Albus offers a powerful Knowledge Base feature that allows teams to build a comprehensive repository of information from multiple sources. By collecting data from platforms like Google Drive, Notion and many more, Albus can quickly create a centralized hub of information that can be accessed by team members at any time.

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Google Drive TM

Albus absorbs information from your Google Drive and answers questions with context from your word documents, excel worksheets, PDF files and slide decks.

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Albus remembers conversations on channels within your Slack. Do you ever forget discussions with colleagues or the link to a file shared by them? Entry, Albus!

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Use Notion at your workplace? With this integration, Albus studies your Notion documents and answers questions contextually.

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Empower your engineering team with Albus. He reads ticket changes, discussions and knowledge stored in Jira® and Confluence®.

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Do you centralize information and collaborate on Confluence? Now find answers from your single source of truth faster!

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Ask questions on any public page on the internet. Empower your team to find answers faster.

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Ask Albus to fetch answers from Wikipedia articles and work more efficiently.

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Custom sources

Upload offline documents on your local device and train Albus to answer questions from them. He currently supports .docx, .csv, .xlsx, .pptx and .pdf.

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Very soon, Albus will support GitHub. Have him answer questions contextually and empower your engineering function.

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You will soon be able to connect your Dropbox account with Albus to add your internal sources.

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