Best AI Chatbots to Integrate with Slack

11 Best AI Chatbots to Integrate with Slack in 2024

In the dynamic landscape of team collaboration, platforms like Slack have revolutionized the way teams communicate and work together. Integrating AI chatbots into Slack has become a game-changer. It further streamlines and elevates the collaborative experience. 

In this article, we explore the world of Slack AI apps and chatbots. We look at their capabilities and the best ones to seamlessly integrate into your Slack workspace.

Slack Chatbots: What are they?

Slack chatbots are artificial intelligence-driven programs. They’re designed to interact with users within the Slack platform. These bots can automate tasks, provide information, and facilitate communication. They enhance overall productivity and efficiency of teams. 

Slack chatbots are versatile tools. They can be customized to meet your team’s specific needs. They handle tasks like scheduling meetings and retrieving data insights.

How Can Slack AI Apps Enhance Your Experience?

Slack’s open architecture allows the integration of third-party apps and chatbots. This expands the platform’s functionality and adapts it to the unique requirements of diverse teams

Here’s how Slack apps, including AI chatbots, can enhance your collaborative experience:

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

AI chatbots can automate routine tasks. These include scheduling meetings, setting reminders, and updating project status. This automation not only saves time but also reduces the risk of human error.

Real-time Data Access

Integrating data-driven chatbots allows teams to access real-time information directly within Slack channels. Teams can stay informed without leaving the collaboration platform. They can do this by accessing analytics, project updates, or sales metrics.

Streamlined Project Management

Slack chatbots are integrated with project management tools like Trello or Asana. They facilitate seamless project coordination. You can create, update, and monitor tasks directly within Slack channels. This promotes efficient collaboration.

Enhanced Communication

AI chatbots contribute to a more interactive and engaging communication experience. They can conduct polls, quizzes, and surveys, fostering team engagement and participation.

Knowledge Sharing

Apps like Albus assist in knowledge sharing by retrieving relevant information and documents. This ensures that teams have easy access to resources without searching through multiple platforms.

Simplified Scheduling

Scheduling chatbots simplify the process of setting up meetings. They do this by analyzing participants’ availability and finding suitable time slots. This reduces the back-and-forth emails often associated with scheduling.

How to Integrate Apps into Your Slack Workspace

Integrating AI chatbots into your Slack workspace is a straightforward process. Here’s a general guide on how to do it:

Visit the Slack App Directory

Go to the Slack App Directory, either through the Slack desktop app or the web version.

Browse or Search for the Desired App

Explore the directory to find the AI chatbot or app that suits your team’s needs. You can use filters or search directly for the desired functionality.

Click on the App

Click on the app’s listing to view details and reviews. Verify that the app is compatible with your Slack workspace.

Install the App

Click the “Install” button to add the app to your Slack workspace. Follow any prompts or permissions requested during the installation process.

Configure Settings

Once installed, configure the app settings according to your preferences. This may include connecting it to other tools or platforms.

Test and Customize

Test the chatbot within your Slack channels to ensure it functions as expected. Customize any settings or preferences to align with your team’s workflow.

Encourage Adoption

Inform your team about the new integration and encourage them to use the chatbot. Provide guidance on its functionalities and how it can enhance team collaboration.

Best Slack AI Apps and Chatbots

Now, let’s explore some of the best AI chatbots that seamlessly integrate with Slack:

1. Albus

Albus is your team’s intelligent universal search tool that functions on Slack/web & integrates with the knowledge portals of your choice (Notion, Slack, Jira, Google Drive, etc.).

Just prompt Albus – it can give you any information you need, essentially replacing repetitive and time-consuming employee-HR interactions.

Think of Albus as a central source of truth for you, providing instant and accurate information in ChatGPT style without waiting on anyone.



  • Is ChatGPT-like, resolves issues within seconds
  • Has one-click integration with 50+ knowledge hubs (Jira, Slack, Google Drive, Notion etc.)
  • Is available on Slack and the web
  • Is being used by 300+ teams already

What Albus can do for you:

  • Give you a 360∘ view of all your operations
  • Multiple use cases, from employee helpdesk to customer success to project management
  • Instant and accurate resolution of queries


Otter is an AI meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, captures action items, and generates summaries.

