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Outplay is building the future of sales engagement – a solution that helps sales teams personalize at scale while consistently staying on message and task, through true multi-channel outreach, including email, phone, SMS, chat, and social media. 

Backed by Sequoia with investments close to $10 million, Outplay is the only tool your sales team will ever need to crush your goals. Recently – they went all-remote with their teams spread across the globe.


Saas and Information Technology

Company size:



Delaware, USA


 – Build a culture of recognition 
 – Get real-time insights into employee opinions 
 – Cross-team collaboration and employee engagement




EngageWith at Outplay – the success story 🤝🏿


We got on a call with Bhavya Arora – Talent and Culture Partner at Outplay, to help us get deeper insights into building a people-centric culture using EngageWith. And here’s the gist of our Q&A:


Q: Tell us how EngageWith helped Outplay with Spot Recognitions


Before EngageWith – recognition and acknowledgments mostly happened via emails or weekly/quarterly town halls. 


The challenge was – there was a sense of delay, and often people overlooked the real value of their peer’s work towards the company’s betterment. As a result, real contributions lost their value due to DELAYED recognition.

But now, even a small contribution doesn’t go unnoticed. Instead, they are noted and recognized duly, without having to wait for long. As most of our people are millennials who spend considerable time on social media, they crave instant recognition.



Wherever they are or whatever project they work on – we simply send kudos to acknowledge their valuable contributions on the spot, without any hassle. 


This motivates the employees to give their best and focus more on finding innovative solutions with the expectation that they will be rewarded on the spot.


Plus, the points they collect over a period is redeemed on their preferred platforms – making the recognitions even more personalized and impactful. 

Q: What about Pulse Surveys? How’s it helping managers by knowing their people better?  

Do you check your bank account once a year? Of course not; that would be crazy, right.

So then why do we only check on your employees once a year?


At Outplay, we understand checking in on our employees rarely is simply not enough. Unfortunately, too much time goes by without enough opportunities to address critical issues or concerns your employees may have.


Using Pulse Surveys, we can regularly check in with our employees and address any issues or concerns before it’s too late.


One big advantage is, the UI is so simple and needs no prior experience. And the answers are very easy to analyze and understand what our people think. 


Most importantly, it quickly provides insights into the possible action points and solutions for our managers to work on almost instantly. 


Q: And being Talent and Culture Lead, what was the biggest problem did EngageWith solve? 


Hmm… personally I’d say, it solved the “Culture Problem.” 


Simply because – EngageWith has been the smack of all-things people. 


As an HR, I love building a culture where everyone thrives and succeeds. And finding the right app for this is NEVER easy.


Fortunately, EngageWith is something all we wanted. I can see the difference in the way my people get together for peer recognition and building an all-embracing connection in the process. 




Q: Finally, what about customer support? 


Simply put – Outstanding. 


Their team found an innovative way to eliminate the traditional to-and-fro email support model and boring chatbot experience.


We have a dedicated channel via Slack Connect – and trust me, any query – however big or small – is resolved in less than 10 minutes.


Plus, their team also helps us hell a lot of ideas around culture building, employee engagement, manager surveys, and more. Can’t ask for more, you know. 


Our take 🥰

While Outplay was trying to tackle the continuously evolving employee landscape – EngageWith came in at the right time to help them in their vision towards building their dream culture. 😇

But the key takeaway is – you too can build one that you always longed for.

Just drop a comment below or simply schedule a demo >>here<<. 

Our team will get in touch with you soon. 

And hey, thank you for reading! 

Team EngageWith

Want to know how EngageWith will help to create a recognition-rich culture at work?

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