#408: Phil Tee on the future of the industry with AI and challenges of running a tech company

May 1, 2023
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“We spend a lot of time talking, we talk to our customers, we talk internally, and we talk to our competitors because, at the end of the day, competitive advantage is perhaps more baked into what you do with knowledge, than the knowledge itself.”

Welcome to another episode of Shape of Work. In today’s episode, our guest talks about how AI will revolutionise the industry in the coming years and the customer community will help in the growth of the value of an organisation. We have Phil Tee, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO at Moogsoft, an AIOps incident management platform for engineering teams responsible for maintaining high availability.

Phil Tee has an overall work experience of over three decades. He has worked at various organisations including Micromuse, RiverSoft, Njini Inc and Promethyan labs prior to Moogsoft. He did his BSc in Physics and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Sussex.

Episode Highlights

  • The challenges of running a tech company
  • What kind of AI technology will revolutionise the industry?
  • The importance of customer community to the growth in value of a business
  • Advice for the aspiring youth

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Produced by:
Priya Bhatt
Podcast Host:
Aparajeeta Boro

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Episode Transcript

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