Life at Springworks: A day in the life of Founder’s Office

Ramakrishnan was born in Kochi and is currently residing in Bangalore. He completed his undergraduate degree at Ramjas College, New Delhi. He has worked across organizations based out in Mumbai and Bangalore. Ramakrishnan has been a part of Springworks for the last 4 months! 

Let’s get to know more about the life of Ramakrishnan Lokanathan at Springworks!

What does the title ‘Founder’s Office’ mean?

If I try to define it in simple words, my tasks don’t fall under any specific category of job roles! I am responsible for looking at all the products and services that we offer here at Springworks. I am fortunate enough to get the opportunity to learn about literally anything and everything that goes around in the company. The only focus I would say is the question, ‘How can we make things better’ 

What is your favorite part of being in a Founder’s Office?

The best part about this role is that it never gets boring. I am dealing with new things every single day. This helps the progression of my learning curve and develops my understanding of things. The uncertainty of working on something new every day is what keeps me going. Along with this the fact that it stretches across all domains gives me a much deeper understanding of all kinds of processes and tasks going around the company.

What would you consider to be an essential skill that one requires to be a part of the Founder’s Office?

In terms of a textbook skill, it’s about being an efficient generalist. By saying generalist I mean just not being restricted to a specific domain of job role. For example, I do not come from a technical background, but I have developed my understanding of certain topics so that I can understand certain basic terms and processes. One inherent skill would be to be on top of things. Always on the lookout for making sure that everything around you is structured and a work in progress.  

Walk us through your daily routine!

  • Wake up at 6:30
  • After logging in, I check my emails and messages
  • From 9:00 am to 10:00 am I work on documentation/writing 
  • From 10:00 am to 4:00 pm my day goes into meetings and overlooking implementations
  • After 4:00 pm I take a break and go out for a jog
  • From 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm I work on async tasks

What keeps you motivated?

The zest for learning is what motivates me to do better every single day. Everything I am currently doing, I have not done it before or studied about it in college. I am learning on the job and that’s what creates the impact for me. Being able to take in everything keeps the learning curve moving forward.

Sneak-peek into your life outside Springworks

I generally like to try a lot of new things! I have always known that I want to do something of my own. For example, I have 15 bank accounts currently! You must think about why? It is because I opened up a bank account with every new bank that came up in the market. I have purchased almost all shark tank products from Season 1! You can call it my hobby or curiosity but I am always on the lookout for exploring new avenues of knowledge and information. Along with this I love swimming and going for jogs, just to keep myself active. 

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