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60 Slack Tips & Tricks You Should Know [2023 Updated]

Slack is arguably the most popular software to communicate on tasks within your team.

Want to learn some cool Slack tips and tricks and make your work a little simpler in the process?

Either you are a regular Slacker or have just started using it, there are many ways to do more on Slack easily and quickly.

In this article, you’ll find:

How Is Slack Different from Email?

Slack makes creating channels and organizing the work and tasks far simpler, combining a chat tool, file sharing platform, and task assigning into the same place—no more hunting for lost documents like email.

Slack is centered around immediacy and collaboration, which allows for easy discussion between teams. Using Slack for internal team communication reduces internal email, bringing you closer to Zero Email. In Slack, questions are quickly answered, and decisions are made swiftly.

The Slack has different channels that employees can join that are important to them, and ignore the rest of them. Employees can even leave channels when they’re no longer relevant, then rejoin later.

87% of Slack users that say it improves their communication and collaboration inside their organization.

You can also integrate your favorite apps and tools with Slack to get real-time updates.

Should Your Team Use Slack?

The one-word answer is: YES. At Springworks, we use Slack and we just love it 🙂

Here are some quick reasons:

  • It’s a great tool to stay connected and energized with a big distributed team.
  • Real-time integration with third-party project management/marketing/video conferencing/sales tools.
  • It has channels to collaborate and coordinate the work no matter where they are.
  • No more long email threads. Private channels for all kinds of communication.
  • Slack is quick, which encourages real-time brainstorming.

Wondering how to get the most out of Slack and use its functions? Make sure you read this MONSTER Slack guide.

Want to learn how to use Slack effectively? Here’s a Playbook of 100 Slack Tips and Tricks. Download your Free Copy Now!

How to Use Slack: 60 Slack Tips and Tricks

Here are some best Slack tips and tricks:

1. Set your status

Just look in the upper left corner of Slack to find your login name, and select it. From here, choose Set a status. This will open a new window:


You can also create a custom status for whatever you want:

set status

2. Activate “Remind Me About This”

Just select any message, and click the three dots to open up more information. On this menu, select Remind me about this, and then choose when you want to be reminded, anywhere from 20 minutes to next week.

remind me about this

3. How to Start a Private Conversation

Hover over a message with the person you want to talk with, and look to the right to see the icons that pop up. Select the speech bubble to start a brand new thread with that person.

start a thread

4. Customize Your Notifications

Select your name on Slack >>> go to Preferences >>> Here you can see all the notification options.


5. Add Apps to Slack

Look at available apps in the lower-left corner of your Slack by clicking “+” sign.

slack apps

6. Pin Important Messages/Docs

Select the message >>> click the three dots >>> on this menu, select pin to this conversation.

Pin message

7. Highlight Keywords

Go to Preferences >>> select Notifications >>> scroll down to the Highlight Words section >>> list all the words you’d like to get a notification for when mentioned in any of your company’s Slack channels.


8. Customize How Emoji Appear

Go to Preferences >>> select Messages and Media >>> adjust how emoji show up.

custom empji

9. Make A Shrug

By typing “/shrug” you can quickly insert the iconic shrug emoticon in Slack.


10. Mark As Read Settings

Go to Preferences >>> Head to the Mark as Read section >>> adjust how you want your read messages to appear when you enter a channel.

mark as read

11. Star Important Channel

Go to the channel >>> Right Click >>> and select star channel from the drop-down menu.

star channel

12. Set Reminders For Yourself

just message slackbot “/remind [someone] [to do something] at [a specific time].”

set reminder

Copy and paste a URL into Slack >>> Click on the URL >>> Click edit button to write your custom link text.

edit link

14. Send Direct Messages from Anywhere in Your Workspace

Use the command “/msg @User” to send a direct message to any user from any channel in your workspace.

direct message

Search a Single Channel at a Time Using “in:”


Search Messages From a Single User Using “from:”

After: narrows the search down to messages received after a specific date.

Before: narrows the search down to messages received before a specific date.

Has: is a parameter that lets you search for messages that have a particular element.

16. Create Your Own Emoji

Select Customize Your Workspace page >>> Then select the “Customize Slack” >>> Click “Add Custom Emoji” to open the menu >>> Add your emoji and save.


