How to Improve Remote Team Engagement Through EngageWith [2022 Updated]

engaging remote employees

Culture can make or break a team. Today, most of the companies are rolling out remote work programs to their employees. This approach has its benefits, but new challenges such as engaging remote employees need to be addressed.

According to Gallup’s research, remote workers have a difficult time sustaining work relationships and being recognized for their work.

Employees love to get recognition. It improves their work engagement and increases their performance. Without face-to-face interactions, remote employees may not have opportunities to be recognized or participate in company culture.

We understood this challenge and created a system.

How Did We Create a Recognition Culture for Engaging Remote Employees?

There was a BIG challenge in front of us: How to manage and keep remote teams engaged.

We created a system that would be fun and timely to allow employees to acknowledge their peers for doing something meaningful. It could be a simple gesture or act that helps build a cohesive team and camaraderie that’d help us reach our objectives and goals.

EngageWith became that system. 

We first built it for ourselves after looking for something that would meet our needs. Then friends, partners, and clients who saw the system asked if they could use it. They had the same challenge: How to engage remote employees. 

So we worked on the tool to commercialize it for companies that believe that great success can only be achieved with a truly engaged team.

EngageWith is an employee recognition and rewards platform that enriches your company culture. It virtually brings recognition and fun within your Slack and MS Teams workspace. 

Recognition That Works for Remote Employees

EngageWith helps your team build strong relationships and stay connected just like stopping by someone’s desk to say thank you or give them a high-five.

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With EngageWith, everyone across your organization can publicly recognize everyone else by giving points that add up to valued rewards (employees can redeem their points). This helps in enhancing the company’s teamwork and motivation.

Springengage demo

EngageWith can also be used to celebrate and reward/gift employees on their birthdays and milestones like work anniversaries.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Add EngageWith to Slack or MS Teams

First, add our app Trivia to your Slack Workspace.

Add to Slack

You can also create a channel like #random or #kudos and add all the team members!

SpringEngage welcome

Step 2: Run Command and Recognize Your Employee

Start the giving kudos by typing the “/spring” slash command.


And then, a pop-up window will appear where you can see three fields:

  • Type of appreciation: Kudos or Shoutout
  • Who do you want to appreciate: Name of colleague
  • Why you want to appreciate: Write your comment here. You can also add the hashtags here.

Once you submit, EngageWith will post a tailored message to the channel and notify all the members. That’s it!

kudos message

Step 3: Track Your Points

You can easily track how many points you have received, how many points you can give, and have previously given to your teammate and redeem gift cards against your points.

track points

What’s the Goal of EngageWith?

EngageWith builds a sustainable culture of recognition between peers and managers that celebrates success across your company and reduces feelings of isolation.

Here’s how EngageWith improves remote employee engagement and strengthens your culture for a healthy ROI. 

Create a Positive Environment

EngageWith helps create a positive environment in the workplace. It brings your team together and keeps them on the same page. Without a second thought, it prioritizes what’s essential for creating a positive environment- a safety-first culture. 

A safety-first culture can directly create an atmosphere where employees are aware of their behaviors and peers. The conscious move of employees also contributes to saving time in an organization. As a result, it creates a healthier workplace for everyone.

Spark Happiness

A happy employee is a motivated one. While people must stay happy at all times, the feeling is amplified when its cause is an appreciation from their peers. 

EngageWith helps you by recognizing the efforts of your employees more precisely. Imagine how happier they would be if you recognized them about their work daily. Not only will they be more motivated to contribute towards the workplace but also experience a direct uptick in their morale. 

It might not seem like it, but people look forward to appreciation as any other reward. You can use it to establish better workplace relationships with them and increase their productivity.

Unify Your Team

Your employees might be physically situated in different parts of the country. Especially with the remote culture drawing over, you might want to expand your team and add a few more people. 

However, with the lack of a physical space to collaborate with, everything can feel pretty disconnected. Your employees might find it challenging to connect as they continue to work in their respective remote environments. 

With EngageWith, you can initiate peer-to-peer recognition in your team. This will bring your employees closer to each other and help them connect at a deeper level. 

