Math Games to Play on Zoom

Best 5 Math Games to Play on Zoom In 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people interacted with each other. Thanks to technology, we were able to handle things much better. Most industries moved to online mode and investigated options for improving their delivery. 

While we managed to sail through the tough times, staring at the screens with little physical human interaction and still performing wasn’t easy. Future workplaces will be hybrid; the majority of the workforce will continue to work remotely. So it is essential to make virtual space more engaging; one way is to find exciting math games to play on Zoom. 

The education sector has used virtual math activities to enhance online learning for kids. Studies have proved that one hour of virtual gaming can significantly elevate the mind’s ability to focus. Managers and HR professionals looking to add fun at work must try fun zoom math games and see how it charges up the virtual work environment.

How to Play Math Games over Zoom?

Playing or organizing online gaming activities can be difficult at first. However, there is no stopping once you get the hang of it, there is no stopping. 

Zoom’s screen sharing feature is pretty advanced. It even allows you to share browser tabs and other applications, making playing online games possible. The only requirement to play interactive math games on Zoom apart from an internet connection is patience.

Step 1: Choose the game you want to play from the App Store (Android/IOS) or search for math games on the Google search bar.

Step 2: Initiate a Zoom call and share your screen with other colleagues, and you are good to go.

There may be initial hiccups like the ones you face in trying anything new for the first time and you might be concerned with the safety of gaming online. However, soon, you will find out that these virtual math games for Zoom are excellent for mini-breaks from daily work schedules.

Top Math Games You Can Play on Zoom? 

Learning and development teams have been using gamification to enhance the learning experience of colleagues. Hence, we know that math games are effective for adults. Below are some excellent interactive math games for Zoom that are highly engaging and can improve concentration.

Let Us Reach 1000 ASAP 

The game contains plenty of mind-numbing quizzes and math problems. The players need to reach a score of 1000 as soon as possible. Sounds easy? 

Think again. Every wrong answer will bring you your score back to zero. This game is an actual brain booster as it makes the players straightforward and quick.

Maths True or False 

This one has to be one of the easiest yet fun math games for Zoom Meeting. It is an ideal game for an icebreaker before an important conference call that requires critical thinking. 

The participant gets math problems with a possible answer. The player needs to select either true or false. As soon as you choose an incorrect answer, you lose. It is time-bound and quick. Everyone can play one by one, and whoever scores the highest wins.

Mental Math Masters 

If you want to challenge your reasoning skills, memory, and problem-solving skills, the mental math masters game is a perfect choice. The game lets you choose a different level, and you can keep raising the bar to challenge yourself. The game is available on the Android platform.


The name says it all. The game consists of intuitive riddles and math puzzles. You begin with manageable warm-up levels and slowly choose a higher difficulty level to test your math skills. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


The gaming site is a one-stop show for math riddles, puzzles, trivia, and brain-teasers. Unlike other gaming sites, you don’t have to pay for the answers. You get the correct answers for free. 

If you are new to virtual gaming, this site is best to select various math games to play on Zoom. You can do a quick IQ test and see if your brain needs some mind-numbing exercise to get back on track.

These games are an excellent source of team-building exercises. If you have a large team, you may use Zoom’s breakout rooms to make shorter groups so everyone can participate. Don’t forget to use the polling feature for games; it is advantageous in logical reasoning quizzes and math riddles.

Final Words

Remote work may sound fascinating; however, it has its share of challenges. 24/7 exposure to screens, umpteen conference calls, and lack of physical interaction can take a toll on people. 

HR leaders are looking at ways to make the virtual workplace more exciting and engaging. Fun activities like online gaming, especially interactive math games, are excellent to stimulate exhausted minds and keep them energized.

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