#237: Elsa Varghese on recruitment trends, employee retention, in-demand skill sets and hiring strategies

July 21, 2022
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‘Invest in the younger generation, hire them young, and train them to be future leaders.’

On the latest episode of The Shape of Work Podcast, Elsa Varghese, Director of Talent Development - India at FleishmanHillard, talks about work trends in 2022, retaining challenges, best hiring strategies and more.

Elsa tells us that helping people & motivating them is directly proportional to her energetic personality. She always had an inclination toward HR, which made her pursue her Master's in transitioning into Leadership, Organizational Leadership & Strategy from IIM, Calcutta.

Elsa started her career in the manufacturing industry and went on to work in various industries with the goal of learning about different demographics, people, age groups, and businesses for 14-plus years. She worked with giants like TATA AIG, Demag, Scorpio and Nestlé Skin Health.

Her passion lies in helping individuals meet their professional goals, to help them find new opportunities & achieve business as well as their own career goals.

In this 30 minutes conversation, we cover:

  • What are some of the trends that might impact recruitment plans?
  • Retaining challenges and how to overcome them.
  • The most in-demand skill sets in the current situation.
  • Best hiring strategies that firms should use in this new world of work.
  • How can recruiting managers effectively coordinate their talent search to deliver business ROI?
  • How can companies address the overheated talent market globally?
  • Words of advice for talent leaders.

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Produced by: Priya Bhatt
Podcast Host: Abijith Kanthadai   

About Springworks:

Springworks is a fully-distributed HR technology organisation building tools and products to simplify recruitment, on-boarding, employee engagement, and retention. The product stack from Springworks includes:

SpringVerify — B2B verification platform

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SpringRecruit — a forever-free applicant tracking system.

Springworks prides itself on being an organisation focused on employee well-being and workplace culture, leading to a 4.8 rating on Glassdoor for the 200+ employee strength company.

Episode Transcript

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