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Life at Springworks: A Day in the life of a Senior Operations Executive

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Shalini joined Springworks in March, 2020 to handle business operations for our product- SpringVerify and comes with ten years of prior experience of working in the same industry. 

Before Springworks, she worked as a Team Lead of Operations at a background verification company.

At Springworks, she initiates the process and ensures closure of employment checks within the given time frame. She also utilizes different modes of the verification process and takes care of all the insufficiency related to various Verification.

This means she is responsible to ensure the high quality, timely and efficient delivery of background verification and to provide a high quality of services and compliance with the company policy.

Here is a discussion with Shalini!

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Is Background verification tricky? If so, how? Please share your views.

HR professionals are generally quite busy and such requests for verification of ex-employee work experience tend to sink to the bottom of their check lists.

Naturally, this leads to employment checks running over Turn-Around Time (TAT) and sometimes not getting completed at all. After repeated attempts over phone and email.

To overcome this, we eventually have to give up on direct confirmation from HR and have to use other proxy verification methods like trying to reach reporting managers, peers and subordinates.

What are the possible discrepancies that you never miss to look for in a Background verification process?

While it is entirely up to the specific human resource (HR) team to decide if it wants to scrutinize the complete joining form of the candidate or only certain sections of it, there are a few red flags that always herald bad news.

For example, a gap in the candidate’s experience, a mismatch in the kind of education a candidate has received and the salary he draws, or a jump from one industry or skill-set to another (are components that) usually always catch our notice. We then do further research on the candidate’s history

What do you like the best about your job?

To be able to maintain a work-life balance and to have the complete flexibility to work during the hours that suit me.

This means that I can craft my working hours around my kid’s schedule.

Walk me through a day in the life of Shalini!

  • Wake up at 7 am
  • Prepare breakfast & lunch
  • Spend some time with my daughter
  • Start work at 9.50 am
  • Attend team meeting
  • Check on work progress
  • Lunch break
  • Work until 7.30 pm
  • Watch TV
  • Have dinner
  • Spend some time with family
  • Go to sleep

What keeps you at Springworks?

Strong culture. Every employee feels valued here.They enjoy at least some control over their jobs, instead of feeling powerless. Whether it’s by working from home, choosing their projects or trying out a new role, employees feel valued and can make decisions to achieve a higher level of performance.

Employees are given opportunities to grow. Offering promotions, career development, programs or extra training keep employees motivated – which in turn, improves performance.

When everyone is in it together, they will all put forth the extra effort to achieve organizational goals.

What advice would you give to future Operations specialists?

Persuasion skills help a professional to actually win over the hearts of clients who not only become loyal customers but also bring in more clients along with them.

In addition, proactivity encourages people to leave comfort zone which might be well received within the organization where you work.

The ability to plan and anticipate possible interferences allows better organization and execution of the proposed tasks.

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