16 Exciting Zoom Games for Coworkers to Enjoy This Holiday Season!

Building a team is not just about giving proper guidelines regarding their work; it is more than that. You need to develop a culture that takes care of your employees emotionally, too. 

Due to the pandemic and the lockdowns, no one can leave their homes. That has led to an overall work-from-home situation. All of this combined has raised anxiety levels among people. 

So, we have prepared a list of some exciting Zoom games for coworkers to help them release stress and enjoy.

People around the globe use Zoom not only for office meetings but also for bonding with each other and letting out some steam socially. Since games are one of the easiest ways to break the ice, who wouldn’t love to have a light, post-work games night to end a week full of stress? 

List of Virtual Games to Play on Zoom with Coworkers

Grab your coffee and continue reading. Trust us, this list of free online games to play on Zoom with coworkers is all you need to plan your next fun meetup. 

These games are easy to pick up and play, making them fun office games on Zoom. 

1. Virtual Murder Mystery

As the name suggests, this game is a murder mystery game requiring the players to solve a murder mystery over a Zoom call. You can have as many people join you as you want.

So gather all your coworkers and divide yourselves into teams of two. You will also need a moderator who can build the plot of the murder mystery with the help of these ideas online.

2. Home Scavenger Hunt

Who said you couldn’t play a scavenger hunt from the comfort of your own home?  You’ll be amazed at how fun a scavenger hunt is, even over a Zoom call. 

One player needs to become the moderator who asks the other players to search for different things from around their home, for example, a bottle of cologne, something red, etc. Set a timer, and whoever can source the items first wins the round. 

You can play as many rounds as you want and keep changing the moderator to give each player a chance to ask questions. 

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3. Pictionary

It is a multiplayer game. First, the players need to divide themselves into groups of two. Then the moderator would ask a player from one of the groups to select a word from the random words. 

The player will have 60 seconds to draw and make his teammates understand the word he chose.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

This game tops the list of the most interesting Zoom games for coworkers. Each player will have to tell two truths and one lie about themselves. And all the other team members have to guess which one is the lie among the three. 

The player who answers most of the correct answers will win the game. 

5. Bet on the Crowd

This game is among the ideal Zoom games for office teams. Zoom offers a feature known as polls, making it the best platform to play this game.

One of the players will conduct a poll, and everyone else will cast their votes. The questions would be on some office situation, coworker’s life, or something else. After the survey, everyone has to guess the correct answer. 

6. Taboo

Taboo is among the fun ideas for Zoom meetings with coworkers when you have a large team. 

Two teams will compete to guess a word within a particular time frame. The player giving clues to make his teammates understand the word cannot use the taboo words that somehow relate to the main word.

To play this game over Zoom, you would first need to download a virtual buzzer that works as a timer. You can find the free version of this game at or You can make a list of words on your own too. Enjoy!

7. Happy Hour Trivia

Trivia, a quick Q&A-type game, is among the best Zoom activities for coworkers. First, simply divide yourselves into small groups. Then, use the breakout feature of Zoom to make the discussion easier among groups. 

But remember to set the rules and the questions before the game. And yes, do fix a moderator who would be handling everything.  

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8. Guess Who

“Guess Who” is another team game to play on Zoom with coworkers. You will have teams and a moderator. 

A person who would lead the game has to choose one player in his mind. Next, he will take the name of other players who would ask him a question. That question would help everyone in guessing the player chosen. 

9. Never Have I Ever

This game is quite simple, making it one of the best Zoom games for coworkers.

One player will ask a question, and the rest will answer by taking a sip of water (or any other drink) if the answer is yes. Since it is a fun session, you can add some sassy questions too.  

10. Office Bingo

Bingo is among the fun things to do on Zoom with coworkers. It is a real stress-buster that can help team building. You can find some awesome ideas for Bingo on the internet. You can also get some help from various apps as well as online idea generators too.

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11. Cards Against Humanity

If you and your coworkers are ready to play some adult games, you must try this game. It is among the most popular Zoom games for coworkers and is suitable for large teams. For questions and ideas, you can check out They have the free version of the game, which you are surely going to love.

12. Scattergories

Scattergories is a game that can help you have fun while being creative. All you need is a pen, paper, and your coworkers. Take some help from an idea generator online and select a topic and a letter. Then start writing down all the related terms with the same alphabet.

13. Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is a variation of solitaire but more challenging. You have to place cards into 8 foundation piles by first organizing them in descending order in a tableau. With your co-worker, you play spider solitaire online, and work together to move cards around and solve the game. It requires communication and trial and error, both of which are great for team chemistry.

14. Hearts

Hearts is a classic and popular trick taking game that requires planning and strategy. For your remote workspace, you can play multiplayer Hearts online: just log into zoom, get some face-time, and have fun playing against each other.

15. Musical Chairs

Unlike traditional musical chairs, you do not have to walk around the chairs. As this is a digital form of musical chair, there are a few changes. But the basic rules are the same. 

Prepare a Spotify playlist with some beautiful songs. When the moderator plays the music, everyone has to start dancing. The moderator can stop the song at random times, and the last player to stop dancing would be eliminated.

16. Five Things

This is a great game to use your imagination and have a lot of laughs.

First, decide who will start from the team. Choose a topic, and the person who’s been named has 15 seconds to tell five specific items within that topic.

For example, pick a topic like “athletics” and ask Lily to answer. She could then tell things like:

  • Stadium
  • Figure skating
  • Football
  • Fitness
  • Workouts

Then, Lily would pick the next topic and the next colleague to answer.


Office work these days has become never-ending. You have to appear for meetings after meetings with minimal breaks in between. So, why not take a break from your busy schedules and plan a fun meetup with coworkers? 

You are going to love how smoothly everything goes. The above list of Zoom game ideas for coworkers will help you relax and enjoy yourself with your office buddies. You can find the free versions of most of the games online. And, you can always add some twists to make the game night more fun.

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