOpal is building a people-oriented culture leveraging EngageWith


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NeenOpal is a next-gen consulting firm with a specialized focus on Data Science & Business Intelligence. Based out of Bengaluru, India with offices in New York, NeenOpal carries a unique advantage to be a growth partner for clients across the globe and customize its solutions to uniquely fit client requirements. NeenOpal is a go-to strategy for businesses ranging from budding startups to vertically integrated large organizations.

NeenOpal provides services across the whole value chain of an organization – Digital Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain & Logistics as well as Finance. 


EngageWith at NeenOpal - The Success Story 💪

We got on a call with Pavel Gupta – Co-founder, NeenOpal to discuss how EngageWith has helped build better processes, drive employee engagement, and create a people-centric organization. Read on.  

As the person responsible for cultivating culture and people engagement at NeenOpal, what were the challenges that you faced?

We have been in the business for 5 years now and although we are a people-centric organization from the onset, the last 2 years have sort of given the whole cultural aspect a new dimension. Remote work has increased productivity, it is immensely helpful, but, it has also disconnected us from our colleagues, and the work environment. 

Taking that into account, we wanted to take a deep dive into our processes and come up with a more fluid culture that empowered our employees and benefitted the organization at the same time. We realized that the employee feedback, recognition, and engagement process should be autonomous. It should not be the job of a single person as when the person is on leave the entire process shuts down. Building a robust process, an employee-friendly recognition system, and getting genuine feedback from employees was I would say the major challenges.

How has EngageWith helped with instant recognitions?

Before EngageWith, we did have a peer bonus policy for recognition but it happened via emails. If you had to recognize someone then write an email, then someone from HR had to collate all the information, get it aligned with the rewards and stuff. It was painful and tedious. With EngageWith, this is done instantly. A peer recognizes the effort, everyone in the organization knows, they appreciate or add on to the recognition, and the employee feels special right away. And it is attached to the rewards program, accumulate points and redeem it however you wish. That is fantastic! 

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What is your take on eNPS and anonymous pulse surveys?

We have just started this and I am excited to see how this goes further. But, yes, earlier the process was one-to-one calls, a rotational policy that would give everyone a chance to speak about their opinions and feedback about the company, about the work, etc. This again was people-dependent. If the HR was on leave or the call did not take place, then it lagged behind. Also, the same issue of requiring a person to collate all the information. This was a task. Now we are 50 people and looking to expand so sticking to this process was not ideal moving forward. We needed a good platform for our employees to voice their opinions, feedback, suggestions, and EngageWith gave us just that.

NeenOpal Pulse Survey

You recently ran a pulse survey, what are your biggest takeaways from it?

Pulse surveys are a good way to find out what employees actually think. Setting up the questions on Slack and scheduling it was super easy. We believe that since it is the first time, the response was a bit subdued. Maybe the employees will take time getting convinced it is anonymous. But the results of the Pulse survey helped us identify areas of improvement. Many of our people reported being overwhelmed or feeling burnt out due to work. We are now trying to ease this with better and quality hiring. The HR or director directly asking employees these questions will not lead the employees to open up. Using Pulse Surveys, we can frequently check in with our employees and resolve any issues or challenges. Next, we would be setting up the manager feedback survey to improve leadership within the company.

Most importantly, it quickly provides insights into the possible action points and solutions for our managers to work on almost instantly. 

What’s next? What were the post-survey action points?

The feedback was a mixed bag. There are folks who are early into their career and are loving the company work culture and their job, while there are some others who have good suggestions on what can be changed. One thing that came out strongly was the work-related stress and we are focusing on steps to resolve this. We are hiring aggressively to reduce employee stress. Some employees were not too keen to suggest NeenOpal to their friends or network for job opportunities. We found this through the Pulse survey and are brainstorming internally on ways to improve this.

Finally, what would you share about our customer support and user experience?

So far so good. It is easy to use and not much hassle. I would rate the customer service a 9/10. You guys have been very proactive in setting up the entire thing, helping me out when required, and ensuring that NeenOpal leverages the maximum out of EngageWith. I would definitely recommend EngageWith to build a people-centric culture and create a transparent feedback process.

Start building a employee-centric culture with EngageWith

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