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50 Employee Engagement Statistics You Need to Know [2023 Updated]


Want to get a better understanding of the current state of employee engagement? 

We’ve compiled some fantastic employee engagement statistics for those who love numbers. These statistics will motivate you to focus more on employee engagement and nudge you in the right direction. 

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Surprising Employee Engagement Statistics

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General Employee Engagement Statistics

1. Organizations with engaged employees outperform competitors by over 200%. (Source)

2. Organizations with engaged employees generate 2.5 times more revenue than organizations with low levels of employee engagement. (Source)

3. Only 55% of companies regularly diagnose their employee engagement data. (Source)

4. Only 17% of executives say increasing employee engagement is a top priority. (Source)

5. Managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores. (Source)

6. Only 25% of employers have an active engagement strategy for their company. (Source)

7. Effective internal communications motivate 85% of employees to become more engaged in the workplace. (Source)

Employee Disengagement Statistics

8. Only 22% of companies know what’s driving employee disengagement. (Source)

9. 79% of employees suffer from mild, moderate, or severe burnout. (Source)

10. Low employee engagement costs companies $450-500 billion each year. (Source)

11.  Sixteen percent of employees said they were actively disengaged in their work and workplace. (Source)

12. 38% of remote employees reported feeling exhausted after daily virtual meetings. (Source)

13. 54% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged at work. (Source)

Employee Productivity Statistics

14. Businesses with highly engaged employees see a reduction in absenteeism by 41% and a 17% increase in productivity. (Source)

15. Highly engaged employees are 50 percent more likely than average to outperform their individual performance targets. (Source)

16. 50% of employees consider meetings wasted time. (Source)

17. Engaged employees are more productive, resulting in a 21% increase in profits. (Source)

18. Productivity improves by 20 to 25 percent in organizations when employees are connected. (Source)

Employee Empowerment Statistics

19. Employees are 5x more likely to feel engaged when a company’s values are aligned with their own. (Source)

20. Researchers have found that employees are 26 percent more satisfied with their work when they hold a position of power. (Source)

21. Thriving employees are 4x more likely to work for a company that ensures equity in pay. (Source)

22. The number of highly engaged employees decreases by 3% during mergers and acquisitions. (Source)

Employee Satisfaction Statistics

23. 37% of employees said that more personal recognition would encourage them to produce better work more often. (Source)

24. 65% of employees across all regions and industries want a clearly defined job description. (Source)

25. Only 29% of employees are “very satisfied” with their available career advancement opportunities. (Source)

26. Employees allowed to work from home just once a month are 24% happier at work. (Source)

27. 56% of workers don’t feel valued in their role. (Source)

Employee Happiness Statistics

28. 54% of employees said managing their work-life balance is one of the top five things their company can do to help them thrive. (Source)

29. Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their place of work. (Source)

30. 79% of employees are happy in their roles. (Source)

31. 67% of full-time employees with access to free food at work are “extremely” or “very” happy at their current job. (Source)

32. 61% of employees agree that they have made healthier lifestyle choices because of their company’s wellness program. (Source)

Employee Experience Statistics

33. 92% of employees describe their employee experience as their everyday experience. (Source)

34. 31.3 percent of employees who considered themselves engaged said their employer could do more to improve the employee experience. (Source)

35. Discretionary effort is almost twice more likely to be reported when employee experience is positive (95 percent compared to 55 percent). (Source)

36. 80% report a more positive employee experience when employees agree they receive feedback on work performance. (Source)

37. Eighty-four percent of survey respondents rated improving the employee experience as important. (Source)

Employee Retention Statistics

38. If offered a job at a different company with a similar role, pay, and benefits TODAY, 59% of employees would accept the job. (Source)

39. 16% of Gen Z and Millennial employees have quit a job because they felt the technology provided by their employer was inadequate. (Source)

40. 77% of companies focus on employee experience to increase retention. (Source)

41. 22% of employees stated that they left a company for professional development. (Source)

42. 73% say they’d stay at their company if there were more skill-building opportunities. (Source)

43. Employees whose managers consistently acknowledge them for good work are 5x more likely to stay at the company. (Source)

Diversity and Inclusion Statistics

44. Organizations that focus on both diversity and inclusion can see up to a 2x increase in feelings of engagement, as compared to organizations that focus only on diversity (1.2x) or only on inclusion (1.7x). (Source)

45. 41% of female managers are engaged at work, compared with 35% of male managers. (Source)

46. Over half of LGBTQ+ employees are not open to their current supervisor about being LGBTQ+. (Source)

47. 69% of executives rate diversity and inclusion as important issues. (Source)

48. Diverse management teams lead to 19% higher revenue. (Source)

49. 35% of HR leaders say diversity, equity, and inclusion are among their top five priorities for 2022. (Source)

50. Millennials are 83% more likely to be engaged at work at inclusive companies. (Source)

Focus on Employee Engagement!

Did you find these statistics surprising and alarming? These employee engagement statistics show that engagement is critical to every organization’s success.

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