Top Pictionary Games On Zoom

Top 6 Pictionary Games On Zoom To Increase Team Bonding

With the pandemic forcing nearly all organizations to work remotely, managers find it tough to keep their employees motivated. Online meetings may help managers achieve their objectives, but it has now come to a point where employees feel the fatigue factor. Zoom calls tend to get repetitive and boring. 

To overcome these problems of boredom, poor bonding, and repetitiveness, managers are using Pictionary. Pictionary offers a great way of staying connected while staying apart. The Whiteboard feature provides the perfect setup for a game of Virtual Pictionary on Zoom. 

These games provide everyone the opportunity to showcase their drawing skills and create a lighter atmosphere around the virtual workplace. All you now need is a random word generator that is readily available online, and you are ready to play Pictionary on Zoom. 

That’s it! You are all set to play this popular guessing game that can act as a wonderful team bonding tool.

Pictorial Games for Virtual Pictionary on Zoom

Here is a list of the top online pictorial games to play remotely on Zoom to boost team bonding.

1. Brightful

Brightful offers two types of drawing games – Draw It and Draw & Tell

Draw It is a fast-paced guessing game and a popular Pictionary for Zoom. In this game, each player takes a turn drawing a world while everyone else attempts to guess what it is. The one who answers first gets more points than others. 

Draw & Tell is a casual Pictionary virtual game in which the players merely sketch something inspired by the prompt. Once everyone has finished creating their sketches, they share them with others and the creative aspect of their drawing. You can create custom prompts or choose the ones made by the community.

2. is a simple game-play and involves drawing skills. You create a picture while other players have to guess what you have drawn. This Pictionary Zoom game comes with a built-in group chat where everyone can have a great time discussing the drawing and laughing at some participants’ queer sense of creativity. 

The game allows you to create private rooms too and invite people through a simple link. You can change the look of your characters to suit your taste before you start the game.

3. is another interesting Pictionary game that you can play with remote team members. This Pictionary over Zoom also comes with 2D graphics and brilliant mechanics and offers precise controls. It involves using the F button to fill in the screen and the B tab to select the brush. allows you to click on a fellow player’s profile to view their stats. Then, you must choose a word and use the tool to draw the object. The first one to do it successfully gets the most points. 

4. Drawasaurus

Drawasaurus is another excellent Virtual Pictionary on Zoom that helps break the monotony of a Zoom meeting. You can start the virtual Pictionary session by etching something creative on the whiteboard and asking the team to guess what you have created. 

This Pictionary online Zoom game is for large remote teams. You can create private rooms with 16 players participating at the same time. You can customize the private rooms regarding the number of rounds, choice of words, drawing time, etc. 

5. is a popular Pictionary online game where participants can draw all sorts of wacky items. The platform comes with many tools for drawing creative pictures, humorous images, and multiple drawings. 

The platform makes it easy for players to remain connected and enjoy an interactive and exciting drawing session. The smooth interface ensures you can draw in the background without any hassle. 

6. is one of the best online Pictionary games and comes with several options. You can start drawing with fellow employees and begin a drawing contest. 

The platform allows you to take the lead in how-to-draw sessions and gain the appreciation of others. You can also create theme rooms or choose themes created by the community. The platform is free to play. You can log in with a nickname or with your Google or Facebook account. 

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Final Words

Pictionary has emerged as a classic pastime to infuse some enthusiasm and, more importantly, a sense of teamwork among employees connecting virtually on Zoom. Some of the personalized Trivia games are genuinely creative and humorous and guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter to your group

Drawing has always been a source of creativity. You can use this medium to build a sense of bonding and dispel the bareness that inevitably sets in after a few Zoom meetings.

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