17. Keep a Message Unread

Select the message >>> click the three dots >>> on this menu, select mark unread option.

message unread

18. Only View Your Activity

Click the @ icon at the upper-right of the desktop >>> A new pane opens labeled Activity >>> see all your most recent mentions, reactions, channel-wide announcements, and keywords.


19. Minimize the Noise

Visit Your Name > Preferences > Notifications > Sound & Appearance to make batch changes—one change impacts all channels—or make changes individually for each channel by clicking the channel/group name.

sound setting

20. Activate Do Not Disturb for a set Block of Time

Visit Your Name > Preferences > Notifications > Set DND Schedule.


21. Sidebar Settings

Visit Your Name > Preferences > Sidebar > Create your own sidebar section.


22. Forward Email to Slack

Integrate the Email app for Slack >>> Click Set Up > Add Email Integration to create an email address that will forward directly to a channel, a group, or even an individual user inside Slack.

forward email

23. Repost a Message

Find the original message >>> Click the three-dotted lines next to the message >>> And select Copy Link >>> Then paste the link in any channel/group or a DM.

repost message

24. Create Text Snippets for Reuse

To create a snippet, click the paperclip next to a message block >>> Then click the + Create New >>> and select “Code or text snippet.”

create a code

25. Create a Post

To make a Post, click the paperclip next to a message block >>> then click the + Create New >>> and select “Create a Post”. A new window appears; it looks like a blog composition interface.

create a post

Want to learn how to use Slack effectively? Here’s a Playbook of 100 Slack Tips and Tricks. Download your Free Copy Now!

26. Switch to Dark Mode

Go to Preferences > Themes >>> Switching to dark mode naturally puts the background to darker color with lighter type, which is easier on your eyes at night.

dark mode

27. See Keyboard Shortcuts

You can see a quick list of shortcuts by pressing “Ctrl + /” (Windows/Linux).

keyboard settings

28. Access an Infinite Pool of GIFs

Simply type /giphy [text] with a word, phrase or emotion and hit enter.


29. Instantly Edit the Message You Sent

Go to the messages you sent >>> Click on three dots next to message >>> Click Edit Message.

edit message

30. Collapse The Gifs

 You can collapse GIFs in a channel or private message with the “/collapse” command.


31. Change The Default Download Location

Head to Preferences >>> Advanced >>> and then change the download location.

download location

32. Make an Announcement

Use @here when you only want to notify teammates who are currently active in the channel; you can use @channel to send a message to every person in a channel (active or not). Use @everyone to notify everyone in your company.


33. Create a Pretty Theme

Select your name in the top-left corner >>> and tap Preferences >>> Themes >>> Choose from Slack’s pre-made themes, or you can create your own.


34. Remove an App from Slack

Visit Slack App Directory homepage >>> Select Manage in the top right >>> Select app from the list If this is a third-party app (not created by your team) >>> Scroll down to the Remove Application section and select Remove App.

Remove app

35. Remove Unnecessary Images

Go to Preferences >>> Messages & Media >>> Uncheck all options in Inline Media & Links. By default, this means all files, images, and website previews will be minimized.

Message and media

36. Browse Slack Channels and Join

Click ‘Channels’ in the left-hand app menu >>> you’ll be taken to the ‘Browse channels’ area >>> Sort the list on ‘Members (most to fewest)’ to see which channels are most popular.

channel browser

37. Break the Long Messages

Click ‘shift + enter’ or ‘alt + enter’ to add line breaks in long messages.

38. Make a Call

To make a call, click into a direct message or a channel and click the phone icon at the top of the app.

make a call

39. Unfollow Thread

Go to Threads in the left-hand menu >>> And hover over the thread to see the options >>> Click the three small buttons at the right, and select Unfollow Thread.

Unfollow thread

40. Sync Your Status to Your Calendar

Install Google Calendar app in Slack, then switch to it using the navigation menu on the left inside Slack. Select Turn On to enable the sync feature straight away, or you can enable it later from the app settings.

sync calendar

41. Add emojis to the Message (With Autocomplete!)

Simply type +:[character] and start typing to find what you’re looking for — Slack will autocomplete the rest. 