The Otter app for Slack automatically shares updates with teammates in real time, ensuring everyone is in the loop: before, during, and after your meetings.


With the Otter app, you can:

  • Receive Otter notifications. Get notified when you’re mentioned or assigned an action item in an Otter conversation.
  • See rich previews of Otter conversations. When Otter links are posted in Slack, they will be instantly enriched with meeting information and the automatic summary
  • Share meeting summaries in Slack channels. Send summaries to Slack channels after the meeting to keep everyone on the same page.

3. AI sidekick

AI Sidekick is an all-knowing executive assistant that answers all your team-related queries without making you sift through countless documents or schedule meetings.

Be as specific as possible when asking questions. The more information you provide, the better it can answer your question.

AI sidekick

Here are a few sample prompts:

– How is my #sales team doing?

– What did @Julie do this past week?

– List key projects my #marketing team worked on last month.

4. DailyBot

DailyBot is an AI and ChatGPT-powered assistant that replaces what several apps for Slack do providing an all-in-one toolkit. DailyBot gives you a set of tools to improve async work and collaboration– Daily stand-ups, team check-ins, forms on demand, watercooler conversations, kudos, Pomodoro, motivation tracking, and more.


5.’s Slackbot puts AI-powered insights, a modernized CRM, and a streamlined workflow directly in the hands of your sales org. captures activities between customers and your GTM teams – including relevant Slack activities – filters out private or unrelated info, and matches each activity to the corresponding account and opportunity in the CRM.


Spoke allows you to effortlessly summarize discussions in Slack to stay on top of it all! Protect your precious focus time and be in the know with customizable, scheduled summaries and personalized action items, powered by AI.

7. Gather AI

Streamline team updates with Gather AI. Gather AI is here to redefine the way you conduct stand-ups, driving your team’s productivity to new heights. By leveraging intelligent automation and seamless communication, Gather AI transforms the traditional work dynamics, allowing your team to truly synchronize and collaborate effortlessly.

Gather AI


With Reclaim’s integration for Slack, your schedule is at your fingertips. It’s like the assistant you never had. Create tasks, reschedule events, auto-update your status and stay on top of your agenda — all via Slack.


Reclaim automatically blocks time for Habits, Tasks, and personal events on your calendar flexibly and intelligently. You set the rules for your schedule, and Reclaim takes care of the rest.

9. makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful presentations in minutes. With the + Slack integration, you can receive realtime messages in Slack about your presentations. Respond to invites, view comments and be on top of any changes made by collaborators on your shared presentations.


10. Tara AI

Get real-time updates on tasks, requirements and sprint reports by adding Tara to your Slack workspace. Turn chats into tasks and get more work done where you communicate as a team. When connected to Slack, Tara helps teams create tasks, sprints & requirements. Simultaneously, Tara provides insight into pull requests & blockers with a sync to Github.

Tara AI

11. Kona

Kona is an AI-powered leadership coach for remote managers. Kona connects to your documentation, trainings, and existing tools to deliver highly personalized advice aligned to your values.


From automating tasks to providing real-time data insights, these chatbots enhance communication and streamline workflows.

Albus CTA


What is a Slack Integration?

A Slack integration allows third-party tools, applications, or services to connect with Slack, enabling seamless communication and collaboration within the Slack platform.

What are the benefits of integrating an AI chatbot with Slack?

Integration allows team members to interact with the chatbot directly in Slack, streamlining communication. It can also automate repetitive tasks, provide quick access to information, and enhance team collaboration.

Can the AI chatbot send notifications or alerts to Slack channels?

Yes, AI chatbots can be programmed to send notifications, updates, or alerts to specific Slack channels. This is useful for keeping teams informed about important events or changes.

Are there any costs associated with integrating an AI chatbot with Slack?

Costs may vary depending on the chatbot platform and the level of usage. Some platforms offer free tiers with limitations, while others may have subscription plans based on usage or features.

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