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“EngageWith Helps Us Build A Value-Driven Culture For Employees to Thrive”- How an Ed-Tech Company is Succeeding with its People-First Approach


Company profile:

Kutuki is rated as the most trusted learning partner for preschoolers across India. Designed by educators and artists, Kutuki provides a comprehensive, interactive and an irresistibly fun early learning experience through 1000s of stories, rhymes, games, worksheets and live classes.


Number of employees:




Education and learning

Banglore, India



  • Build a culture of recognition for their remote team

  • Keep employee motivation levels high 

  • Build employee engagement and cross-team collaboration

Key results:

Detailed study:

We got on a call with Simran, Head of HR at Kutuki. Here’s a brief of our discussion. 


“EngageWith help us build a great culture of recognition inside Slack even while working remotely.”


Recognition is essential in building a great workplace culture. This becomes even more important in a remote setup where employees hardly meet their peers face-to-face. 


Simran revealed, “We needed something solid to keep employee motivation and morale high. We wanted to make it more tangible than managers simply saying, ‘Hey, good job.’ That’s when I came across EngageWith. Within a month of usage, We saw a difference in the way employees connect.”


Timely appreciation helps employees zoom out while reminding them why their work matters and how they make a difference in the bigger picture. 


“People feel great when they are recognized which adds a sense of collaboration amongst peers. Now everyone knows they’ll be appreciated for their good contributions, making them feel more driven. Anyone who comes across their peer’s good work – goes straight to EngageWith and gives them Kudos. In short, this has made Kutuki’s employees feel special.”


When you can trust your coworkers and know that they have your back, it creates a beautiful environment that is warm, friendly, and collaborative.


“We link recognitions to company values to bring the best out of everyone.”


Today, top managers understand the need to link recognition with company values to see the benefits at every level. 


Simran adds, “We have a set of company values like ‘Being a great friend at work’, ‘Excellent mentor’ and ‘Creating something that never existed’. And we go big on all these three values.


“All these three company values are like pillars of Kutuki. It helps employees understand their contribution to the bigger picture. Specifically, we love the value ‘Creating something that never existed’ that helps us create new things which gets duly appreciated by coworkers as well. This drives employees and motivates them to do more.”


Simran proudly added, “This way, our collective morale grows significantly. Employees now know why someone is appreciated for along with the company value highlighted. More importantly, it steers us towards a common company goal.”


“Excellent customer support.”


We built EngageWith for users like you. And we are always committed to giving our best.


Simran enthusiastically revealed, “We’ve got a common Slack channel where we post our doubts, queries, or concerns. Trust me, they get answered and solved in less than 30 minutes. They also help us with many ideas around building a great company culture. Unlike other companies, people at EngageWith help us at every step of our journey in building a people-first approach. They regularly check in and understand our needs and help us to be a step ahead in building an employee-centric culture.”

Our take 🥰

While Kutuki was trying to tackle the continuously evolving employee landscape – EngageWith came in at the right time to help them in their vision towards building their dream culture. 😇

But the key takeaway is – you too can build one that you always longed for.

Just drop a comment below or simply schedule a demo >>here<<. 

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And hey, thank you for reading! 

Team EngageWith. 

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