Fun Games to Play on Zoom With Friends

12 Fun Games to Play on Zoom With Friends [2023]

Have you ever used Zoom for your work or studies and felt bored after a few hours? Refresh yourself by checking out the fun games to play with friends on Zoom.  From the perspective of holding conferences or conducting video calls, Zoom is preferred by almost everyone.

However, owing to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the work from home culture prevails worldwide. Read on to learn about virtual games to play with friends on Zoom.

At times the back-to-back video calls or conferences can give rise to severe headaches. Or, often, you can feel exhausted after attending several Zoom calls. And this situation can get worse for students who attend back-to-back online classes. 

While this can offer you an opportunity to learn and develop your academics, you can check out the options of things to do on zoom with Friends. Let’s take a look at ten fun games you must try whenever you’re on a break or searching for online games to play with friends on zoom.

Fun Games to Play on Zoom

1. Codenames

if you’re looking for a fun game or Zoom games to play with friends, try out the guessing game codenames that can be played with two to four players. Here, there are two teams. Each team consists of one spymaster and two operators. The spymaster has to speak a code word, while his team members will be required to guess the related words. Each team will be given two chances.

2. Bingo Maker

We all have played Bingo during our school days or leisure time. Especially on special occasions, reunions, parties, Christmas eve, or so on. Although your friends aren’t with you, you can still enjoy Bingo with your virtual friends. Bingo Maker allows you to invite your colleagues or friends to join the game on Zoom. How can you invite them?

You can host your own game and share the room code and link with your friends. You can use devices like tablets, phones, or laptops to play this game with your browser! Bingo Maker is one of the best online games to play with friends on zoom.

3. Heads UP

if you’re looking for one more fun guessing game, try heads up. However, you’ll have to install the app if none of you have cards with you. Next, you’ll have to decide who will be responsible for guessing. 

Choose the deck of cards and display your phone’s screen to your friends. Your friends will offer you clues. You and your friends can choose words from more than seventy-five categories.

4. Not All Bad Cards

You can play this Zoom game by using your browser itself. All players will be offered cards with absurd and weird responses. The round will begin with a Card Queen and a prompt card. A card queen will be responsible for choosing the favorite response that suits the prompt.

Next, you’ll be required to come up with a funny one-liner by pressing the pick button. After hitting the play button, you can head towards the card queen. Next, the winner will be declared.


If you’re fond of card games, you no longer have to worry about going out. has your back. You can enjoy games like Backgammon, Chess, Dominoes, and even Checkers.

Moreover, you can access the game easily. Anyone can host such games and invite their friends to join this online game by sharing the code. All you’ll need is a web browser on your mobile, tablet, or even PC. In case the smartphone struggles a bit with performance, though, check the BLB website for optimization tips.

6. Scribble

It is another fun game to play on Zoom with friends as it is straight and simple to the point. The game will call the drawer to draw after choosing a word. Meanwhile, others will be required to guess what the word is. Typing the accurate answer will help you score more points.

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7. Categories

Try out this guessing game on Zoom call. You’ll be given a list and letter in the game. Within the allotted time, you need to come up with answers that commence with the initial alphabet. You’ll be score a point every time you’ll come up with a different answer. However, if your answer is similar to another person’s, you can’t score anything.

8. Zoom Charades

We all love the idea of playing Dumb Charades.  How about playing Dumb Charades virtually on Zoom? Here, a person will be required to act as per the word allotted by the opposing team. The former actor’s team will have to guess what they are trying to indicate. You need proper lighting and a seamless internet connection to enjoy this game.

9. Wordscatter

You can play a word-hunting game that is a fun thing to do on Zoom with friends. You’ll be offered a box consisting of mixed alphabets, while you should aim to create words by joining these letters. All correct words will score a point, whereas the incorrect words will call for point deductions.

The game is suitable for a person who has a good vocabulary. Players will be given a few seconds or minutes to create words by mixing the letters included in the box.

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10. Among the US

if you’re looking to engage and play games to play on zoom with friends, you can try Among Us. Here, crewmates, as well as imposters, have to survive or go through different maps. The crewmates will be responsible for the completion of tasks and finding out who their imposters are.

11. The Classic Solitaire

Solitaire is a classic that many people know how to play. You have to arrange cards in descending order to place them on the foundation piles to win. With a friend, you can play solitaire online, and work together to solve and win games.

12. is a fantastic new platform for fans of the classic card game.

The game offers different variations of Euchre, so players can choose the style that suits them best. Whether you prefer playing directly in your web browser or through the app on your iOS/Android device, you can enjoy with the convenience of using the same account across all your devices.

With real players, Euchre tournaments, and social features, offers a great way to enjoy your favorite game online.

Bonus Fun Game: Cribbage

Cribbage is a two-player card game with the goal of reaching 121 points. Unlike most card games, you keep track of your score and progress on a cribbage board. If you don’t have one, don’t fret, you can try cribbage here.

Tip for the day: Have you ever considered how relaxing and stress-relieving playing video games could be? So, we advise you to play The Fortunes Reading. This game offers mysterious, oftentimes amusing replies to questions that players can have regarding minor issues that occur in daily life.

You just accessed the list of virtual games to play with friends on zoom.  However, choose a fun game that can be operated seamlessly despite an average internet connection.

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