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Sunil Jangam joined Springworks in August, 2020 as a Quality Assurance Engineer to work for one of our major clients. Prior to Springworks, he has worked with an E-Learning organization for five years as an Executive QA.

At Springworks, Sunil is responsible for the creation of tests to identify issues with software before the product/feature launch. His duties include identifying and analyzing any bugs and errors found during the test phase and documenting them for a review after. 

That means, he is involved in developing and running new tests, reporting on the results and collaborating with software developers to fix program issues. 

Let’s dive into it right away and take a peek into the life of a QA Engineer!

What is the key to a good quality assurance of a product?

Having an end-to-end understanding of the product is the key to test it effectively. I spent long hours learning the software that I am asked to test. That’s how I am able to uncover many critical bugs based on my understanding of the software as well as its ecosystem.

How do you organize your work?

I make daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists of important tasks. Also, I review my daily priorities at the beginning of each day.

I check my work calendar daily to review my activities and avoid conflicts. That means, I write down all commitments on a paper/online document rather than trusting my memory.

And, planning and automation software help me map out long-term projects.

What do you like the best about your job?

Being able to serve the ultimate purpose of software testing which is not to find bugs but to make the product qualitative. As a tester, I love contributing to improvements in product quality.

You are a good tester only when you can understand your customers. The customer is everything and you need to understand their needs. If the product does not satisfy customer needs, no matter how useful it is, it is not going to work. And it is a tester’s responsibility to understand the customer.

Are there any challenges in your job? If so, how do you handle them?

Meeting deadlines is a constant challenge. 

To overcome this, I create a detailed schedule. A good approach is often to break tasks down into small components and to create deadlines for each one.

As a result, I might find that I’m going to need more time than the overall deadline allows. So, I make sure to raise this as an issue as soon as possible and avoid simply hoping for the best.

Despite all your hard work and forethought, you might still miss a deadline. If this happens, I keep calm and make every effort to limit the damage.

Walk us through a day in the life of Sunil!

  • Wake up at 7 am
  • Exercise
  • Have Breakfast
  • Check emails and slack updates
  • Attend team meeting at 12pm
  • Work until 2 pm
  • Have lunch
  • Team discussion
  • Work until 8.30 pm
  • Have dinner
  • Listen to music in my free time
  • Head to sleep

Tell me a little bit about your life outside of work?

I like to meet my friends often and love watching cricket too. 🏏

What advice would you give to future QA Engineers?

I would advise them to think out of the box and gain domain knowledge.

A user who is going to use your application may be having a good understanding of the domain he is working on. You need to balance all these skill activities so that all product aspects will get addressed.

Nowadays you can see the professionals being hired in different companies are more domain experts than having technical skills. The current software industry is also seeing a good trend that many professional developers and domain experts are moving into software testing.

What is the Springworks team like?

Everyone at Springworks is passionate about their work and owns it. 

The company helps you to set up your home office. Employees are offered amazing perks to buy amazing furniture, headphones and get the Internet. The organization also encourages peer-to-peer recognition.

Want to join the team? Check out open roles at Springworks.

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