Free eBook: Supercharge Your Workplace With These 25 Employee Engagement Ideas and Activities

(Examples From Real Companies Included)

employee engagement ideas

Studies show that businesses with the highest levels of employee engagement are 22% more profitable than those with low levels of engagement.

Employee engagement affects just about every important element of an organization — profitability, revenues, client experience, employee turnover, talent acquisition, brand presence, market share, and workplace safety.

So we decided to come up with an ebook that will help companies and HR managers to find employee engagement best practices.

In this eBook, you’ll find 25 practical ideas to help you increase employee engagement in the workplace and drive productivity. 

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“Must read for the HR professionals”

The ebook beautifully covers the length and breadth of Employee Engagement. Must read for the HR professionals. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Nikita Gupta


“Highlighted the most important factors of industry”

The ebook can help many professionals building employee satisfaction and keeping the environment healthy can help to increase the retention of valuable employees. I deeply appreciate your words which have highlighted the most important factors of today’s industry.

Sonam Rara

HR Manager

“It was quite a bundle of ideas”

The team did a very good job of collecting all these details and making it available online for every concerned individual. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Annu Somra

Talent Manager

“Thanks for compiling this helpful book”

Employee aspects and value realized by each company is crisp and articulated well. I hope the next version will come with relative analytics charts to visualize the aspect vs value trends. Thanks for compiling this helpful book.

Anil Kumar

Digital Transformation Lead

“Appreciate the awesome work”

I appreciate the awesome work you put into the ebook. This list is never-ending. I think we can also add the “Exit Policy” into the list.

Rachita Rao

Lead Talent Acquisition

“I really liked it”

I have gone through the employee engagement ebook.  I really liked it. Currently, we are already using some of the ideas in our company to keep the employed engaged with the work and to have a fun environment. We can also include a few more activities from the ebook.

Manjula Ganesh

HR Manager

“The book is very interesting”

Being an HR person I found this book very helpful. The good thing about the book is that real examples from well-known companies are included in it and another thing is that it is short and to the point so take lesser time to complete.

Hetali Madhani

Assistant Manager - HR

“Found the ebook very helpful”

As I have gone through the ebook and found it very helpful and one of them I implemented in my organization as well.

Harshita Mathur

HR Executive

“A very useful reference book”

The eBook is very helpful and it not only has ideas of employee engagement ideas also it gives insights of how companies follow these. 

It helps in the right implementation of these practices. I really wish this reaches a larger audience and helps companies make amendments to their practices or implement new which keeps employees happy with the firm they are working with. Thank you so much for helping people with such amazing work.

Bhargavi Mallapragada

HR Analyst