Virtual Office Softwares For Remote Collaboration And Fun

4 Best Virtual Office Software For Remote Collaboration And Fun In 2024 [In-Depth Comparison]


For a team working remotely, one of the biggest challenges is to create a sense of belonging which is easy to build in an office. In an office, employees play different games, meet over coffee, or just banter over different topics that build a relationship beyond work. Virtual office software can provide the same intuitive environment online.

These activities beyond work create a sense of belonging as building connections with your teammates is not just about working together. Such fun time together keeps the employee engaged and also make them feel less isolated during remote work. They also get to know their colleagues better and make it easier for them to work together as well.

There are many tools out there to create this office environment for better remote collaboration and fun but each organization has its own needs. For this reason, we have curated a list of the best virtual office software for remote collaboration and fun for you to choose from.

  1. Lounge By Trivia
  2. Campfire
  3. Cosmos Video
  4. Teamflow

These virtual office softwares will give the employees a much-needed space for them to enjoy some free time together through various fun games and activities.

In this post, we’ll compare and contrast the following in detail:

  • Features/Capabilities
  • Pricing & Available Plans
  • Online Ratings (Capterra, Trustpilot, G2)

Disclaimer: Lounge By Trivia is our own app. We’ve done our best to present the information evenly because we want you to make an educated decision. That said, we are proud of our Lounge app and built it with the features and ease that we’d want (and we use it every day ourselves).

Learn more here and use Lounge by Trivia for free to join thousands of companies who use us like OLX, Quora, Shopify, NBA, and more…


Lounge is a virtual office space for employees to connect with teammates and have fun. It allows employees to connect beyond work through games and other activities to build connections and ultimately a strong team for smooth collaboration.

Lounge’s Features

Add To Slack

Lounge can be easily added to your existing workspace on slack. With slash commands, it becomes super easy to lounge with colleagues any time of the day and have fun.

Games For Fun

There are many games employees play in the lounge including Pictionary, Trivia, and Icebreakers. Pictionary and Trivia is the best way to have fun with teams in between work, and ice-breaker helps employees get to know each other better.

Watch Videos Together

You can watch any Youtube video together in the lounge for fun. It is one of the best team-bonding activities as employees get to react to the videos together. They can share their reviews and discuss the videos that also act as an icebreaker between them.


Leaderboards make sure that employees give their best in all the games and keep the competitive spirit alive. Games become much more fun and engaging with banter over scores.

Highly Engaging

Due to the high-quality video and audio, employee engagement maximizes in the lounge. It also makes the games like Pictionary very interactive as they can see all the expressions of fellow employees. Watching videos together also become a fun experience for everyone as everyone collectively reacts and shares their thoughts on it.

What happens when you start using Lounge?

Adding lounge on slack brings an element of fun to a boring workspace. You can use the slash command or click on “join now” to lounge with your colleagues. 

After you enter, you can play games, watch videos together, or just talk to your fellow teammates and build connections. It is a perfect way to relax and enjoy games with your colleagues in between work.

Such a break in between increase employee engagement and build bonds that go a long way.

Available Plans And Pricing For Lounge

Lounge is a free platform for you to add to your slack workspace right away.

Lounge’s Ratings

Lounge is a product by Trivia. Trivia has over 60 reviews on G2 and Capterra with a rating of 4.4/5 and 4.7/5 respectively.

Trivia is a virtual team-building software for employee engagement and fun activities. With Lounge, we are providing a version that allows you to leverage audio and video as well for connecting with employees and building strong teams.

Lounge is not just a virtual space to hang out with your colleagues. It’s the ultimate platform to collaborate and have fun with your colleagues. Lounge can be used for:

  1. Team building(Get the ultimate team-building guide here)
  2. Increasing Online Employee Engagement(Here are some best tips to increase employee engagement)
  3. Making Remote Work Fun(Click here for quiz ideas to make virtual meetings fun)

Add Lounge now and have fun with your colleagues right away.


Campfire is a virtual space for employees to have fun while working remotely. It acts as an alternative to rigid zoom calls and allows employees to unwind with their teammates.

Campfire’s Features

New Games Every Week

With new games every week, it keeps the virtual space exciting all the same time as all the employees look forward to a new game.

Easy To Organize

Campfire games are easy to organize and very intuitive to play for a fun time with your teammates.

Available Plans And Pricing For Campfire

For pricing, you can book a demo on their website.

Campfire’s Ratings

It has no reviews on sites like G2, Capterra and Trustpilot.

Cosmos Video

Cosmos Video is an interactive virtual space in a retro style for quick communication and faster collaboration while working from home.

Cosmos Video’s Features

Faster Communication

Cosmos allows you to communicate faster as employees don’t have to waste time scheduling or creating links. They can hope for a meeting right away.

Keeps Everyone Updated

All the meetings on Cosmos Video happen over a single link so each employee is aware of what everyone is up to. It makes sure no one is disturbing each other in between meetings.

Available Plans And Pricing For Cosmos Video

There are no fixed plans offered by Cosmos Video but you can book a call with them on their website for pricing.

Cosmos Video’s Ratings

It has a rating of 4.8/5 with only 4 reviews on G2.


Teamflow is a virtual office software for meetings, collaboration, and brainstorming for remote teams.

Teamflow’s Features

Easy Virtual Meetings

Team flow makes it easier to conduct meetings as you can just walk up to the person in virtual space and conduct a meeting.

Customize Your Virtual Space

You can customize Teamflow’s virtual space through virtual plants and office accessories for giving it the same feel as an office.

App Integrations

As all the apps are integrated into one place, it becomes easier to share data and collaborate on team projects.

Multiple Screen Sharing

It allows teammates to have better communication and collaboration as they get to see each other’s work in real-time for more clearance.

Available Plans And Pricing For Teamflow

Teamflow offers 3 plans for you to choose from:

  1. Free
  • Up to 5 employees
  • 10 guests at a time
  • 45-minute meetings
  • 5 apps open per person
  1. Seed – 20$ per employee
  • 15 guests at a time
  • Unlimited meeting time
  • 8 apps open per person
  1. Business
  • 25 guests at a time
  • Unlimited meeting time
  • Unlimited apps open per person

Teamflow’s Ratings

It has a rating of 4.7/5 with over 52 reviews on G2.

As most of us are either remotely, virtual office software can bridge the employees for them to have a more engaging and fulfilling experience. It will make sure employees don’t feel isolated and put their hundred percent into the work they are doing.

Is a virtual office a good idea?

Virtual offices bring a lot of benefits like easy collaboration, and fun activities, and also keep the employees engaged. So, yes a virtual office is a good investment for stronger and more engaged teams.

What is needed for a virtual office?

You can set up a virtual from any of the software in the list. You just require a strong internet connection for them to work properly for smooth remote collaboration and fun.

Who uses virtual offices?

Any business functioning remotely can benefit from a virtual office. It gives employees the same environment they will otherwise get in an office.

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