Zoom Games You Can Play With Your Small Group Online

15 Must-Try Zoom Games You Can Play With Your Small Group Online In 2023

It has been more than a year of attending meetings on Zoom and being hitched with your laptop screen. Life has become monotonous and needs a revamp. What if we say we have a range of fun small group games for your team to play on Zoom? 

Zoom Games for Small Groups

Here is a list of best Zoom Games for small groups that you must not miss out on:

1. Say the Same Word 

Sounds simple right? 

But this one is among the tricky meeting games for small groups. All you have to do is pick up two people, and they say a word together. It can be any word in the universe. 

Different words? 

Then one person is replaced by someone in the group, and they have to say something that applies to both the words previously said. The only condition is that two people have to say the same word simultaneously. 

Isn’t it one of the fun games to play with small groups for sure?

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2. Watch Party

While it is not a game, it can prove to be one of the best icebreaker activities for small groups. 

There are portals like Hulu Watch Party and Netflix party that can spice up your boring after-Zoom call sessions. It can be a Marvel Movie or a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion episode, plan it and be ready with your popcorn bucket.

3. Scattergories 

This game can become one of your favorite Zoom small group activities. 

The rules are simple. You get different categories and a letter. You and your group have to answer for each category, starting with the letter stated. If any two people get the same word, then their points for that round are nullified.

4. Powerpoint Parties 

Do you spend a lot of time making presentations and charts? What if there was a way to make it fun? 

After playing this game, you may find this to be among the best Zoom games to play with small groups. All you have to do is make a presentation on any topic on this planet using powerpoint or online powerpoint alternatives. It can be about the craziest F.R.I.E.N.D.S character ever or the spookiest Harry Potter moment for you.

5. Wavelength 

Do you want to find out which colleague matches your “wavelength”? This game, among the icebreaker games for small groups online, will tell you. Two teams have to compete to read each other’s minds. 

Wavelength helps to build memorable experiences where you talk, think, and bond with your colleagues.

6. Heads Up

You must have played or seen people play this game at least once. This time play this game with your teammates and make this Zoom small group activity fun and engaging. 

All you have to do is download this game on your smartphone, select your quiz genre, and start with this exciting gaming activity.

7. Telephone

Turn off your microphone and say something looking in your camera. Let your colleague guess what your word is. Once the person gets it right, continue to be mute and communicate this to the other person. The show goes on till the last person guesses it and says it aloud to all.

8. MarioKart 

Enjoy the crazy Go-kart racing video game with your team and make your Zoom call a memorable one. This game is one of the best Zoom games for small groups if you and your team love the super Mario league.

9. Trivia 

Post-meeting games for a small group are the plan, but you can’t decide what to put up? Let us make things simple for you. Use the Trivia maker or the Houseparty app on your smartphone having crazy trivia decks and play it with your work family.

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 10. Most Likely to 

“Who is most likely to sleep during a meeting?” This Zoom Game for small groups will help you in building a stronger connection with your peers. Just frame in some “most likely to” questions and shoot. Others will answer your questions, and it will be amazing.

 11. Brightful 

A free website named “Brightful” has many games that you can play with your small group online. It has a range of games that you can choose to play with your team online. Like fast-paced games, or conversational, or something for your mental health? You can fulfill all your gaming fantasies here at Brightful.

12. Solve a Crossword 

Fan of English Literature and want to engage others in the world of crosswords? Then this Zoom game for the small group is the perfect option for you. Share a screen and start brainstorming to solve the crossword. Else, get a subscription to your favorite crossword and play with your team.

13 Imaginary Hide n’ Seek

Think of a place in the entire universe where you would hide. But, do not utter a word about it. Let others guess and ask you. All your responses should be a Yes or No. This game is one of the best to play with a small group on a Zoom call.

14. Lightning Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a list of items and ask your team to hunt for these in their homes. Set up a time limit within which they have to show these items on the screen. The person with a maximum number of items displayed within a short period wins.

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15. Bingo 

You must have played this fun game with your friends or family at least once. Bingo is a must-try out of all the Zoom games for the small group as everyone is familiar with its concept. 

Bond with your team through this fun game and also win prizes on a BINGO. So create or download a Bingo board and start having fun. 

So let us get boredom out of the Zoom calls and make it fun with these amazing and fun games.

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