For example, if you start typing +:ca, you’ll see emojis for cat, car, cake, and more.


42. Organize and Find Files

If you ever want to find recently shared files in a channel, view channel details by clicking the ⓘ icon and expanding the Shared Files list in the sidebar.

organize files

43. Share Private Thread Message Back to the Channel

44. How to Recognize Coworkers for a Job Well Done

the /kudos command (/kudos @recipient + enter button) allows any user in your team to send recognition to one or more team members. After giving command, this box will appear:


45. Upload and Share File In Slack

Click the + button next to the new message box >>> Choose a file from your computer >>> Write a message describing the file and click upload.

upload file

46. Screen Sharing on Slack

Hit the Call button in Slack to start a Slack Call >>> Once connected on a call, hit the Share screen button >>> Select the pencil icon during screen sharing to begin drawing.

47. How to Get Google Analytics Reports in Slack

Install the Arc app to your workspace >>> Determine which channels you’d like to report posted in >>> Configure the duration (daily, weekly, monthly) for reports.


48. How to Get New Slack Updates

Jump to your profile name >>> Click Help >>> Select What’s New from the drop down menu.

slack updates

49. Enable Two-factor Authentication

Head to the Settings >>> Now, besides the Workspace-wide two-factor authentication option >>> hit Expand, and tap on Activate two-factor authentication for workspace >>> Finally, choose between text messages or the Authentication app to get your authentication codes.

2-factor authentication

50. Get the Channel Details

Click the “i” symbol in the menu bar to access channel details, such as the purpose and current topic of the channel, any pinned items, a listing of all the members who have access to the channel, and more.

channel details

51. Get Remote Work Tips and Resources in Slack

Install the Remote Work Tips Slack app to your workspace >>> And get remote work tips every day right inside any Slack channel of your choice

52. Deliver Messages On Behalf of Cartoon or Celebrity

Integrate your Slack account with Slacker website that has built-in characters and let you send replies by selecting your favorite celebrity or cartoon character.

53. One-Click Sign-Out From All

Just go to settings >>> Account >>> Click sign out all other sessions. It will instantly log you out from all your sessions, regardless of device location.

54. Remove Users You Don’t Want

Just by typing / remove or / kick along with the name of the user to remove them from a channel.

55. Turn a Slack Message Into Task

Integrate Asana Slack App >>> Once integrated, Click the three dot icon next to a Slack message >>> Click either Add as task comment or Create a task.

56. Locate your Slack URL

From the Slack desktop app or your browser, click your workspace name in the top left. Locate your workspace’s Slack URL below the workspace name. See the Slack URL here:

slack URL

57. Access the complete workspace analytics

Click your workspace name in the top left >>> Select Tools >>> Choose Analytics from the drop-down menu >>> You can also customize the date range.

workspace analytics

58. Create a User Group

You can create a group of members in a workspace who often need to be notified at once. 

Click “People icon” in the left sidebar >>> Click the New user groups icon in the top right >>> Choose a name and handle for your user group. If you’d like, set a purpose or select default channels that members will be added to >>> Click Next >>> Under Add members, search for and select the members you want to add >>> Click Create group.

create user group

59. Pause Notifications

Click your workspace name in the top left >>> Select Pause notifications >>> Select the option from the drop-down menu or customize it.

Pause notification

60. Integrate essential apps with Slack

Do you use third-party apps for your business? You can easily integrate these apps with Slack.

Just go to “Apps” in the sidebar >>> Search and bring all your tools into Slack.

integrate apps


How do you use Slack more effectively?

Whether you’re a remote team looking for ways to use Slack and stay connected – This guide will help you to become a pro slack user, From creating reminders to creating channels to customizing your theme.

What is Slack?

Here’s the official definition: Slack is a channel-based messaging platform. With Slack, people can work together more effectively, connect all their software services and tools, and find the information that they need to do their best work – all within a secure, enterprise-grade environment.

What are Slack tips for beginners to become a pro user?

In this article, we put together some of the Slack pro tips (mentioned above). Here, you will find some hidden features of Slack.

Do you have any Slack tips and tricks to share with us? Let us know in your comment.

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