Ideas for Remote Holiday Party

9 Fun Remote Holiday Party Ideas

Gone are the golden days where the holiday season was the most awaited time of the year. People used to party, hang out with friends and family, go out for vacations, etc. Unfortunately, with the festive season around the corner, people seem to have lost their spirit towards the holidays and eves. 

Though there are some restrictions for social gatherings, there are none on celebrations. You can celebrate the festivals with your team, family, or loved ones remotely. We do have some excellent virtual team games lined up for you. 

Yes, you have read it right. 

We have multiple remote holiday party ideas for you. So carry on reading the rest of the article and get ready to step out of the monotonous life.

How to start? 

Wait, are you thinking about where to start and what to do while executing your virtual holiday party ideas?

We have got you a solution for this too!

  • First, create a list of people who are going to attend the party. 
  • Next, decide on the platform on which you will host the party; for example, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc. 
  • Fix a date, create an invitation, and share it with all.

No, it is not over yet. You will have to plan the party too. For this, plan various activities to keep everyone engaged. Have fun games, music, dance, food, anything.

Wondering, how is it even possible to work out these things in a way that everyone enjoys?

Need not worry! You can arrange a successful party with little hassle and that too in no time.

Here are some ideas you can opt for and grab the best party host of the year award. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

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Some Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Your Photos Tell a Tale

Suppose you plan on hosting a virtual party for your office colleagues. Here’s a virtual office party idea for you. 

Ask everyone to share their holiday photos then use an online photo collage maker to create visually appealing compilations. It can be one or two years old or latest, and even ask them to share the story behind those photos with everyone. It may be hilarious or heartwarming; that story should hold a special place in their hearts. 

What more can you expect from a virtual office holiday party idea than knowing each other a little bit more. 

Get on the Dance Floor

Are you thinking of dancing on holiday? Why not do it together? 

Here is your chance to execute your remote holiday party ideas. 

Ask everyone to shake a leg to a shared playlist. To make this happen, you will first need to create a party playlist. Then, it will be shared on the drive so that everyone can have access to it. 

It will be fun when everyone, at their places, will dance to a common song when it plays in the virtual party. Rocking virtual parties indeed.

Oh! So Yummy!!!

Why not celebrate it while trying something new? For example, host a virtual holiday game and eat delicious cuisines. 

Sounds great, right? 

But, for a change, don’t make, bake, or cook those delicacies you are an expert at. Instead, try the ones your fellow mates are good at. Share the recipes within your groups. Exchange the recipes beforehand and cook those dishes out. 

Though a fun activity, it will be a challenging role for all where everyone will step out of their shoes and try something new! At the remote dinner party, while having the food, ask everyone to share their cooking experience. Don’t forget to get the family’s feedback on the taste of the food.

Show Off Your Unique Talents

You can arrange a talent round too, where everyone needs to present their talent. It can be anything: dance moves, melodious voice, stand-up comedy, magic tricks, hidden artist, a poet, etc. 

Watching everyone share their skills will not only be entertaining, but you will also get to know each other well. Now, that’s a perfectly entertaining virtual holiday party idea for work. 

Theme Party

Decide a theme for the party. Though it’s a remote party, ask everyone to decorate their space according to the theme. Also, you need to dress up accordingly. 

People at the party can choose any theme. For example, it can be around some festive or eve or opt for some abstract themes, retro times of the ’70s, etc. To make this activity more enjoyable, award the best-decorated space with some E–Gifts. This way, it involves everyone in the party; everyone will participate in the preps, food, and games.

Vacay Time


You read right. You can’t go out, meet everyone face-to-face, plan an outing or vacation, but you can plan a remote trip to the dream destination. 


Select a place or two and then plan a tour: jot down the places you might have visited, the food you might have tasted if you were on the actual trip to that place. And it’s done. 

Show all the places you have researched and add narration to each image or video so that viewers can imagine themselves in that place. 

Movie Time

While you can’t hang out together and plan a movie, you can still watch your favorite movie or the most awaited TV show together at the same time. 

Ask someone to take the initiative and play the movie, share the screen, and pin it. Everyone will binge-watch at the same time. One vital point to keep in mind – don’t forget to grab your popcorn tubs!

One Minute Games

This one’s interesting too. For this, someone needs to come forward and take the lead. The one planning to host these one-minute fun games has to jot down the games beforehand, prepare a list of things required to execute the games, and share it with everyone so that they can arrange it. 

Mind you, don’t be a spoilsport and disclose the games. At the party, you can host the games. There can be many games like, for example, blowing up a maximum number of balloons in a minute. The winners again will be rewarded with exciting gifts. 

If executed properly, this strategy might be the best virtual holiday game you have played in a while. Host this party on Zoom, Google Meet, etc. You can think of many such Zoom holiday party ideas. 

Learn & Grow

It’s always better if we learn new things together. You can invite some guests to the party who can share their knowledge and life experiences with you all. This idea can help you enhance your personality.

You can even have some fitness sessions or meditation sessions to spread awareness of the importance of physical fitness. Or you can even opt for some art and craft activities like clay modeling, origami, etc.

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Final Words 

It’s not the end yet. More team bonding activities are waiting for you. The above plans were some virtual office party ideas you can try. There are many more to explore, like Quiz, Tongue twister challenge, stand-up comedy night, and many more. 

If you have not planned any virtual party, give it a shot and plan a super happening remote party. Try these ideas, add more of your choice, and create memories to relish. Also, don’t miss out on the online group photo at the end. Say Cheese, make lovely poses, and make your remote group picture memorable for life.


How do you celebrate a Christmas party virtually?

It is totally possible to celebrate Christmas party:

  1. Ensure that your party is a host. 
  2. Everyone (or atleast the host) should wear a Santa hat.
  3. Offer gifts to your employees who attend the party.
  4. Conduct several games.

How do you organize a virtual holiday party?

  1. Preplan all the activities beforehand.
  2. Create a meeting link and send it to all your teammates.
  3. Select games/activities which are interactive/engaging.
  4. If possible, ensure prizes to people who win the games.

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