Promote Innovation and Boost Performance

A happy environment in the workplace ensures your employees’ optimum productivity. It helps you boost their performance with positive feedback and engage them in productive conversations.

When your employees understand each other’s work and appreciate peers, it creates an open discussion. This promotes innovation and brings new ideas to the table. EngageWith can create such visibility and transparency in your organization, making the workplace a fun environment to work. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

If you think that appreciating your employees doesn’t have a direct effect on your business growth, you’re mistaken. Instead, a butterfly reaction starts with one complement and goes all the way to your customer’s satisfaction. 

EngageWith helps you make the most of this fact by facilitating the recognition of your employees‘ efforts. When you reward your employees for their excellent efforts towards custom service, you send out a powerful message that motivates your employees to work harder. They want to maintain your trust in their performance and give their best to keep up the appreciation. 

Increase Employee Retention

While your organization might provide a raise to your employees once a year, your appreciation keeps them motivated every day. It becomes incredibly challenging for employees to continue working without knowing how they are performing. 

Using EngageWith, you can provide the right acknowledgement to your team’s work and reward them for their contributions. The recognition results in greater productivity and a higher employee retention rate. In other words, a simple token of appreciation goes a long way in retaining your employees and providing them a safe and happy environment to work. 

Leverage EngageWith to note what your employees are doing and then reach out to them with positive feedback. This will help them generate more interest in their work and the organization overall. 

Here are remote work tools to manage and communicate your remote employees.

BONUS: Unlock Custom Company Values With EngageWith

You can add your organization’s core values under the ‘Values’ section of the Dashboard. You can also edit these values at any time. 

You can also keep track of how many ‘kudos’ and ‘shoutouts’ have been given with an organizational value you set up.

custom company values

Once you’ve added the values, your team can include these values along with their message of appreciation.

custom company values

Make it easy to connect employee recognition to your core company values and gather insights into how your values are being lived.

Remote Team Engagement FAQs 

Q: What is remote team engagement?

A: It’s the act of building trust and stronger relationships with remote workers. There are many employee engagement tools are available out there which can help you.

Q: What are some great ideas to engage employees?

A: Engagement is the key to a loyal and productive team. Lucky for you, we understand the struggle, and we have your back. Do formal check-ins with your teams and know their feedback. We’ve come up with a list of creative strategies for how to engage employees.

Q: How can SpringEngage help you to keep a remote team engaged, connected, and productive?

A: SpringEngage is a peer-to-peer employee reward and recognition platform that helps foster a culture of recognition, enhances employee engagement, and helps the organization celebrate accomplishments – both big and small.

By adding SpringEngage to Slack or MS Teams, you’ll be able to:
• Give and receive Kudos and Shoutouts.
• View leaderboards.
• Team-level employee engagement.
• Rewards redemption stats right within Slack and MS Teams.

Q: How can we create an employee recognition program at our organization?

A: Recognition and appreciation will vary from organization to organization, and how you appreciate employees will depend on your unique company needs. In this guide, you’ll learn how to build a successful employee recognition program.

Q: Why is remote employee recognition important?

A: Here are some reasons why you should build a remote employee recognition system:
Attracting talent. The best talent is looking for a workplace culture that recognizes and appreciates their people.
Employee Retention. Gallup found employees who are not adequately recognized are 2x more likely to say they’ll quit in the next year.
Culture. Employee recognition is an effective way to improve the relationship with company leaders.
Performance. Recognition is more effective than a salary bonus at encouraging people to give their best at work.

Now It’s Over to You!

Remote employee engagement and motivation can be achieved in small steps. And we hope you find EngageWith to be an easy to use and effective employee recognition tool that will help you attract, engage, and motivate your remote employees. 

If your workplace is on Slack or MS Teams, you should try out EngageWith.

We also invite you to share your insights and ideas, so we can all benefit from great ideas for engaging remote employees. Check out Springworks here.

Originally published Sep 09, 2020 11:54 AM, updated Jan 28 2021

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