How Leadle achieved an employee engagement rate of 47% within 2 months of using EngageWith


Company Size Industry          Challenges
40+Business Consulting & Services
  • Employee Engagement at scale 
  • Legacy engagement methods were not giving the desired results
  • Employee feedback through Google forms was a pain
  • Multiple tools for employee engagement, feedback, and rewards and recognition were a hassle for the HR team


Leadle Consulting is a 6-year-old GTM and B2B lead generation organisation with presence in India and the US, and service clients in India, Singapore, the US, Canada and the Middle East. Leadle has helped over 300 start-ups achieve market traction in the last two years alone and has tripled their revenues for the last 3 years. Leadle is completely bootstrapped and has gone from 0 to 7-figure revenues in a short time. Their services include Sales Consulting, Sales Training, Market Research and running Personalized Email Campaigns.

EngageWith x Leadle Testimonial

EngageWith at Leadle- The Success Story 💪

We got on a call with Pavithra Chandrasekaran – HR Business Partner at Leadle to discuss how EngageWith has helped them drive employee engagement at scale, build a people-centric culture, and imbibe the recognition culture into their organization’s DNA. Read on.  

What were the challenges that Leadle faced for employee engagement?

Leadle is a lead-generation and GTM company. We predominantly partner with SaaS product and services startups and SMBs and assist them with their outbound campaigns, GTM, and revenue strategies. As the HR, I am involved in the entire lifecycle journey of the employee, right from hire to retire.

In 2020, we were about 7 employees and since then have quickly scaled to 40+. As we scaled we realized that traditional employee engagement methods such as games, ethnic days, or fun sessions no longer served the purpose. We were dealing with Millenials and Gen Z and we needed to have a more fun approach to employee engagement. This was more prominent as remote work culture set in and we no longer could meet in person. We wanted our employees to stay engaged with us, and feel valued and recognized for their work. We needed a tool that could help us keep our employees connected in a virtual workspace, which was easy to use and adopt as well. 

How has EngageWith helped foster employee engagement?

Before EngageWith, we did have a recognition process in place however it was a top-down approach and was not instant. There were monthly and yearly incentives but that’s a different thing. We did appreciate the employees for their contribution but with the kind of growth we have had, we realized that recognition and redemption have to be public  and it would be great to have peer-to-peer recognition. In a traditional setup, appreciating an employee is a task. This is because it’s human to struggle with crafting a message and sending it in an email. This simply meant a lot of hard work was not getting the recognition it deserved and eventually it will lead to a disengaged employee.

EngageWith has taken out the grunt of composing a message and sending it. Recognition is done at the click of a button, from anywhere and anytime. Since the time we started using EngageWith, our employees are more involved in appreciating teammates, managers, and cross-departmental colleagues for their work and sending Kudos and Shoutout. The reward redemption is just the icing on the cake. Employees are happy that they can actually use their rewards for something they like. That is fantastic! 


EngageWith x Leadle Success Story

What is your take on eNPS and anonymous pulse surveys?

Each month I am introduced to new features that make my life easier. We have just started with eNPS and Pulse Surveys and I must say both are fantastic features. In the past, I have found creating a Google Form, chasing employees to fill it up and collate data to be challenging. Now, I just have to schedule a Pulse Survey. The plus point of the Pulse Survey is that it can be answered within the platform, and does not have to be another page that opens up. eNPS is again a great way of knowing if my employees are loving the work and the culture of the organization. I always say that employees are your biggest brand promoters and eNPS is one of the best ways to know that.

Finally, what would you share about our customer support and user experience?

I am extremely happy with EngageWith. My employees love it and it has helped us build and maintain a people-centric environment. EngageWith is always coming up with new and exciting features and it keeps my team engaged. I am happy with the customer support and success team at EngageWith and would rate them an 8/10. They are always on top of things and the response time for any of my queries is simply amazing. It’s good to know that they are as involved in boosting employee engagement as me and I truly feel they are just an extension of the Leadle team.

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